On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

After hanging up the phone, Lin Yin was so helpless that she had no choice but to bite the bullet and ask Song Zhou’s mother for Song Zhou’s mobile phone number. Lin Yin sent Song Zhou a text message. I was a little busy a few days ago.
I’m sorry, do you want to go home together during the holiday? When Song Zhou received Lin Yin’s text message, he was the only one in the dormitory. After seeing the content of the text message, Song Zhou’s expression changed instantly. He kicked the thermos bottle at his feet away and heard After the crackling sound of glass shattering, I felt refreshed. Some thermos guts shattered into small pieces and spilled all over the floor. After parting with Lin Yin that day, Song Zhou had been expecting Lin Yin to contact him.
He thought Lin Yin would really consider it seriously. Let’s talk about their affairs. Song Zhou really didn’t expect Lin Yin to be so cruel.
In fact, there is nothing unexpected. Didn’t she never take the initiative to contact him? Song Zhou replied to Lin Yin’s text message very calmly. The train ticket to go home on the 7th departs at eleven o’clock in the morning and arrives in Beijing in the evening.
Lin Yin and Song Zhou met at the train station when it was almost ten o’clock. Well, Lin Yin and Song Zhou who came with Meng Jingwei walked up. What I saw at the time was the scene of the two of them reluctantly saying goodbye. Song Zhou really regretted why he didn’t open Lin Yin directly when he was in the hotel that night.
He shouldn’t be soft-hearted.
I won’t continue with Meng Jingwei. Lin Yin felt so guilty after seeing Song Zhou.
She pushed Meng Jingwei away and whispered to him. You go first. Miss me Meng Jingwei smiled and rubbed Lin Yin’s hair, then he turned around and exchanged greetings with Song Zhou Lin Yin’s heart was beating fast After Meng Jingwei left, she subconsciously looked at Song Zhou I’m sorry I have nothing to do with him Ah, sister Guoguo, Song Zhou grabbed Lin Yin’s arm and pulled her to his side, then put his hand in the pocket of Lin Yin’s coat. It feels like Lin Yin is afraid of Song Zhou’s mouth with a smile Song Song Zhou Lin Yin tried to make Song Zhou stop by apologizing. Zhou suddenly pinched her waist, this pinch was very hard, Lin Yin was forced to burst into tears, Song Zhou raised his hand and tapped Lin Yin’s nose, he said with a half smile, since he can be here with others Why can’t a man flirt with me? Lin Yin lowered her head and suddenly didn’t know how to refute him. She did something wrong.
She knew that Lin Yin didn’t speak when she entered the station.
Song Zhou didn’t wait to hook her pocket and pull it. When she entered the station to check the ticket and wait for the bus, Song Zhou didn’t take out her hands.
Finally, Lin Yin breathed a sigh of relief and sat down. She subconsciously covered her chest with her bag. Lin Yin and Song Zhou’s position was There were only the two of them in the corner of the last row of the car.
Song Zhou sat down after putting away his things.
He squeezed the shade into the corner. Li’s whole body was attached to her, Sister Song Zhou Guoguo, don’t move, Song Zhou held her forehead with his other hand, unzipped the zipper under her coat a little, and then slipped his head into her clothes under Lin Yin’s frightened gaze.
Li Song Zhou, let me go, you really like him so much, did you spend the night with him? I must have never told him about our affairs. In fact, I am curious if he is like me. Whenever he sees you, he can’t wait to stick to you for 24 hours.
Chapter 10 Chapter 10 Song Zhou didn’t say a whole sentence, he deliberately Even though you can’t see the expression on Lin Yin’s face, Song Zhou can feel that she is guilty. Lin Yin really doesn’t know how to explain to Song Zhou what she said that night. She really didn’t take it to heart and didn’t take it seriously afterwards.
After thinking about reconciling with Meng Jingwei, Lin Yin completely forgot about it until she contacted him again. She knew that she had done too much this time.
Lin Yin took a deep breath and dropped her hands weakly You will meet someone better in the future You should find a girl who is younger than you What I don’t understand is that I only feel in love when I’m with him. This is the first time Lin Yin has reasoned with Song Zhou so seriously. Maybe it’s because he couldn’t see his eyes that he dared to say such words so calmly. You are a family member or a friend in my heart, but you can never be a lover. Lin Yin was about to continue talking when he suddenly heard Song Zhou sobbing, and the rest of the words stuck in his throat. Scalp pulled Song Zhou out of his coat, and then she saw Song Zhou’s red eyes and foggy glasses.
Lin Yin is a native northern girl. Ever since she was a child, she couldn’t see a man who cried when he moved. She always thought it was a real man.
There shouldn’t be tears, but when Song Zhou cried, Lin Yin was very uncomfortable. He cried like this when he was a child, and he didn’t say a word, only occasionally sobbing. When he cried, Lin Yin was expressionless when he saw Song Zhou’s forehead.
The veins were bulging, she couldn’t help raising her hand to wipe the tears off her face for him, don’t cry, it’s Sister Guoguo’s bad, I’m sorry, Lin Yin was pushed to the window by Song Zhou before Lin Yin finished speaking, her head bang It hit the glass with a bang, her eyes turned black from the pain, and before she could struggle, Song Zhou pounced on her and blocked her mouth like going crazy. Lin Yin’s lips were almost bleeding when Song Zhou sucked them in. no sign of letting go