On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

As if to kill her, Song Zhou unzipped Lin Yin’s coat.
His two hands reached into the clothes and tightly wrapped around her waist.
His two hands pressed against her shoulder blades. Constantly exerting force, Lin Yin was forced to lean forward to endure his movements.
When Song Zhou let go, Lin Yin felt like he was alive after a catastrophe, but before she had time to catch her breath, Song Zhou dragged her to the bathroom where the two of them sat. The seat is two steps away from the restroom. Song Zhou took Lin Yin to the men’s restroom.
After Lin Yin went in, he was choked and disgusted. Let’s go out quickly.
It’s so dirty and disgusting.
I’m about to vomit. But his endurance is much better than Lin Yin’s.
Lin Yin loves to be clean.
Of course he knows, well, it will be fine later. Song Zhou’s voice is not right.
Elder sister, do me a favor Song Zhou grabbed her hand You bullied me and cried and you didn’t apologize to me? When you said this, Song Zhou’s eyes were still red and the shade of the forest softened for a moment. She asked Song Zhou what was the matter? When the toilet came out, Lin Yin was so embarrassed that she couldn’t even lift her head.
Her face was so hot that she felt like she had a fever, and she was exhausted. Slowly squeezed her palm, perhaps because she was frightened just now, Lin Yin was staring at the front seat in a daze, Song Zhou took her hand, and she didn’t respond, neither of them had sex with anyone along the way.
In a word, when we arrived at Beijing South Railway Station, it was around four o’clock in the afternoon. The weather in Beijing was not very good, and the wind was very strong. When we came out of the train station, the trees were shivering from the cold.
Song Zhou stopped immediately when he saw it. He put the suitcase Throwing it to the side while taking off his clothes, he walked towards Lin Yin.
Song Zhou put the down jacket on Lin Yin’s body. Lin Yin was distracted. Looking back at Song Zhou, after taking off the down jacket, all he had left was a thin sweater. Lin Yinguang looked at it for him, and it was cold for him.
Song Zhou took the suitcase, walked up, and directly held Lin Yin’s hand.
Without saying a word, Lin Yin looked down at the hand held by Song Zhou, bit his lip lightly, the wind was too strong, Song Zhou’s hand was already red, Song Zhou, I’m not cold, put your clothes on, Lin Yin finally Lin Yin couldn’t bear it anymore, and when Lin Yin was about to pull down Song Zhou’s down jacket, Song Zhou reached out to stop her. He stared at Lin Yin for a while, and then Song Zhou smiled and asked her, I was sick from the cold, would you feel sorry for Lin Yin? The one who spoke Song Zhou laughed twice, and turned around with some self-deprecation.
I figured out what Sister Guoguo’s answer was.
When Lin Yin came home, Lin Yin’s parents stayed for dinner. Not only that, Lin Yin’s mother also called Song Zhou’s family and called his parents over. Finally, the two families went to the restaurant together.
Of course, Yin and Song Zhou were arranged to sit together.
Not long after they sat down, Song Zhou began to cough and speak with a strong nasal voice.
Song Zhou’s mother heard that his voice was not right, so she asked him if he was sick. It’s okay. Song Zhou replied very calmly. What’s okay? I said you must have caught a cold.
Lin Yin’s mother said that Song Zhou was just too nice to Guoguo. Seeing that it was cold, he took off his down jacket and put it on for Guoguo. Song Zhou, who came back in a shirt, glanced at Lin Yin, who was full of shame, and turned his head calmly. He smiled and said that the godmother is fine.
Guoguo sister is not sick.
Let’s see how good Song Zhou is to you, and Lin Yin was scolded again. In the end, it was Song Zhou, his parents who talked about the demolition, and then the topic shifted to buying a house.
After hearing their conversation, Lin Yin knew that they were planning to buy a house, and they were already optimistic about it.
It seems that they want to buy the opposite door. If they really live in the opposite door with Song Zhou, Lin Yin feels that he must not dare to go home.
Just thinking about it makes him feel horrified. He and Song Zhou didn’t talk much, and after dinner, they went back to each house and lay down on their own bed, and then they breathed a sigh of relief. After calling Meng Jingwei, they took out their computer and started surfing the Internet. At that time, her mother came knocking on the door, and as soon as Lin Yin opened the door, she told her to get dressed quickly.
Song Zhou had a fever, so you went over to see Lin Yin, glanced at the time, and immediately felt embarrassed. What time is it? Now, go and see Song Zhou. Didn’t she send it to his door to let him take advantage? Mom, I’ll go over tomorrow.
Let you go. You just go over. This kid is not sensible at all.
Song Zhou didn’t get sick because of you.
You’re three years older than him.
Hurry up. Ah, your dad and I won’t go today. You can figure it out.
It’s too late, so don’t come back. Lin Yin is completely speechless. I can only wonder once again if I am my own. I have no choice but to listen to what my mother said, so I have to go back. Changing clothes in the room, Lin Yin had already changed into her pajamas and was about to go to bed.
She was too lazy to change, so she took a large down jacket from the suitcase and put it on her body, changed into a pair of snow boots, and then went out. It took less than two minutes for ten meters to arrive at Linyin. She didn’t intend to stay longer. When she entered, she greeted Song Zhou’s parents and went straight to Song Zhou’s room. After Linyin opened the door, she saw Song Zhou wrapped Lying on the bed under the quilt, his room is very monotonous, not many decorations. There are simply a few books on the bookcase, and the rest of the place is clean. Hearing the shade of the trees coming in, Song Zhou sat up from the quilt, and then he did the first thing. The first thing to do is to pick up the glasses on the bedside table and put them on