On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou threw a word of refusal and was about to leave, but was surrounded by the people she led Song Zhou looked down at the shoes of several people with a calm expression Jia Jie has been chasing you for so long, don’t you know how to praise one of them with dyed red hair The girl raised her hand and pointed at Song Zhou with the tone of educating children.
You thought you looked decent, so you dragged him up.
If you don’t give Miss Jia an answer that satisfies us all, you don’t know. If you want to go back, don’t think that you are a good student.
It’s your honor that it’s an honor for Gaojia to see you.
The other girl also agrees with her. Because they usually fight fiercely, most people are afraid of them. Song Zhou is suddenly so defiant. How can they swallow this breath? Song Zhou raised his head and glanced at them. A bit scared, I like quiet women.
After a while, Song Zhou said this to that beautiful lady again.
He used a woman, not a girl, with a very mature tone. No matter how arrogant a girl is, she is still a girl. If you really want to fight them So many people may not be able to beat Song Zhou, they also know that, so they can only let Song Zhou go. From this day on, Song Zhou has never been harassed.
The days are not salty, and Song Zhou lives. His grades have been stable at the top five in the class.
After returning home, he occasionally listened to his parents talking about Lin Yin’s recent situation. Once he heard that Lin Yin was sick. Song Zhou didn’t fall asleep all night.
In the middle of the night, he sent a text message to Lin Yin. As expected, I didn’t receive any reply. Later, Song Zhou never contacted her again. Song Zhou’s harassment was gone. Lin Yin felt that her life was calm again.
I came to see her, except for the two parents having dinner together. The two of them never met again.
Occasionally, they passed by as if they didn’t see each other.
This life lasted until Song Zhou took the college entrance examination. Song Zhou originally studied liberal arts. If he can read it calmly, he can take the college entrance examination with Lin Yin for one year, but in his third year of high school, he returned to the first year of high school and re-selected science, just because Lin Yin said that she likes men in engineering. At the age of eleven, Lin Yin actually remembered the matter of the college entrance examination. Her mother called her many times and asked her to contact Song Zhou to encourage him. It was a coincidence that the day she returned home happened to be the result of the college entrance examination. It was a summer evening. People in the streets and alleys gathered under the locust tree to discuss Song Zhou’s results. Song Zhou stood quietly by the side with his head down and played with his hands.
Oh, Guoguo is back! Lin Yin was about to ignore them and walked home, but she was stopped by her mother. She waved to Lin Yin and continued to shout, come quickly, come here. Song Zhou’s college entrance examination results came out, and Lin Yin was very reluctant. Just found an excuse to prevaricate my things and haven’t put them away.
Let’s talk about it after I put things away. This child, you can’t put the things first. Mother Lin was about to blame Lin Yin, Song Zhou stepped up and interrupted her. He glanced at Lin Yin and said, I’m going to deliver something to Sister Guoguo.
The box is too big for her to carry.
Move you to see how sensible Song Zhou is, you are three years older than him, and if you say it, people think he is your brother? The more Lin’s mother looks at Song Zhou, the more she likes him. If the two of them can really succeed, it will definitely be their family who took advantage of him. Song Zhou must be a kid The future is boundless, their family, Lin Yin, is just a stupid girl, she has nothing special to do, and she is not smooth enough in dealing with people, but she will suffer in the future.
Lin Yin’s heart immediately tightened when she heard Song Zhou say that. Lin Yin has already snatched the suitcase from her hand, Lin Yin had no choice but to follow him into the courtyard, she was obviously going back to her house, but she felt like a guest, after returning to the room, Lin Yin subconsciously kept a certain distance from Song Zhou Because of the previous incidents, she was instinctively wary of Song Zhou. Song Zhou saw Lin Yin’s avoidance, then walked up to her and grabbed her wrist.
Lin Yin had goose bumps all over her body, but she didn’t dare to argue with him So the two looked at each other like this for a long time, Song Zhou suddenly smiled softly, he lowered his head, approached Lin Yin’s face, and touched her cheek with his index finger, after feeling his movement, Lin Yin subconsciously wanted to hide, but Song But at this moment, Zhou hugged her waist tightly with great strength, and then Song Zhou gently scratched her cheek with his fingers just like before, just like a child touching his favorite toy.
There was too much emotion in his eyes Lin Yin stared at him for a few minutes and couldn’t hold it anymore I was waiting for your call and text message in the month of the college entrance examination Song Zhou sighed and made a hurt face It looks like Sister Lin Yin, Guoguo, you don’t care about me at all, I’m very hurt, I deleted your mobile phone number from the address book, Lin Yin thought of a very lame excuse to get rid of him, but he didn’t delete it at all, he just didn’t want to Lin Yin couldn’t accept Song Zhou’s thoughts about her, she just wanted to stay away from him as soon as she saw him, Song Zhou didn’t contact her, she was too happy, Song Zhou didn’t speak, kept silent for a few seconds, and then began to search for her After a while, Song Zhou took out Lin Yin’s mobile phone from her trouser pocket. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans. When he took the mobile phone from his pocket, Lin Yin felt humiliated and very angry.
Please don’t move. I returned my mobile phone and Lin Yin finally couldn’t help yelling at Song Zhou, her tone was full of disgust, it wasn’t the kind of coquettishness after a quarrel, and it wasn’t coquettish and unreasonable teasing between close people. Her tone of voice to Song Zhou was like It’s like seeing a deadly enemy