On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Song Zhou just came out of Lin Yin, and handed him the cup to drink some water, it’s warm, this is probably a childhood sweetheart, every habit of Song Zhou, Lin Yin remembers Lin Yin’s little problems Song Zhou also knows, but despite this Song Zhou Song Zhou, who was still devoted to Lin Yin, stared at the glass of water that Lin Yin handed over for a long time and did not pick it up.
He told Lin Yin that you take a sip and I’ll drink again. Lin Yin doesn’t know what Song Zhou is going to do. She picked up the cup and took a sip. After drinking, she asked Song Zhou again. Can you drink now? The place where Lin Yin drank just now looked up and drank the rest of the water in one gulp.
I like to drink the water you drank and eat what you left after eating.
Normal people’s thinking logic is used to measure Song Zhou.
Seeing Lin Yin’s silence, Song Zhou continued to say, Sister Guoguo, what I just said is true, even if what you said is true, what does it have to do with me? Lin Yin lowered her head and did not look at him. What should be said, I have already told you that I really have no love for you, you have Song Zhou’s voice, you are so sure, if you were not on the train, you would not have done that for me, Sister Guoguo, you are just It’s okay if I can’t pass the test in your heart. I’ll wait for you. Is it okay? Zhou, do you think this is very interesting, don’t you have a sense of accomplishment? I’ve never regarded you as an older sister, but you’ve always treated me like a child. Song Zhou laughed at himself. Forget it, just treat me like that kind of taboo.
Anyway, in your heart, I have always been like this. After that day, Song Zhou disappeared from the world of Linyin. In fact, it can’t be considered disappearing because he moved to the opposite door. I haven’t spoken to her again. Several times, the two of them walked towards each other.
Song Zhou just glanced at Lin Yin coolly, then looked away.
Lin Yin wanted to talk to him, but was scared back by his eyes. It’s only been a few days.
Lin Yin couldn’t take it anymore, and she couldn’t figure out what she was thinking. Originally, if Song Zhou didn’t talk to her, she should burn incense, but she couldn’t be happy anyway, and her heart felt empty, as if there was a gap. Lin Yin will remember that when Song Zhou was on the phone with Meng Jingwei at night, she accidentally called Meng Jingwei Song Zhou.
I think I should go home with you. You can call me by my name now.
Lin Yin laughed dryly at that time, then chatted with him casually, then found an excuse to hang up the phone.
Meng Jingwei’s character is really carefree. Yes, but this does not mean that his IQ is not high, he already knows that Song Zhou has no blood relationship with Lin Yin, they are just neighbors who grew up together, they are both male Song Zhou is right Lin Yin’s attempt and Meng Jingwei can see some of it, but he has not said it clearly, because he can see that Lin Yin is not very interested in Song Zhou, but now Meng Jingwei is a little suspicious of his own idea, calling the wrong name. This kind of thing is really chilling. After hanging up the phone, Lin Yin is still distracted. In a blink of an eye, it is almost Chinese New Year.
It seems that the day after tomorrow is the first day of the new year, but there is no atmosphere at all. They are all looking forward to the old year. Every New Year’s day, the hutongs are especially festive.
A group of children of similar ages will go out together to set off cannons.
The shade is very small.
When someone throws a cannon at her, she can cry in fright. Whenever this is the time Song Zhou will come out and take her away. Afterwards, he will lay a long row of throwing cannons at the door of the bullying her. If he steps on it, the forest will explode.
I remember Song Zhou very proudly telling her that Sister Guoguo is now my turn. I saved you. See him bully you later. Well, that boy never bullied Lin Yin again.
Every time he saw Lin Yin and Song Zhou, he took a detour. That night, Lin Yin sat on the bed and recalled a lot of things from his childhood.
It wasn’t until her parents knocked on the door of her bedroom that Lin Yin came back to her senses.
My father and I went to Song Zhou’s house to play mahjong! I’m dozing off and we’ll talk in a few days.
That’s ok. Let’s go.
Listen to the door. Yes, I know. Lin Yin replied lightly. After hearing the sound of closing the door, she closed her eyes again. Song Zhou is a person who likes to be quiet. So many people came to the house today, he didn’t even have a clean ear, so he could only lock himself in the room and read a book, and then he was so thirsty that Song Zhou went out to pour a glass of water and went back with the water.
He didn’t notice Lin. Yin, her parents are here, godmother, godfather, you guys are here to play too. Song Zhou smiled and walked up to greet them. Father Lin and Mother Lin have always liked Song Zhou very much, especially when Mother Lin saw Song Zhou, she immediately pulled him Asking east and west, why haven’t I seen you sleeping just now, didn’t you read a book in the bedroom, Song Zhou has always been very good in front of the elders, a question-and-answer type, how can you read a book when it’s so noisy here? You two can still have a companion.
After hearing Lin Yin’s name, the light in Song Zhou’s eyes dimmed a bit.
Since the incident last time, he has been reluctant to talk to Lin Yin. It seems like it’s been a while since I counted it.
Well, why don’t I just take the book and go there? Sister Guoguo didn’t sleep, right? Song Zhou thought for a while before giving an answer? Just give you my key