On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin walked up to Song Zhou, lowered his head and asked him awkwardly, are you feeling better? My forehead sticks to his side, do you think I feel better? Song Zhou’s forehead is very hot Lin Yin thinks he’s at least thirty-nine degrees Celsius.
Have you taken any medicine? Or go to the hospital, you’re serious. What if something happens? What should I do? It’s good to be sick.
I really want to be sick all the time. Song Zhou buried his head on Lin Yin’s neck and murmured indistinctly so that you would come to see me. Lin Yin was really speechless.
She thought Song Zhou was childish. My mother asked me to come and see your Song Zhou, don’t think too much about Lin Yin, be cruel and continue to tell him what you said on the train today, I hope you can take it to heart, the two of us really can’t, I don’t care what you want I like you or not, I like you, you have to be my Song Zhou finally got angry, he was hurt by Lin Yin’s unfeeling, he suddenly raised his head and bit her chin fiercely, it hurt so much Song Zhou, you let go I, you are perverted, you won’t like me anyway, no matter what I do, why should I bother in vain? How about a complete perversion like you said? Usually he is not a person who likes to swear, but now he was forced by Lin Yin to swear, because he was angry, Song Zhou bit Lin Yin’s chin more and more hard, Lin Yin’s chin was bitten by Song Zhou The deep tooth marks are still oozing blood, she is about to die of pain, Song Zhou let go of her, Lin Yin also cried, in fact, Lin Yin is not very old, he is the one who let Lin Yin fall in love with Meng Jingwei Lin Yin made troubles for no reason, just like other girls. The reason why she swallowed her anger in front of Song Zhou was because she was used to letting Song Zhou down.
The newborn child was very ugly, and Lin Yin, who was wrinkled, was frightened at the time and kept pointing at Song Zhou and crying, saying that his younger brother was so ugly. At that time, her mother told her that Guoguo, you are the older sister, you have to let the younger brother be a little more Lin Yin. Yin took this to heart at the time. Later, when he played with Song Zhou and taught Song Zhou to do his homework, he always adhered to this principle. When he was a child, there was a shop selling popsicles at the entrance of the alley.
Song Zhou happened to be here, and Lin Yin gave him the popsicle without saying a word. In front of Song Zhou, Lin Yin had already made tolerance into a habit, so she didn’t really think that Song Zhou did those excessive things to her. Shaking it out, but now Lin Yin was so angry at Song Zhou’s words that she also has a temper.
Hearing what Song Zhou said about second-hand and not second-hand, she was very angry.
Lin Yin picked up a photo album on Song Zhou’s bed and threw it at him fiercely.
It just happened to hit Song Zhou on the bridge of the nose, and his glasses fell off. Song Zhou lowered his head, picked up the glasses and put them back calmly.
Song Zhou, I hate you. Lin Yin scolded Song Zhou while crying. always so childish You bit my jaw, it hurt so much, Lin Yin raised his hand and wiped away his tears, Song Zhou, who was out of breath from crying, was stunned, this was the first time he saw Lin Yin swearing. I was a little dazed for a long time without realizing it. It took about a minute or so for Song Zhou to come back to his senses.
Lin Yin’s sloppy look is much more pleasing to the eye than when he was educating him.
When Lin Yin lowered his head and wiped his tears, he saw just now A few photos fell out of that album, and her movements froze in an instant. The protagonists of these photos that fell out were all from her childhood, junior high school and high school.
Anyway, every one of them is ugly. Song Zhou saw that he had saved for so many years.
The thing was dropped on the ground and immediately lifted the quilt. He moved to the bed and bent down to pick up the photo album and scattered photos on the floor. After picking it up, Song Zhou gently wiped the surface of the photo with his fingers.
He picked it up. Yiyin was in high school.
I looked at her ID photo for a while, then looked at her with a smile, Sister Guoguo, you are so beautiful, I like you with your ponytail the most, Lin Yin can’t laugh or cry, that photo was taken when she was in her third year of high school, and the photo posted on her graduation certificate is so ugly, she doesn’t know Song Zhou Where did you get Song Zhou? You are sick. Lin Yin clenched his fist and slapped Song Zhou on the shoulder.
Psychopath, what are you doing with so many photos of me? Laughing under the gaze of Lin Yin, he poked with his index finger the eyes of the person in the photo, and his breathing became heavier and heavier. After more than ten seconds, Song Zhou put the two-inch photo to his mouth and gently After finishing this action with a kiss, he enjoyed the shade of the forest and got goosebumps all over his body.
Song Zhou’s appearance just now really looks like those perverted madmen in those movies. When he can’t see you, he looks at the photo. Song Zhou smiled and said to him.
She said that’s what she said when seeing things and thinking about people, right? Sister Linyin Guoguo This winter vacation, I’m really looking forward to Song Zhou stuffing the photos back into the photo album and putting them back in their original place. I’m going to move in a few days, don’t you know? Lin Yin was defeated by Song Zhou’s jumping thinking and moved. Why, you will know soon. Song Zhou got under the quilt while talking, and he was very kind to leave a hole for Lin Yin. Song Zhou, you’re suffocating me, Lin Yin didn’t even finish his refusal, but Song Zhou pulled him under the quilt and covered his face, Song Zhou’s quilt was full of his smell, Lin Yin felt that his brain was getting hot After Yin covered the quilt, Song Zhou also got in. The quilt was very dark, but he could see Lin Yin’s face. Song Zhou hugged Lin Yin’s waist vigorously, and he leaned his head on Lin Yin’s chest like a child. Sister Guoguo Don’t you want to hug me? When Song Zhou said this, he looked like a psychiatrist hypnotizing a patient.