On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin is not used to it after listening to you, don’t you be so Qiongyao? He wanted to wash the dishes but was stopped by Song Zhou. Sister Guoguo’s hands are so tender, so don’t touch the water. Song Zhou said that in the future, I will do this kind of thing. Cooking and washing dishes is what women should do.
Song Zhou You don’t know if other women’s women are like this anyway, I won’t let you like this anyway Song Zhou interrupted her, he smiled and patted Lin Yin’s face, it’s fine for my woman to sleep with me, Lin Yin is completely speechless Whatever he wants, let him wash the dishes if he wants to.
Anyway, she doesn’t like washing the dishes very much. After washing the dishes, Song Zhou accompanied Lin Yin to resign. But she doesn’t care about this anymore, now she just wants to leave this working circle as soon as possible After coming out of the company, Lin Yin felt that her nerves, which had been stretched for so long, finally relaxed a little. She hadn’t enjoyed such a comfortable feeling for a long time. What are your plans? Lin Yin, who was quite relaxed at first, stopped Lin Yin when she asked her, and she immediately started to worry. What are you going to do next? Do you want to continue working in Qingdao or go back to Beijing to find a job? How to plan in the future is a problem. I don’t know.
I’ll think about it again. Lin Yin lowered her head and picked her fingers. There was a bit of disappointment in her voice. Come with me to move things. Song Zhou didn’t continue to talk about this topic with her.
In the past, Song Zhou lived with you with very few things, only a suitcase, and Lin Yin rented an apartment with two bedrooms and one living room.
After Song Zhou moved here, he lived in another bedroom. Lin Yin took a suitcase for Song Zhou Change a new set of bed sheets for him and make them ready.
I just bought this set of bed sheets.
I soaked them in gold spinning before making them up. Lin Yin enthusiastically introduced to him about towels, toothbrushes, shampoo and shower gel.
If you don’t take it, use mine first Song Zhou looked at Lin Yin’s serious thinking, the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously, he walked up, grabbed Lin Yin’s arm, and dragged her to the front, watching her with burning eyes, Lin Yin was captured by Song Zhou His eyes were blushing and his heart was beating.
The smile on his face slowly closed to you.
What are you looking at? Song Zhou smiled and looked at you.
You look good.
Song Zhou felt even more embarrassed when she said Lin Yin. It took a whole day to clean the house until six or seven o’clock in the evening. Song Zhou refused to let Lin Yin clean it at first. Lin Yin commanded Song Zhou to tidy up. After cleaning up, Song Zhou was already disgraced. There was a layer of gray on the lens.
Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou’s exhausted appearance and ran away quickly. Go to the kitchen to get him a cold drink. Song Zhou was sitting on the sofa. Lin Yin’s cell phone on the coffee table rang.
Song Zhou glanced at the screen of the phone and saw the word Lao Meng.
Zhou picked up the phone and pressed the answer button, Guoguo, are you home? I brought you something to eat.
Guoguo, sister, is getting me water. Song Zhou calmly said a word to Meng Jingwei, and then calmly added, what are you looking for? What’s the matter with her? After hearing Song Zhou’s voice, Meng Jingwei was stunned for a few seconds. Ever since Lin Yin called the wrong name, Meng Jingwei has lost affection for Song Zhou. Not many men can accept other men with their own.
Girlfriend approached too close Meng Jingwei is just an ordinary man Wait for her to call me back and leave this sentence Meng Jingwei hung up the phone When Lin Yin got the water and came out, he saw Song Zhou holding her mobile phone Lin Yin threw the drink to Song Zhou and quickly snatched the phone from Song Zhou’s hand, did someone call me? Yes, Song Zhou, who was called by Meng Jingwei, unscrewed the drink and took a sip, then said to Lin Yin lightly.
After hearing Meng Jingwei’s name, she was stunned for a few seconds, and she subconsciously asked him what did you tell him? Song Zhou shook his head innocently, didn’t say anything, and didn’t say anything. Close the door of the bedroom and call Meng Jingwei back. After beeping for a few times, Meng Jingwei picked up the phone.
After the call was connected, Lin Yin was still a little nervous.
There was something wrong and he didn’t receive the call just now. Lin Yin came to the school for a meeting.
Meng Jingwei’s voice is a bit hoarse, I’m waiting for you, Lin Yin and Meng Jingwei have been together for three years, Lin Yin is very clear about Meng Jingwei’s habits, she knows that Meng Jingwei only talks like this when he is in a bad mood.
For a moment, Lin Yin blamed himself, well, after hanging up the phone, Lin Yin changed a set of clothes and was about to go out to Meng Jingwei’s appointment. As soon as he left the bedroom, Lin Yin was stopped by Song Zhou. Song Zhou saw that Lin Yin changed his clothes, and his face changed slightly.
He grabbed Lin Yin’s arm and asked where he was going. He asked me to go out and talk about Lin Yin.
He took a deep breath.
Song Zhou, I always want to make it clear to him.
Don’t say anything about Lin Yin. Bite lightly on his lips, and the rest of the words were stuck in his throat.
When he let go, Song Zhou looked at Lin Yin and said to her, it’s okay not to let him touch you, or to hold you, Lin Yin hurried to the appointment At the time of the location, Meng Jingwei was sitting on the lawn drinking. He looked a bit embarrassed.
The tie on his neck was crooked. When he approached, Lin Yin saw stubble growing on Meng Jingwei’s chin. Seeing Lin Yin, I was very curious about what happened to Meng Jingwei that day, how could he be so vicissitudes all of a sudden