On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Then he went up and hugged her. Lin Yin had just taken a shower and was only wearing a small suspender and underwear. Song Zhou was so awkward to hug Lin Yin. She slapped Song Zhou’s arm.
Let me go and get dressed. Of course Song Zhou wouldn’t let her go just like that.
You know he doesn’t usually see Lin Yin like this. She seems to be very nervous when she is in front of him. They lived together for a week, and she was on guard every day like a thief. He sleeps at night dressed as if he is about to go out.
Sister Guoguo, your legs are so beautiful. Song Zhou looked Lin Yin up and down, and his eyes finally stopped on her two legs.
Just looking at them is not satisfying. He even reached out to touch her legs. I’m the only one who can watch Song Zhou, can you stop making trouble? I’ll get dressed and go out for dinner, okay? Zhou must continue to pester her. Sure enough, after listening to Lin Yin’s words, Song Zhou let her go.
Lin Yin hurried back to the room to change clothes.
Considering going out with Song Zhou, Lin Yin specially wore a pair of trousers and a top half. The shirt is very loose.
She tied her hair into a ponytail and her forehead was exposed. To match this outfit, Lin Yin also wore black-rimmed glasses, so she looked like a little girl who was still in school. Song Zhou saw Lin Yin wearing it.
A pair of black-rimmed glasses, I wonder if you are short-sighted? It looks better in this way. After Lin Yin and Song Zhou explained it, they asked him, don’t the girls in your school also dress like this? Lin Yin was a little speechless to Song Zhou. It’s not unusual to wear glasses with clothes. Why didn’t he know? Song Zhou shook his head innocently after hearing Lin Yin’s questioning.
He said he didn’t notice them. Apart from participating in basic activities, he basically doesn’t deal with girls. There are many girls chasing him at school, but he doesn’t care because he only has Lin Yin in his eyes. He has no interest in studying girls’ dressing, but he thinks Lin Yin wears it. The glasses look pretty good. In July, the whole city of Beijing went into the sauna. As soon as I went out, I was sweating on my forehead.
Before I walked to the subway station, she was too hot.
Fortunately, my home is not very far from the subway station. When I got on the subway, I felt like I was alive, because it was not the rush hour.
There were no people on the subway, and the air-conditioning was very strong. As soon as Lin Yin entered, I felt that I was alive.
Ready to wipe the sweat, he didn’t say a word, pressed Lin Yin’s head to his chest, wiped the sweat on her forehead with a shirt, Lin Yin was confused by Song Zhou’s action, after Song Zhou let her go, she looked at it Take a look at Song Zhou’s white shirt, why are you wiping my sweat with your clean clothes? Song Zhou touched Lin Yin’s face and smiled and said to her that she smells like Sister Guoguo.
Song Zhou and Lin Yin arrived by subway At Xizhimen, Lin Yin wanted to eat fish hot pot, so Song Zhou went to eat it with her, but he didn’t like it at all.
The fish was stuck in the throat when I was eating fish when I was a child. The thorn was taken out only when I went to the hospital.
When I sat down to order, Lin Yin realized that she didn’t know what Song Zhou liked to eat. She looked at it with the menu in embarrassment. Song Zhou, uh, what do you want to eat? I don’t know what to order.
Just order whatever you like.
I don’t care.
Song Zhou pushes the menu to her. Song Zhou said that Lin Yin has nothing to do with it.
Order according to your own taste.
After finishing the dishes, he returned the menu to the waiter.
The hot pot was served after a while. Lin Yin liked spicy food, but he didn’t know if Song Zhou liked it, so he ordered the mandarin duck hot pot.
Sitting face to face like this, Song Zhou’s eyes never left Lin Yin’s face, which made Lin Yin very embarrassed, and she didn’t know what to say, so she could only stare at Lin Yin during the meal with Song Zhou. Yin eats very awkwardly.
This is the first time since she established a relationship with Song Zhou to eat alone with him. I don’t know why Lin Yin is so embarrassed that she doesn’t dare to eat big chunks. She sees that Song Zhou doesn’t move much. So the chopsticks kindly picked a piece of fish from the clear soup pot for Song Zhou and put it in the bowl in front of him to eat.
Right now, he doesn’t care about what he likes or not.
Lin Yin picked it up for him and he ate it, because Song Zhou picked it up with her chopsticks. It was delicious. This meal was paid by Song Zhou. I took out the money and handed it over to others, but Song Zhou refused to let her pay the bill, and asked for the money back. Lin Yin felt very sorry.
If the two of them were not together, maybe she would not feel too much, but the two of them Now that we are together, she doesn’t want Song Zhou to pay her all the time, not to mention other people, she can’t pass this level by herself, so after coming out of the restaurant, Lin Yin suggested Song Zhou, how about I treat you to a movie? What do you like to watch? There is a Wanda and a restaurant in the shopping mall on the same floor, and Lin Yin dragged Song Zhou to the cinema without saying anything Just look at the picture for entertainment. Song Zhou also said it doesn’t matter, so Lin Yin just picked the nearest one and bought tickets.
Sorry, there are no single seats for this one.
Can two people change couple seats? When Lin Yin arrives in line After being told by the conductor that there are no single seats, she thought about it.
Since she has waited in line for such a long time, it would be a bit of a loss not to buy it.
Well, the couple seats are ready. Lin Yin took out the money and handed it to the conductor.
After getting the movie ticket, she went to the side to buy it. A bucket of popcorn and two large cups of Coke.
Here’s to your tree shade. Pass Song Zhou a cup of Coke. After Song Zhou takes it