On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

She didn’t separate from Song Zhou until after boarding the train. Song Zhou lowered his head and glanced at the place where Lin Yin was leaning on just now.
It was already wet from the sweat she just sweated. Song Zhou pointed to the marks on his chest and said to Lin Yin, Sister Guoguo Did you see that you wet my place? Lin Yin might not think there is anything wrong with it if someone else said it, but if it comes from Song Zhou’s mouth, it will change the taste. After learning from the previous few times, Lin Yin ignored him this time.
On the way back to Beijing, Lin Yin fell asleep.
She was really sleepy. She fell asleep shortly after the car drove.
They took the Pu Express train to Beijing North Railway Station. It was already six o’clock in the evening. Song Zhou and Lin Yin just left the train station When I came out, I saw four elders standing side by side in the shade of the forest.
I was startled when I saw this scene. The sleepy bugs all left.
She turned her head and asked Song Zhou what was the matter. Why did they all come? Seeing her in a daze, her mother smiled helplessly when she walked in front of them.
Our family Guoguo is in a daze like this. When will you be able to learn from Song Zhou? Thanks to you I’m still three years older than others. What’s wrong with me? As soon as I got off the train, Lin Yin felt that I was very wronged.
She hasn’t spoken yet, okay? Your son, huh, don’t be a son and a son-in-law.
Haha, this sentence was said by the four of their elders at the same time.
After hearing this sentence, Lin Yin immediately turned his head and gave Song Zhou a hard look. She should have guessed that he would not do it.
How many days have they been together for such a reliable thing? The adults in the family actually know that after receiving Lin Yin and Song Zhou, they went to eat together. The restaurant was booked by Song Zhou and his parents.
The state of the black line, hearing their elders laughing and laughing, she was going crazy.
When they sat down to eat, she and Song Zhou were naturally arranged to be together. Song Zhou’s mother looked at the two of them sitting together and smiled with satisfaction. Smile, okay, I think our family Song Zhou and Guoguo are quite compatible, she said while nodding, Song Zhou, you have to treat Guoguo well in the future, this daughter-in-law, I’m going to make a decision Song Zhou glanced at Lin Yin and then Smiled and nodded. Well, what about you, Guoguo, you should also express your opinion.
Lin Yin, her mother saw that Lin Yin hadn’t moved, and hurriedly reminded her that it seemed like she wanted to marry her off right now. Lin Yin responded casually. I know, I will update Chapter 19 with Song Zhou’s nineteenth chapter.
At this time, she can only say this kind of thing in a perfunctory way.
Mom nagged her, she retorted that she could grind a little bit of this kung fu, she had been taught too many times before, I see, Song Zhou let you go, Lin Yin, her mother taught her to care about Song Zhou more earnestly. I got it, oh, I got it, I got it, Lin Yin is a little impatient, can I let people have a good meal? I just came back, the first day is so annoying, how will I spend the rest of the day Yin Guang is a little worried when he thinks about it.
Lin Yin and Song Zhou are the happiest when they are together, of course the four elders. They have always hoped that Lin Yin and Song Zhou could be together.
They have been talking about the children all the time.
Lin Yin was very helpless listening to this matter. Song Zhou has gone too far and told them about the two of them without asking for her consent. What they said is because there are too many uncertain factors between her and Song Zhou. Working age and region are all issues to be considered.
Song Zhou’s behavior is childish in Lin Yin’s view. He really doesn’t need to consider these when he is young. But she is different.
Lin Yin, who is facing many problems now, does not want her elders to see that she is unhappy, so she kept smiling while eating. On the way home after eating, Song Zhou suddenly grabbed her hand and asked her if she was unhappy. No, I’m just too tired. Lin Yin took his hand out of Song Zhou’s hand and continued to look ahead. After walking for more than half an hour, he finally returned home.
She didn’t sleep well last night, and today she has been tossing for another day. She was so tired that her head fell apart as soon as she put her head on the pillow. The first thing Song Zhou did after returning home was to sort out the things in the shade of the box. He put in a skirt, a pile of underwear, a pile of bottoming, a pile of tops and pants, a pile of skin care products, and a square box. Song Zhou is a very organized person.
It is said that this is a common problem of science students.
Lin Yin sent her over. Seeing Song Zhou being so considerate, her mother praised Song Zhou for being very obedient in front of his elders.
Faced with such a compliment, he just smiled and then stopped talking. Song Zhou went home and took a bath in hot water.
Before going to bed, he picked up his mobile phone and found the photos of Lin Yin. He stared at them for a long time.
These photos were taken by him and Lin Yin during the past few days. She was reading and playing. Song Zhou, who was sleeping on the computer, looked at it for a while and then smiled.
He put the phone to his mouth and touched it lightly, then put the phone aside, closed his eyes and went to sleep.
It’s all sweaty and she’s the only one left at home. Lin Yin especially enjoys this kind of freedom and relaxation.
She took a slow bath and then walked out of the bathroom wearing a small suspender. Lin Yin was still humming when she came out in a good mood. Who taught you that Lin Yin, who had taken a bath and had no clothes on, was humming when she suddenly heard Song Zhou’s voice, she screamed in fright, looking at Song Zhou who came out of her bedroom, Lin Yin asked him how did you get in Song Zhou grinned and smiled at Lin Yin