On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

No, no, Lin Yin took a few steps back. She didn’t know what Song Zhou was going to give her, but her instinct told her that it would definitely not be something good.
Song Zhou looked at Lin Yin’s terrified expression and smiled happily.
After taking off his glasses, Song Zhou made a move that made Lin Yin dumbfounded.
He took off the thin coat on his body.
Lin Yin blushed when he saw this scene. Song Zhou put on his glasses and reached out to pull Lin Yin Come here, Sister Guoguo, no matter what time it is, I am your shade, and I understand Song Zhou’s meaning. When she realized it, she immediately began to struggle crazily, but Song Zhou hugged her tightly. Let go of me, lunatic, Song Zhou posted it to Lin Yin’s ear, how about tonight? Chapter 8 Chapter 8 Lin Yin was startled by Song Zhou’s vulgar words.
Those things, she can not mention them without mentioning them. The word Song Zhou said just now, when she was in high school, she heard the general meaning from the boys in her class, and she could understand that it was not a good thing anyway. The kind of students who don’t study and only care about socializing in Internet cafes didn’t expect Song Zhou to be like them. After realizing this, Lin Yin was disappointed in Song Zhou again. That kind of disappointment can’t be expressed in suitable words.
I was disappointed because I had expectations, Song Zhou, why did you become so disgusting Lin Yin looked at Song Zhou with disappointment, her eyes were like the disappointment of a sister looking at a younger brother, she even wondered if Song Zhou was caught by something, that obedient The sensible Song Zhou disappeared all of a sudden.
Of course, Song Zhou knew that Lin Yin was disappointed in him.
This disappointment seems to have started from the day he confided in her heart. Lin Yin has always regarded him as his younger brother.
Song Zhou is very clear about this. When he was young, Lin Yin would take him out to play.
When someone bullied Song Zhou, Lin Yin would definitely stand in front of Song Zhou at the first time. When Song Zhou was born, Lin Yin was by the side from the memory until now. Every major event in life is basically related to Lin Yin. Song Zhou’s feelings for Lin Yin are like this. He relies on her and likes her, so he wants to monopolize her. Zhou was more sure that he was serious about Lin Yin.
Song Zhou thought about it for a while and then let go of Lin Yin’s hand.
He didn’t talk to Lin Yin in that joking tone like before. Song Zhou suddenly became very serious with Song Zhou. After staring at each other for a few minutes, Lin Yin realized that Song Zhou’s glasses had black frames before he changed them, and they looked a little dull.
Now he has changed to a pair of frameless glasses, which is more lively than before.
Plus, Song Zhou has big eyelids. His eyes looked very upright, Lin Yin Song Zhou called Lin Yin’s name very seriously, this should be the first time he officially called her full name Lin Yin has long been used to Song Zhou calling her Sister Guoguo, now Song Zhou suddenly called She didn’t respond to her name for a while, and Lin Yin was stunned for a while before she was sure that she had heard her right. She raised her face. Look at Song Zhou.
This is the last time I warn you not to communicate with me in the tone of a child.
I don’t like it very much. Song Zhou said to Lin Yin again, don’t blame me.
Tell Lin Yin about this matter, Lin Yin remembers that Song Zhou didn’t take it seriously when he expressed his attitude for the first time.
After falling in love and meeting a better girl, Song Zhou will definitely not be so persistent, but Song Zhou is so serious now, Lin Yin has no way to comfort himself like this anymore, Lin Yin licked his dry lips and wanted to talk to Song Zhou, but his brain It’s blank, even the ability to organize language has been lost. How can she face such feelings? Lin Yin is very disgusted with sibling love itself, and the relationship between her and Song Zhou is not pure sibling love at all. Lin Yin is seven or eight years old.
In the past two years, I often went to Song Zhou’s house to bathe him.
Song Zhou was very good and didn’t like to talk. When Lin Yin bathed Song Zhou, he always made a lot of bubbles and smeared him on his body, and he would sing that bathing song for Song Zhou. In Lin Yin’s heart, Song Zhou is really no different from his biological brother, so when Song Zhou told her that he liked her, she felt very guilty, as if she had instigated a good boy to commit a crime. Song Zhou, can you give me some time? After thinking for a long time, Lin Yin finally gave Song Zhou the answer. She lowered her head and grabbed her fingers, feeling very conflicted in her heart. In fact, Lin Yin felt that she liked Song Zhou, but she couldn’t determine whether this feeling was love or family affection, so she It takes time to think about it, and now there is Meng Jingwei, which has not been resolved. Lin Yin’s mind is now in a mess.
These things are piled up together, and she is about to explode.
Song Zhou is also very surprised to get such an answer from Lin Yin. In fact, he also I don’t want to use the same method as before to force Lin Yin to rob, buy, sell, etc.
It’s a bad idea.
Song Zhou doesn’t know how to use it unless it’s a last resort. Song Zhou’s emotional intelligence is quite high. If Lin Yin said that, it means that he has already succeeded more than half of the time.
Because of Lin Yin’s words, Song Zhou didn’t do anything too extreme that night.
Lin Yin didn’t bring a change of clothes. After taking a bath, Lin Yin put the clothes back together Putting on Lin Yin without moving, when Song Zhou came out of the bathroom, he was still shirtless and lying on the bed with his arms propped up.
His eyes never left Lin Yin for a moment.
I can only see that Lin Yin has been studying alone for so many years.
There are no less than ten girls who have chased Song Zhou. Most of them are very beautiful, but Song Zhou has no feeling for them.
In his heart, only Lin Yin is worth liking. people