On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin was so nervous that he had no place to put his hands away. Song Zhou opened the cabinet next to the sink and took out Lin Yin’s toothbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste.
After filling the toothcup with water, Song Zhou squeezed a long strip of toothpaste onto the toothbrush.
When Lin Yin was wondering, Song Zhou poked her toothbrush into the middle of her mouth and accidentally scratched her gums. Lin Yin didn’t even have time to scream, and Song Zhou began to brush her teeth vigorously within a minute. The mouth is full of toothpaste, listening to the swishing sound, Lin Yin feels that Song Zhou’s strength is almost the same as brushing shoes, and Lin Yin is particularly afraid that Song Zhou will pry her teeth off with all his strength. Song Linyin originally wanted to shout As a result, Song Zhou swallowed a mouthful of foam as soon as he said a word.
The sweet and greasy taste lingered in his throat for a long time. Yin suddenly felt particularly wronged. In fact, thinking about it carefully, she did nothing wrong. She and Meng Jingwei have been in love for so long.
Kissing is not once or twice, and Meng Jingwei is her first love. It’s nothing like Song Zhou, it’s simply unreasonable, the more he thinks about it, the more wronged he gets, until finally Lin Yin cries Song Zhou always has the ability to bully Lin Yin and cry, obviously she is not a crying person, but in front of him, she becomes a tearful person Crying at every turn, crying at every turn, Song Zhou said a little too much, made an excessive movement, Lin Yin’s tear gate opened when he saw Lin Yin crying, Song Zhou brushed his teeth and then stopped, he reached out and picked up the tooth cup and put it in Lin Yin’s mouth Opening his mouth to rinse, Lin Yin glared at him with red eyes, Song Zhou took the water cup from his hand and completed the next procedure under his gaze, after wiping his mouth, Lin Yin was dragged over by Song Zhou again, Lin Yin was also angry After breaking free, she kept her head down and didn’t look at him. Song Zhou smiled and stroked her hair, so don’t make me angry after it’s clean. Sister Guoguo, I’m tired and going to rest. Lin Yin doesn’t want to talk to Song Zhou He is completely gangster logic, the two of them are not together now, what identity does he use to interfere with her, it is really annoying, too annoying, after returning to the bedroom, Lin Yin has been lying on the bed sullenly, no matter how she diverts her attention, it is useless in her heart The head is always wronged, I can’t sleep, Lin Yin turns on the computer, prepares to surf the Internet and relax for a while, Lin Yin is half a home girl. The most common thing to do after the holiday is to hug the computer and surf the Internet.
If she didn’t talk to Meng Jingwei before It is estimated that she has spent four years in college with the computer.
When she is online, Lin Yin will read some forums and other girls. There is always a heart of gossip. There are always scandals about various celebrities in the place.
Linyin will read it seriously every time, but after reading it, she will not make any comments.
It is all for killing time. After entering, Linyin opened a paparazzi to follow a certain star for several months. The video of a certain male celebrity having an affair with his wife behind his back was captured after untold hardships. Lin Yin didn’t expect the scale at all.
It will be so big. The paparazzi nowadays are really dedicated. Looking at such a scene, they can still hold up the camera and secretly take pictures, which is considered conscientious.
Lin Yin just watched the video and before she had time to close the webpage, Song Zhou pushed open the door of her bedroom and came in. Lin Yin subconsciously put the computer aside and looked up at him.
When Song Zhou came in, he was holding a glass of milk in his hand. He was wearing a pink shirt and a pair of flowery shorts. When Lin Yin saw it I was so surprised that my eyeballs almost fell out. Song Zhou usually wears very simple clothes in three colors of black, white and gray.
It is the first time Lin Yin has seen him wear such a fancy dress in more than 20 years. With his innocent face and elegant glasses, he is completely complete.
It’s like a beast in clothes.
How did you say three words? Lin Yin remembered that she was arguing with Song Zhou, and then she shut up immediately and turned her head away childishly. He picked up the computer with one hand and made a picture. Song Zhou was amused by Lin Yin’s appearance and smiled.
After putting the cup on the bedside table, he took off his shoes and sat next to Lin Yin. As soon as he sat down, Song Zhou saw that it was playing on Lin Yin’s computer screen. Lin Yin quickly closed the computer and pressed the computer under the pillow, her face was so red that it was almost burning, it was so embarrassing Song Zhou must feel that she was duplicity, that was a candid photo taken by paparazzi, it is not the scale you think It’s not big at all.
Lin Yin awkwardly explained to Song Zhou that when he saw him smiling and staring at him, Lin Yin felt a little pissed off. What are you looking at? Still smiling, he put his arms around Lin Yin’s shoulders and dragged her to my side. I didn’t see anything, but I’m curious.
Song Zhou pinched Lin Yin’s nose.
Sister Guoguo didn’t say she didn’t finish watching, so what are you doing? Knowing that you can’t see anything from such a distance, Lin Yin feels like crying without tears. Song Zhou’s question made her feel very stupid.
If there are so many loopholes, how did she say it just now? Okay, I’m done reading this. Is this okay? I’m just dissatisfied with my desires.
How about Sister Guoguo? I’m not considerate. Song Zhou laughs.
Is it good enough for me to fill you up once? Chapter 18 Update Chapter 18 But I’m curious. Didn’t Sister Guoguo say she didn’t finish watching? Then how do you know that you can’t see anything at such a distance? Lin Yin feels like crying without tears. Song Zhou’s question made her feel very stupid, so what she said just now was full of loopholes.
How do you say it? Well, I’ve finished reading it. Is this okay? I’m just dissatisfied with my desires.
How about Sister Guoguo? I’m not thoughtful.