On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

The expression on his face suddenly became gloomy, Song Zhou, why don’t you hide in my bedroom for a while? With such a guilty conscience, he felt even more uncomfortable.
He stood on the spot and looked down at Lin Yin, Guoguo, who didn’t do anything to make me happy. I’m not obedient. Zhou kissed on the face, is that okay? You hurry in, okay? He’s coming up soon, what’s the matter, wait for him to leave? Sister Guoguo, please, please? Song Zhou didn’t expect that Lin Yin would take the initiative to kiss him. Just confused him at this moment, even if Lin Yin wanted his life, he would give it to him, let alone go back to the bedroom and go to hell, he would not hesitate. Seeing Meng Jingwei standing profusely in the corridor with a big bag of food in his hands, Lin Yin suddenly felt particularly guilty.
Basically, I didn’t say anything serious to Lin Yin. The most excessive thing was probably when Lin Yin complained about being too tired from work, I educated her a few words.
Meng Jingwei is a down-to-earth hard worker. He seems to be tired from work and has nothing to complain about, so he went a little too far in educating Lin Yin.
Meng Jingwei also regretted it afterwards.
He felt that he was too demanding of Lin Yin because Meng Jingwei wanted to settle down quickly and marry Lin Yin.
So I hope that Lin Yin will work hard to climb up like him After a change, some bad ideas suddenly popped up in his head, but in the next second he rejected himself He has seen it before when Lin Yin discussed with him at the beginning, he didn’t want Lin Yin to do it.
Meng Jingwei felt that there are not many men in this world who would rest assured that the girl he likes will do public relations, but it is forced by reality. In the end, Meng Jingwei could only compromise.
He watched Lin Yin change from a school girl’s dress to a capable and mature style, watched Lin Yin change from plain makeup to makeup, and watched her change from flat shoes to high heels. In fact, Meng Jingwei didn’t like Lin Yin’s dressing like this.
I have always thought that Lin Yin looked best in childish clothes. Meng Jingwei gritted his teeth, walked up to Lin Yin and hugged her into his arms.
Lin Yin was startled by his sudden movement and looked up at him in panic You, before you finished asking a question, Meng Jingwei lowered his head and blocked Lin Yin’s lips.
His kiss was very violent and had a strong taste.
The two of them have kissed many times before, but Meng Jingwei has never had such a rough kiss. Lin Yin was kissed by Meng Jingwei so hard that he couldn’t breathe. When Meng Jingwei let go, Lin Yin’s face was already suffocated. It’s flushed, breathing is very short of breath, Guoguo, you resign, we don’t do this, after the kiss, Meng Jingwei put his lips on Lin Yin’s forehead again, his voice is very hoarse and rough, Lin Yin didn’t understand what Meng Jingwei meant, she only heard it The word resignation Lin Yin subconsciously asked what did you say resignation Meng Jingwei rubbed Lin Yin’s hair and patiently explained to her I mean we are not going to do this work in the PR department, but didn’t you say to stick to it? I complained a bit before and you said that.
When I thought about what happened before, Lin Yin felt very wronged. I went out to eat and drink with so many men every day. I thought you didn’t care. How could I not care? It’s full of guilt, I’m sorry, Guoguo is all about me, I’m too anxious, I want to marry you home, I want you to find a job quickly, so that the two of us can settle down, Meng Jingwei just said it My eyes are red, but Guoguo, I don’t want to see you work so hard, so I can wait, we don’t rush, take your time, one day I will marry you back home Jingwei, Lin Yin, I didn’t know what to do when I heard Meng Jingwei say that How did you respond? Meng Jingwei didn’t go back until twelve o’clock.
He originally wanted to stay overnight, but Lin Yin didn’t agree to send Meng Jingwei away.
After that, Lin Yin breathed a sigh of relief and stood at the door of the bedroom.
After pulling it in, as soon as I entered the shade, I was shocked by the scene in front of me.
Her bedroom is a big double bed, and all the clothes in her closet are spread out on it. What’s going on? Sister Guoguo Song Zhou bowed her head Smell Lin Yin’s hair and call her softly She subconsciously avoided Song Zhou’s touch for those bad things. What are you doing in my cabinet? Lin Yin turned around and raised her head to look at Song Zhou. There was a bit of anger in her tone, and her cheeks flushed.
I don’t know if it’s because of anger or shyness. Facing Lin Yin’s questioning, Song Zhou was very calm and didn’t show any guilt. He walked to the wardrobe, opened both doors of the wardrobe, and buried it in her bed. After sniffing his clothes vigorously, he let out a long breath of satisfaction.
Sister Guoguo’s clothes smelled very comfortable every time she smelled them. Song Zhou took a tree-shaded long dress from the cabinet The coat was wrapped around her neck, and she walked in front of her step by step. Lin Yin’s heart was beating so fast.
She didn’t know why when Song Zhou did that action just now, instead of thinking that Song Zhou was abnormal, she felt that he was very sexy, especially when he said the last sentence.
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