On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

She disliked Song Zhou’s behavior.
Last night he did the same thing.
He brushed her teeth regardless of the situation and broke her gums. Lin Yin felt that he had no human rights in front of him. Meng Jingwei was confused by her. So decadent, what’s the problem with her comforting him on the phone? The more Lin Yin thought about it, the more angry she bit her lip and said to Song Zhou that even if I’m with you, I still have the freedom to make friends. Song Zhou, if you do this again, I’ll see us Forget it, we may have a generation gap.
After listening to Lin Yin’s words, Song Zhou hugged her up.
Before she could react, he got into her wide shirt.
Lin Yin was very speechless about Song Zhou’s behavior, but what happened today I also reminded her that she and Song Zhou might really be incompatible, right? She is three years older than him, she has graduated now, he has only been in college for a year, and Song Zhou must have many beautiful girls around his age, Lin Yin felt that he was incapable of keeping him.
I agreed to you because I was too impulsive. Lin Yin whispered to Song Zhou, Song Zhou, we should be in different positions.
Right after Lin Yin finished speaking, Song Zhou bit her collarbone hard.
One bite made her bleed.
When Song Zhou came out of her shirt, Lin Yin saw the mist on his glasses again. He looked closely and he seemed to be crying again.
Don’t cry. Seeing Song Zhou cry, Lin Yin became anxious. She raised her hand to take off his glasses and wiped the tears on his face indiscriminately, but Song Zhou’s tears just couldn’t stop and kept falling.
He didn’t say a word, just stared at her. For Song Zhou Lin Yin’s behavior like Zhou’s is really helpless. Lin Yin’s problem is very bad, and she is too easy to soften her heart.
Whenever she sees others sad, she will feel uncomfortable.
I really can’t change it, so she was the one who compromised in the end. Song Zhou’s tears stopped immediately after hearing Lin Yin say that I will not break up with you, and then he took the glasses from Lin Yin’s hands and put them on, and said to her, let’s have breakfast Lin Yin nodded hurriedly and followed him to the kitchen.
The breakfast Song Zhou cooked for Lin Yin was her favorite millet and jujube porridge, and she also fried a plate of her favorite dish. Lin Yin was very moved when she saw it.
Let the porridge dry for Lin Yin, and when she drank it, the temperature was right. Seeing Lin Yin eating so deliciously, Song Zhou felt better. He said to Lin Yin, I have an exam this afternoon, and I will go to school later. Oh, then be careful on the road. Lin Yin responded casually.
Then she remembered that it is July and Song Zhou is about to go on summer vacation.
Let’s go back to Beijing after I finish the exam. Song Zhou stared at her for a while and continued. Don’t look for a job. Lin Yin didn’t say anything. In fact, she was also very confused and didn’t know what to do. She wanted to find a job that matched her major, but she couldn’t find a suitable job after searching. Song Zhou’s exam, which was under a lot of pressure, ended a week later. On the night of the exam, Lin Yin was pestered by Song Zhou for a whole night. The first time she and Song Zhou had a little It’s not good. Lin Yin has heard that it hurts the first time, but I didn’t expect it to be so painful that she stumbled when she walked the next day. Lin Yin was going to sleep all day, but Song Zhou told her that she had already bought a train ticket.
What are you doing? Didn’t you discuss it with me when you bought the ticket? Lin Yin was a little annoyed by Song Zhou’s unreasonableness. Song Zhou thought for a while before answering that she bought something a week ago.
I packed it up. Let’s go, Song Zhou. The calm and breezy tone made Lin Yin even more irritable. She was already in pain, sleepy and tired, and he even asked her to catch the train to go back to Beijing like this. She might be paralyzed.
Song Zhou, can we meet again tomorrow? I’m really not feeling well today, we still have an hour to go to the train station.
Song Zhou didn’t answer Lin Yin’s question. He looked down at the watch on his wrist and said to himself, I’ve already told my godmother that we will leave in the evening. Everyone at home will talk about this, and there is no way out for Linyin. She also realized once again that she is not Song Zhou’s opponent.
If she lived with Song Zhou for a week, she didn’t even notice. When did Song Zhou get in touch with her parents? She, who is a daughter, doesn’t get in touch with him as often.
Who is the real one? Lin Yin and Song Zhou took a taxi to the train station.
It is a lot more convenient to carry personal things in a big suitcase, which is not a big deal to Song Zhou.
After queuing up to enter the station, Song Zhou pulls the suitcase and strides forward, wanting to find a place for Lin Yin. Sit down, but unfortunately I can’t find a seat. It’s the rush hour for the return journey. There are so many people at the train station. Walking in the shade, I can’t keep up with Song Zhou’s footsteps. She was so angry that she wanted to go up and call Song Zhou. Last night, he was happy.
She was in such pain today and had to catch the train, and he was leaving so fast.
It was annoying that Song Zhou couldn’t find a seat, so he had to go back to find Lin. Yin looked at Lin Yin with a painful expression on his face, Song Zhou hugged her into his arms, pressed her face and rubbed her face, Sister Guoguo, you sit on the suitcase for a while, Lin Yin’s anger is still in her heart, she awkwardly said goodbye Overhead and coldly said to Song Zhou, don’t sit, I don’t hurt, Song Zhou laughed, Did I just say you hurt? Why are you so eager to tell me that you don’t hurt? No way, don’t let Song Zhou touch Song Zhou, but hold her tightly while checking the ticket.
Song Zhou is dragging the suitcase with one hand and dragging the shade of the tree with one hand, and the people around are looking at them with incredible eyes. Some of the two lamented that young people are so open now. Lin Yin is almost ashamed to see people. She buried her head in Song Zhou’s chest and didn’t look up all the way.