On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin was a little embarrassed when she felt Song Zhou’s gaze.
Her hair was still dripping on her face and she hadn’t combed it. She lowered her head and whispered to Song Zhou, don’t look at me, okay? It feels weird. Lin Yin’s embarrassment and shyness this time are different from so many times before. Before, her embarrassment was completely angry, but this time it was shy. It’s the kind of demeanor that would only be shown in front of the boy he likes. Song Zhou was immediately fascinated by Lin Yin’s appearance.
Well, Ruo Shui only takes one scoop to drink.
In his world, one Lin Yin is enough. Song Zhou got up from the bed and walked in front of Lin Yin, he stretched out his hand and pulled off the towel hanging around Lin Yin’s neck. Just when Lin Yin was wondering, Song Zhou had already started to wipe her hair.
It’s not easy to do it. She doesn’t have the habit of using a hair dryer, so she usually has to wipe it for several rounds.
Song Zhou remembers all of these habits, Sister Guoguo, you are so sweet.
Song Zhou bowed his head and sniffed her heart Then I grinned, I haven’t been this happy for a long time, Lin Yin is not used to others brushing her hair, especially when she is doing this, she thinks she is so ugly and she doesn’t want Song Zhou to see her like this Lin Yin catches her Let go of Song Zhou’s hand.
I’ll do it myself. Song Zhou refused to let go.
He pressed Lin Yin’s forehead and rubbed it a few times.
Don’t be shy.
Sister Guoguo is the most beautiful in my heart.
Maybe it’s because Song Zhou’s expression was too serious, Lin Yin was in a daze when she heard it, so she stood there obediently until Song Zhou finished brushing her hair, Song Zhou still didn’t let go of Lin Yin, and kept holding her Song Zhou loosened his hand after combing his hair.
Lin Yin realized how ambiguous the atmosphere was just now.
She had just taken a shower and Song Zhou was naked.
This scene was not misunderstood by others, and it was Song Zhou who buried his head in the forest. When Yin’s neck smelled her body, she was particularly satisfied. Song Zhou unconsciously remembered something from his childhood when Lin Yin was hit by Song Zhou’s glasses. She moved her shoulders and gently pushed Song Zhou.
Song Zhou, your glasses hurt me, get up, Song Zhou’s voice is lazy, Sister Guoguo doesn’t like me wearing glasses, then I’ll take them off, after saying this, Song Zhou immediately took off the glasses, he put them on She held her eyes in her hand, leaned in front of Lin Yin and tilted her head to look at her. Does this look better than wearing glasses? Do you like it? Lin Yin was amused by Song Zhou’s childish appearance. It’s been a long time since she saw Lin Yin, who was so erratic, reached out and squeezed Song Zhou’s face.
Afterwards, she smiled and said to Song Zhou that wearing glasses is more mature and gentle. It’s the truth, because Song Zhou was indeed very handsome. At that time, the neighbors in the neighborhood especially liked to make fun of Song Zhou’s appearance. Many people said that he was taller than girls. Qingxiu In fact, Lin Yin thinks so too. Song Zhou immediately put on his glasses after listening to Lin Yin’s words.
The smile on his face disappeared in an instant. Lin Yin was confused by Song Zhou. Which sentence was wrong, why did he suddenly become so unhappy? I don’t want to be a cutie. Song Zhou said you should wear glasses. Lin Yin, I just said that you are cuter without glasses.
I didn’t say that you are cutie. It’s the same.
I just don’t like you.
When I was a child, Song Zhou raised Lin Yin’s chin and looked at her slightly parted lips. His eyes instantly lit up with fire, Guoguo, sister.
From now on, as long as you are here, I will wear glasses. Maturity doesn’t matter much.
In front of the person I like, most men are childish ghosts, and Song Zhou is not very old. The two of them haven’t interacted like this for a long time. When the atmosphere was just right, Lin Yin’s cell phone rang suddenly. Song Zhou saw the call from Meng Jingwei when Lin Yin took out his mobile phone. After hesitating for a few seconds, Song Zhou still picked up the call.
I’m angry, I was forced today, I really can’t do anything, Guoguo, you promised to marry me and have children last month, I’m doing this to fight for our future How do you understand, but her eyes are red because Meng Jingwei said that I am fighting for our future.
I don’t know why this sentence makes Lin Yin’s tears fall. Song Zhou has already wiped her. Song Pa, Lin Yin didn’t have time to say anything. Song Zhou snatched her phone and dropped it. He used a lot of force. Lin Yin’s phone was broken into several pieces, and you are not allowed to pick him up. You have already broken up on the phone. Chapter 9 Chapter 9 Song Zhou was very happy.
The atmosphere between him and Lin Yin was so good just now, but it was ruined by Meng Jingwei’s phone call.
Not only that, Lin Yin was also moved by Meng Jingwei and cried.
Song Zhou couldn’t accept what Meng Jingwei said to Lin Yin on the phone just now Song Zhou heard about getting married, fighting for the future, Lin Yin would be moved by such a high-sounding word, Song Zhou was even angrier when he thought of this.
He raised his arms and hugged Lin Yin’s waist, holding her firmly in his arms.
Lin Yin was so hugged by Song Zhou that he couldn’t breathe.
He instinctively struggled a few times, but Song Zhou became even more angry. He hugged Lin Yin’s waist continuously.
I hugged my arms and felt something was wrong.
After that, Lin Yin was very embarrassed, but he couldn’t go back.
Song Zhou, you let go. You clearly said that you would give me time.