On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Meng Jingwei was fascinated by drinking until Lin Yin sat down beside him, he didn’t see her Lin Yin just wanted to speak to Meng Jingwei, but he hugged her into his arms Meng Jingwei used all his strength this time After a while, Lin Yin was out of breath. Meng Jingwei hugged her for a long time before asking her, Guoguo, did you fall in love with someone else? Lin Yin, you speak, Meng Jingwei buried her head on her neck, her voice was sullen, what is the relationship between you and Song Zhou, Lin Yin was so guilty when asked by Meng Jingwei, she gritted her teeth and pushed Meng Jingwei away from her body Lao Meng, let’s break up, the words choked in my throat for a long time, Lin Yin finally said, she closed her eyes gently after she finished speaking, I’m sorry, I can’t walk with you, you can find a better girl Lin Yin knew that her excuse was really high-sounding, even she herself thought she was ridiculous, but she couldn’t find any other reason besides this. Could it be that she told Meng Jingwei that she liked Song Zhou? I can’t say that I’ve heard of Lin Yin, Meng Jingwei suddenly laughed, his eyes are unprecedentedly strange, his eyes are full of reluctance, Lin Yin, don’t make excuses like this to perfuse me, Meng Jingwei is not so perfunctory, I’ll ask again Why did you break up with me? I’m sorry. Facing Meng Jingwei’s questioning, Lin Yin can only say such a weak sentence. Meng Jingwei feels that he is very ridiculous.
He only made it clear to Wang Jing last night.
He originally planned to start from the extraction. He just got together with Lin Yin and never quarreled again.
He just made this decision. Lin Yin proposed to break up.
It’s unforeseen.
After Meng Jingwei arrived at the hotel yesterday, Wang Jing was sitting in the corner of the room crying. When he saw him coming, he immediately rushed up.
She hugged him and she kept begging Meng Jingwei not to leave, don’t leave her behind. Meng Jingwei said it was a lie to be soft-hearted, but he still rejected Wang Jing with a particularly strong attitude.
Wang Jing then hugged his leg desperately and refused to let him Meng Jingwei told her that Wang Jing girls should respect themselves and don’t let me look down on you, okay? Wang Jing seems to have cut her wrists in the middle of the night after crying all night in the hotel. Today, Meng Jingwei was called by the leader to criticize her when she just went to work. During the day, Wang Jing stayed at the hospital for a whole day. He called Lin Yin after he came out of the hospital. If you are so tired from work, why don’t you go out to eat? He just bought something and ate at her place, which is fine. But when I called, I heard another man’s voice.
How disappointed Meng Jingwei was, no one could do it I understand that there are probably few men in this world who can withstand such a stimulus. To a certain extent, Meng Jingwei is selfish because he never thought about the messy things between himself and Wang Jing when he blamed Lin Yin. Lin Yin and Meng Jingwei were separated like this.
Meng Jingwei tried to keep him for a long time, but he couldn’t. Living in Linyin When parting, Meng Jingwei said to Linyin that Guoguo Some people in this world are not as simple as you think, don’t think that Song Zhou is the right person, or you will regret it sooner or later. Of course, Lin Yin didn’t take Meng Jingwei’s words to heart. She and Song Zhou have known each other for more than 20 years. If they don’t even have this kind of trust, it would be useless to know each other. After Lin Yin left, Song Zhou has been sitting in the living room in a daze. His eyes never left the wall watch in the living room, counting the time almost every second. He didn’t stop until Lin Yin entered the door. People must not leave his line of sight. When going out, Lin Yin was too anxious to go out and forgot to take the key. Song Zhou opened the door for her. Lin Yin hugged Song Zhou tightly when she was changing shoes at the door. Bending over, Song Zhou was hugging her from behind.
Lin Yin had goosebumps on her back, pretended to be calm and put on her slippers, after which Lin Yin lightly touched the back of Song Zhou’s hand, Song Zhou, let me go first.
Sister Guoguo, you let him touch you.
Song Zhou lowered his head and took a deep breath from Lin Yin’s neck. When he smelled a man on her body, Song Zhou bit her hard. He leaned his head on your neck, right? Well, Song Songzhou, how could Lin Yin not notice the change in Song Zhou’s tone? She has already seen how powerful Song Zhou’s methods are. After realizing that he was angry, Lin Yin was really guilty. Besides, Meng Jingwei really buried his head in her just now.
Lin Yin got stuck in his neck, turned around, raised his head, and looked at Song Zhou. He drank too much today.
Don’t worry about it.
When Lin Yin raised his head, Song Zhou immediately saw her abnormally red lips. Well, it’s the color that I just kissed with someone. If Song Zhou was just sullen just now, then he is furious now.
He pinches Lin Yin’s chin with one hand, presses her thumb with her lips, and wipes it hard a few times. Look at it. Lin Yin’s panicked eyes, Song Zhou smiled happily, he suddenly came to kiss me, just give Song Zhou a kiss, I talked with him for more than three years, I can’t do that unfeelingly, Lin Yin was so terrified by Song Zhou’s smile Explain to him, Sister Guoguo, do you know? Song Zhou put his left cheek on Lin Yin’s right cheek and rubbed it lightly while saying, I really hate you smelling like someone else, why don’t you understand? Zhou grabbed Lin Yin’s arm and walked to the bathroom.
Lin Yin had no defense but was dragged by Song Zhou and almost fell down.
After being pulled in, Lin Yin’s heart was beating fast, she didn’t know what Song Zhou would do next, and he stood in front of the shampoo stand