On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

After looking at the Coke cup carefully for a while, he raised his head and looked at Lin Yin and asked her seriously, Sister Guoguo, don’t you know that it’s not good for men to drink Coke? I don’t know. Oh, carbonated drinks, don’t they just make you fat if you drink them? Why can’t men drink them well? Drinking too much cola can cause sterilization. Song Zhou pushed his glasses and explained to her solemnly, but it’s okay to drink once in a while. Sister Guoguo will give it to me Lin Yin, who I can drink, how about I buy you a cup of hot milk? You better not drink this, after all, it’s not good for your health. Sister Guoguo Song Zhou is fine. I have a lot of things. It’s okay to kill once. The most important thing is that he can say such colorful words without blushing every time, and she is not a simple little girl. Usually, the opposite sex around her is joking around, and Lin Yin is quite immoral, but she can’t compare with Song. Zhou in front of Song Zhou, she was so insignificant, so the wisest choice at this time was to be silent, because they bought the latest show, so they entered the stage after waiting less than five minutes. The shade was so strong that she sat down and regretted that she would have to be bullied by Song Zhou again in such an environment. After thinking about it for a while, Lin Yin hurriedly moved to the side and distanced herself from Song Zhou.
Now the movie just started.
Lin Yin held the popcorn while eating and staring at the screen. Song Zhou’s feeling of oppression towards her was not so strong.
In fact, Song Zhou was not interested in movies at all.
He just didn’t want to refuse any request Lin Yin made. Song Zhou Love has no bottom line, as long as Lin Yin doesn’t leave him, he can let her do whatever she wants But now there is another Song Zhou beside her, she is so embarrassed to death. Thinking of this, Lin Yin subconsciously turned her head to look at Song Zhou. Song Zhou looked very seriously, just like a good student who listens carefully in class. And even if he was watching this kind of passionate scene, he was serious.
Lin Yin finally breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as she looked back, Song Zhou hugged her into her arms. Glaring at him Song Zhou, do you hate me? Let go of me. Lin Yin is not as thick-skinned as Song Zhou. After all, this is a public place. What if someone sees him like this? She is a girl, do you want to be a man in the future? Lin Yin’s anger Song Zhou was very calm.
He hugged Lin Yin’s waist and put his palm on her back and moved slowly. With such a simple movement, Lin Yin was made trembling all over by him, and she froze. Grabbed Song Zhou’s shirt and whispered to him, Song Zhou, can you not stay here? We can go out and open a room later. When I said this, Lin Yin’s face was almost on fire.
She was really forced by Song Zhou. I only said that when there was a solution, otherwise I would really do that kind of thing here like Song Zhou Love is not impossible to hear what Lin Yin said.
Song Zhou moved his hand to her ear and pinched her earlobe vigorously. Sister Guoguo, why are you thinking so unhealthy and you just want to do it with me? Song Zhou’s tone was very unfair It’s so innocent, it’s like being molested by Lin Yin. When Lin Yin heard him say this, she almost fainted.
She became angry and pulled Song Zhou’s glasses off. Hey, how can you watch movies without glasses? Lin Yin This can be regarded as hitting Song Zhou’s weakness because Lin Yin said at the beginning that he looked like a child without glasses, so Song Zhou must keep wearing glasses as long as he is in front of her. He just didn’t want Lin Yin to think that he looked like a child with glasses.
I, Song Zhou, covered Lin Yin’s eyes and didn’t want her to look at Lin Yin. I didn’t understand Song Zhou’s thoughts at all. She thought that Song Zhou’s glasses were too high and he couldn’t see anything without wearing them, so she was even more proud.
Don’t let me go.
I won’t give you glasses.
Song Zhou was so confused that he had no choice but to let go of the shade.
After getting off his arms, the shade quickly moved to the edge of the seat for fear that Song Zhou would rush up again to make sure the distance was far enough. Then handed the glasses to Song Zhou. Song Zhou took the glasses and put them on. Lin Yin smiled and said to him, I think you are cute without glasses.
Didn’t you say you are mature with glasses? It’s unnatural, and his myopia isn’t too bad. It’s more than 200 degrees and he can see without glasses.
Maybe his parents urged him to have laser surgery a few days ago, but he didn’t agree. Since Lin Yin said he was mature enough to wear glasses, he would. You have to wear glasses all the time. I said you look good in glasses, so you should wear glasses.
Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou very helplessly, and finally made a two-word evaluation of him childishly. After leaving this sentence, she turned her head and watched the movie.
For tens of minutes, the two of them came here without incident. This is probably the first official date between the two of them after they confirmed their relationship.
Lin Yin felt very embarrassed, but Song Zhou was quite happy.
The next morning, Lin Yin Yin received a call from the head teacher of her high school class, asking if she was in Beijing, and said that the high school class would hold a party to see how everyone had changed in the past four years.
Lin Yin agreed without saying a word. It’s pretty deep.
We haven’t seen each other for so many years. Let’s get together.
It’s good that she can also chat with her peers about future plans.
Then wait for you.
Wangfujing at five o’clock in the afternoon the day after tomorrow. By the way, remember to bring your family over here. Ah, Lin Yin didn’t have time to ask her about the specifics, so she hung up the phone. Lin Yin’s high school classmates didn’t even know that Lin Yin was with Song Zhou now.
They all thought that Lin Yin was still talking with Meng Jingwei.
A few classmates with good relationship went to Qingdao to play for a few days, Lin Yin and Meng Jingwei entertained them together