On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Go, Lin Yin, her parents really like Song Zhou very much.
They wish they could marry Lin Yin to her right now. The two of them and Song Zhou’s parents are friends who have been friends for more than 30 years. There is no difference in the family.
Song Zhou took the key from Linyin’s house and opened the door. Linyin didn’t pay much attention to the sound of the key opening the door. When Zhou pushed open the door of Linyin’s bedroom, Linyin was really taken aback. She had already fallen asleep and was only wearing a small suspender. Song Zhou locked the door behind him, walked slowly to Lin Yin’s bed, and lay down beside her naturally.
He grabbed the corner of the quilt with one hand and lifted the quilt off her body. It looks like Lin Yin is not very tall, but her proportions are quite good. Her legs are relatively long. After covering for a winter, they have turned white.
The pajama pants on the bedside table were put on her body, she was almost dead from embarrassment, Song Zhou didn’t stop her, but his eyes never left her. Seeing Lin Yin put on the pajama pants, Song Zhou answered her in a leisurely manner. The godmother gave me the question. Let me come and play with you.
Lin Yin is really speechless. Is there a real mother like this? I’ll come in and see you don’t have to look at me like that. Song Zhou got up from the bed and turned my back to her.
I went out to read. Good night, Sister Guoguo, before Lin Yin could say anything, Song Zhou went out, Lin Yin was defeated by his uncertainty Lin Yin sat on the bed and struggled for a long time, finally made up his mind and walked out of the bedroom. When she went out, Song Zhou was sitting on the sofa reading a book, and he read it very seriously. In fact, when he was serious, he was handsome.
He was more mature than usual.
He pursed his lips and frowned when he was thinking, he was particularly masculine, at that moment Lin Yin was a little fascinated, walked up to Song Zhou, Lin Yin coughed dryly, looking for something to say, uh, have you eaten yet, or else I will give Why don’t you get something to eat? In fact, Song Zhou had already heard Lin Yin’s movement, but he didn’t look up at her until Lin Yin took the initiative to talk to him.
The reply was also very cold. Lin Yin felt very uncomfortable when she heard Song Zhou speak in such a tone.
She gritted her teeth, walked over to him and sat down, then took out the brief history of time in his hand and threw it aside in her heart. The grievances are getting more and more together, and Lin Yin’s voice is choked up. Song Zhou, can you stop talking to me like this? Song Zhou sneered, isn’t it right to talk like this? Didn’t you always hope that I would be colder to you? I made a mistake again, didn’t I? What do you mean, just tell me what to do? How to do it will make you satisfied. If Song Zhou interrupts her, Sister Guoguo has unilaterally sacrificed for so long and I will be tired too. Chapter Thirteen Chapter Thirteen Song After Zhou said this, Lin Yin’s sense of guilt doubled. She felt that she was quite cheap now. Maybe most girls have this problem. Besides, Lin Yin was used to Song Zhou’s sudden indifference towards her.
I really can’t accept it.
I’m sorry. I didn’t know you would be so sad.
Lin Yin has been brewing for a long time before she starts to apologize to Song Zhou.
Her attitude is very sincere and her tone is very gentle. A lesson Song Zhou’s reaction this time was extraordinarily indifferent.
He picked up the book that Lin Yin put next to him You are about to cry as you talk, look at Sister Guoguo, you are not satisfied with what I do, Song Zhou glanced at her, I have thought about what you said before, Sister Guoguo, you don’t have to worry about me continuing to disturb you, I have already found it Girlfriend, the last sentence Song Zhou is purely nonsense, because he only sees Lin Yin alone, and it is almost impossible to find someone other than Lin Yin. He said this because he wanted to see Lin Yin’s reaction.
Countless times, she hoped that Song Zhou would find a girlfriend quickly, but when Song Zhou told her that she had a girlfriend, Lin Yin felt that she was particularly blamed, her eyes became more and more sour, and when tears were about to come out of her eyes, she stood up from the sofa and turned her back to Song. It was only then that Zhou Linyin had the courage to say the next thing. She said it would be good to find a girlfriend. People of your age are more likely to have common topics.
Treat her well and don’t always be so boring.
Girls want it, Song Zhou really can’t hear it. Going down, Lin Yin’s nagging, he threw the brief history of time aside, took Lin Yin’s hand, and dragged her to his lap. When he saw Lin Yin’s red ears, Song Zhou gently pinched it with his index finger. You seem to care about me. The matter with her Song Zhou deliberately made the words so ambiguous, just to let Lin Yin misunderstand, obviously Lin Yin has misunderstood, and the misunderstanding is very deep.
After Song Zhou said this, Lin Yin blushed even more. He has a girlfriend and she has It’s really inappropriate for the boyfriend and the two of them to be so close now Lin Yin avoided Song Zhou’s touch and explained to him in a low voice that I was doing it for your own good, you know I’ve always regarded you as my own brother, my sister Song Zhou suddenly pinched Lin Yin’s ears are getting late, let’s go to rest, let me continue reading. After Song Zhou let go, Lin Yin quickly got up from his lap. Just a moment ago, her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat, her face was so hot that her palms seemed to have a fever. She also sweated wetly and ran to the bathroom to wash her face with cold water before she felt better and then she went back to sleep.
This sleep was not particularly peaceful.
Maybe it was because there were too many things on her mind.