On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

A woman in her twenties is as good as a woman in her thirties and forties.
I don’t like it. What’s the matter? Isn’t it good to say that when we chat? Lin Yin shrugged disapprovingly because she changed the subject.
The tone is also much lighter than before. Besides, I am not in my twenties all my life.
One day I will become a woman in my 30s and 40s.
I am not as young as you.
It doesn’t mean anything special, but the speaker doesn’t mean the listener, and Song Zhou is already sensitive to age.
When Lin Yin said this, he felt that Lin Yin was refusing him to take a bath. I’ll go to the bath after you finish washing. Song Zhou doesn’t want to After chatting with Lin Yin, he feels very awkward now, and wants to be alone for a while. Song Zhou’s attitude as the protagonist made Lin Yin very uncomfortable. She puffed her mouth and murmured softly, making it seem like I was at your house. It seems that this is the house I rented, okay? Lin Yin is so cute, she looks like a wronged little daughter-in-law Song Zhou watched the whole process of her talking to herself, and then the corners of her mouth raised unconsciously when she saw Lin Yin Still haven’t moved yet Song Zhou continued to say “won’t you go?” Could it be that the fruit sister is waiting for me to wash it for you? No Lin Yin turned her head and looked at Song Zhou with a full face.
Song Zhou is sitting on the edge of the bed, she can’t get it at all, so hurry up to you, you get up first, Lin Yin’s face is flushed red, she bites the bullet and raises her hand to point to the bed, I need to get a change of clothes, otherwise there is no other way After taking a bath, Song Zhou suddenly realized that oh, he deliberately took off the ending sound very long, but he still didn’t listen to Lin Yin’s words and stood up obediently, but taught her in an expert and scientific tone.
Sleeping naked after taking a bath is very good for a woman’s body.
It can also regulate endocrine and won’t be infected with gynecological diseases Song Zhou Your face is even redder Song Zhou sighed So, sister Guoguo, don’t wear the steel ring inside after taking a bath, it’s easy for women to get breast cancer What about you I don’t know how to protect my body at all. I know that when Lin Yin interrupted Song Zhou, he opened his eyes and stared at him fiercely. Then I said to her, Sister Guoguo, I said this because I care about you, thank you for your concern, Lin Yin gritted her teeth, then turned around and went to take a bath, she really can’t offend Song Zhou Chapter 16 Chapter 16 Lin Yin took a bath almost In half an hour, Song Zhou tidied up Lin Yin’s bed and, by the way, rearranged the clothes in her closet according to the seasons.
Song Zhou was always wondering why Lin Yin was like this Sloppy.
In Song Zhou’s perception, the closet is the place to put clothes.
To exaggerate it, it’s the place to put sheets and quilts.
But Lin Yin’s closet has skin care products, shoes boxes, handbags and books.
Song Zhou originally thought that Even if it’s over, who knows that he dug out several packs of sanitary napkins in a short time. At that time, Song Zhou was really going crazy. Of course he knew that Lin Yin was a clean person. The things were indeed clean and had her scent on them, but they were in a mess.
Song Zhou couldn’t stand it anymore, so he tidied it up for her. He hung up all the clothes and folded the underwear into a storage box. The inner shoebox and satchel were all put in the single door next to it, and the skin care products were put in the middle drawer. There was no place to put the sanitary napkin, so he threw it on the bed, thinking that it would be fine to just take it to the bathroom later. It will definitely be used. Coincidentally, when Lin Yin came in, he happened to see Song Zhou throwing a few packs of sanitary napkins on the bed. She yelled out of control, Song Zhou, you are sick, what’s the matter with that thing? Do you want to take it back and use it? Lin Yin was so angry with Song Zhou that he said what he shouldn’t have said accidentally. Song Zhou really meant nothing else. After that, he directly took a bag from the bed and looked at it seriously for a while, yes, I need it, how about you help me get it? How much do you want to be a woman? Lin Yin gave him a glance, she snatched the bag from Song Zhou’s hand, and then It hit him on the face, Lin Yin originally thought Song Zhou would be angry, but he was very calm and even had a smile on his face.
In fact, Song Zhou really likes this kind of Lin Yin, who is coquettish and unreasonable.
This is what a woman likes Only in this way can Song Zhou feel that he is equal to her. He doesn’t like Lin Yin always talking to him in the tone of an elder educating the younger, and he doesn’t like her calling him a child one by one.
When I took the skin care lotion in the cabinet, I found that the cabinet has changed. Before, her cabinet was very messy.
After working, I was so busy that I didn’t have time to tidy it up.
Saturdays and Sundays are full of schedules.
Where can I have time to tidy up? Since graduating from university, the tree shade As the days go by, she gets more and more comfortable.
If she doesn’t clean the house for a week, she won’t feel that there is anything. She can clean herself up every day, which is already thankful. I just cleaned it up for you. Song Zhou suddenly stood behind her, and the voice with a hint of a smile dragged her wandering thoughts back.
The underwear was in the storage box, the skin care products were in the back, the heels were wrapped in the cabinet next to it, and Song Zhou roughly pointed to Lin Yin. After placing the things, he patted the back of Lin Yin’s head helplessly.
How can the girl’s wardrobe be in such a mess? Song Zhou is really clean. He is the first time Lin Yin has ever seen him so carefully. The man is right, it’s a man, not a boy. After all, Song Zhou has really done a lot of things for her. Lin Yin is really not a person without a conscience. She remembers everything Song Zhou does in her heart.
Yin’s nose was a little sore, she turned around