On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

She is not considered a powerful person at all, and the women around her are more powerful than the other. Lin Yin also complained to Meng Jingwei that Meng Jingwei would coax her at first, but then he became impatient.
During this time, Lin Yin finally understood why there are so many college students. Couples who stay together can’t make it to the end.
The journey from innocence to sophistication is too difficult. There are really very few who can go on together. This is the time when Lin Yin needs comfort the most. It’s ridiculous. The person who is by her side is not Meng Jingwei It’s Song Zhou, Song Zhou, I’m so sad. Thinking of those grievances, Lin Yin can’t bear it any longer. She rests her head on Song Zhou’s shoulder and sobs softly. Probably because she drank alcohol and became unconscious.
Her eyes were red from crying, like a spoiled girl. Sister Guoguo, don’t cry.
Song Zhou lightly stroked Lin Yin’s hair. No way? Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fourteen Lin Yin is probably really wronged. After holding back for so long, he finally found a vent. When he hugged Song Zhou, Lin Yin felt an inexplicable sense of peace of mind.
It was like holding a life-saving straw. Really, Song Zhou is not very good at comforting people, especially after the girl said something to Lin Yin so bluntly, Song Zhou stopped talking.
Lin Yin hugged Song Zhou and cried for a long time.
When she let go, Song Zhou’s shirt Lin Yin’s tears soaked her eyes, and her eyes were swollen like walnuts.
Seeing her aggrieved look, Song Zhou suddenly wondered how much wronged she had suffered during this time.
Lin Yin’s rationality after crying.
When she came back, she let go of Song Zhou, raised her hand and wiped the tears on her face. I’m sorry, am I too worthless? Jingwei’s temper is getting worse and worse. After being sad, she can only hold back by herself. Not even a trustworthy friend has that feeling of isolation and helplessness. Lin Yin lives under tremendous pressure every day, and her nerves are tense when she sleeps at night.
Sister Guoguo, who is tense, resign? Song Zhou was silent for a while, but he still said what he said just now. He looked into Lin Yin’s eyes and said to her that even if you don’t work, I can support you for the rest of your life, no problem. Song Zhouyi It was only when I mentioned this Lin Yin that I remembered that he just said that he has earned more than a hundred thousand by himself. How is it so easy to make money these years? Besides, how could a boy who just entered college earn so much by himself? Lin Yin habitually asked Song Zhou where you came from With so much money, did you do something you shouldn’t do? When Lin Yin asked this, it was a typical elder’s tone.
Song Zhou couldn’t help laughing at himself after hearing it. Is she such a despicable person in Sister Guoguo’s heart? Song Zhou’s money in this card is really earned by himself. He earned more than 40,000 yuan by doing odd jobs and selling programming during the summer vacation.
After college, he made it every weekend.
They all went out to be tutors and participated in many competitive competitions.
Once they participated in a competition and were bought by a company that is not very eye-catching.
This time it seems that they took 70,000 to 80,000 Song Zhou. The condition of the family is not bad.
The monthly living expenses can’t be spent.
He himself is not a prodigal character. He originally wanted to give Lin Yin the money, but in exchange for Lin Yin’s doubts, it’s not that I’m just afraid that you won’t be careful.
After taking a detour, I have no other intentions.
Lin Yin was stared at by Song Zhou so that her back felt chills. When she spoke, she stuttered.
She really had no other intentions.
Lin Yin never questioned Song Zhou’s ability.
They are all very good, and they have their own ideas, but Lin Yin always feels that he is still young, and he is afraid that he will be taken in a detour if he is not careful. These are all earned by me, part-time jobs, tutoring, and prize money from competitions. Song Zhou threw the card in. There was a slap on the coffee table, which was extremely harsh in the quiet room. Holding the flowers, I will resign tomorrow. After all, Song Zhou wiped Lin Yin’s lips vigorously with his fingertips a few times. All the lipstick on her lips was wiped off by him.
Song Zhou used a lot of strength and didn’t stop.
Lin Yin felt his lips hurt so much. He just wanted to ask him to let go, but Song Zhou interrupted him. He said that Sister Guoguo has never been very conscious. In order to supervise you, I am tomorrow.
I will move here to live with you, of course I will also be at Song Zhou tonight, leaning my head against Lin Yin’s ear, biting her hair with my lips, and gently pulling it a few times, this time Lin Yin is completely awake. After reacting like being poured with cold water, Lin Yin began to struggle, and now she is almost regretting to death, why did she do such a stupid thing just now, Lin Yin’s struggle is nothing to Song Zhou, he died with two hands Holding on to the shade of the tree, there is no way to break free.
He has already said that Sister Guoguo will only be me alone. Don’t talk about it, I don’t want to hear it. At this moment, the intercom at the door of the building hanging on the wall suddenly rang.
Only then did Yin realize that today is the day when Meng Jingwei came to see her. When Song Zhou was about to answer the call, Lin Yin grabbed him and ran to the walkie-talkie out of breath. Guoguo, I brought you supper, and quickly opened the door, Lin Yin. She was stunned at the moment, she subconsciously looked back at Song Zhou’s current situation, Lin Yin was in a dilemma, Guoguo didn’t hear Lin Yin’s answer, Meng Jingwei was also a little anxious, so she urged Lin Yin again to hurry up, things It’s too hot, oh oh oh, it’s too hot, oh oh, Meng Jingwei’s urging Lin Yin made her even more nervous.
She pressed the unlock button and hung up the walkie-talkie. Song Zhou’s hearing is amazingly good.
Song Zhou’s first reaction at the time was to look at his watch and see that it was already almost eleven o’clock. Hearing Meng Jingwei’s tone, it was not the first time that this time came.
It’s no wonder that nothing happens, Song Zhou is so jealous just thinking about it