On the backrest he stared at Lin Yin with red eyes Why does he always remind me that you are with someone else Even if

Lin Yin felt that Song Zhou seemed to be angry. When thinking of this possibility, Lin Yin felt a little uncomfortable. She still had some feelings for Song Zhou. It was really uncomfortable for him not to contact Lin Yin like this. Courage wanted to send a text message or make a phone call to Song Zhou, but he backed down every time. The first contact was on October 18th, which was the birthday of Lin Yin and Song Zhou.
Since their birthdays are on the same day, Lin Yin Yin naturally thought of Song Zhou’s birthday, which was Lin Yin’s birthday. This kind of sadness has no reason, and she doesn’t know the reason. When she was sad, Lin Yin’s cell phone rang, she picked it up and took a look, and when she saw the name on the screen, her heart beat faster.
It was Song Zhou, Lin Yin’s adjustment. After taking a breath, she picked up the phone.
Sister Guoguo hadn’t seen her for a long time.
Song Zhou’s voice slowly poured into her ears from the receiver with a bit of sexy shade. She could hear that the environment over Song Zhou was very noisy, as if she was The fast music in the nightclub kept ringing, um, Lin Yin was silent for a while and only said this one word because she really didn’t know what to say and asked him if he was doing well, this question is really boring, Lin Yin tapped his toes After thinking about it, you can guess that he is doing well. You can guess from the environment he is in. After hearing Lin Yin’s cold response, Song Zhou was a little disappointed.
He said, “Sister Guoguo, can you treat me better? You have never contacted me before.” I, Song Zhou, said you were like this, I was really sad, I thought you were busy, Lin Yin bit the bullet and found an excuse to perfuse him, then whispered a happy birthday to him He is 21 years old today, she is 20 today Four years old, it turns out that Guoguo sister still remembers my birthday! On the phone, Song Zhou smiled so innocently, as if a child finally got the gift he wanted, his joy was beyond words.
After Song Zhou smiled, he continued to talk to Lin Yin. You See if you care about me casually, I can be so happy, isn’t it so worthless? Lin Yin suddenly felt that she was quite unfeeling when Song Zhou said that. For a while, she couldn’t think of how to reply Song Zhou. Song Zhou laughed again.
With a sound, he didn’t continue to discuss this topic with Lin Yin, but led the topic to another aspect.
He asked Lin Yin, sister Guoguo, did her brother-in-law express anything about her birthday today? Originally, I was lost all day because I couldn’t get in touch with Meng Jingwei.
Now Song Zhou just sprinkled salt on her wound.
Lin Yin didn’t answer, he used silence to show his dissatisfaction, but Song Zhou didn’t intend to let her go just like that, Sister Guoguo, I just now Seeing brother-in-law playing here, do you want to come over and have a look? Song Zhou set up a trap for Lin Yin step by step. After a while he casually added, oh, it seems to him that he came here with a group of girls.
You are his girlfriend.
How dare he treat you like this? Chapter Seven Seven Zhang Songzhou spoke in a joking tone, but Lin Yin couldn’t laugh after hearing it.
Lin Yin was lost because of this incident for a whole day.
Meng Jingwei has been very busy with Lin Yin and Yin since his internship. The fact that he spends less and less time together is something she already minded.
Song Zhou said that Lin Yin couldn’t sit still any longer.
Where are you? Lin Yin asked Song Zhou, are you sure you saw him? Wrong person? Hearing that Lin Yin was so anxious, Song Zhou laughed again.
He didn’t answer Lin Yin’s question directly, but just gave her an address and hung up the phone.
After hanging up, the smile on Song Zhou’s face disappeared instantly.
He continued to drink in his sweater pocket. In fact, Song Zhou came out alone today. He hadn’t contacted Lin Yin in the past few months. He had been in a daze. He was always wondering if Lin Yin would find out if he had a conscience. Send him a text message to ask anyway. Ask him about the situation after school started, but she didn’t. Not only that, she didn’t even say anything about his birthday. Song Zhou came out to drink after being in the dormitory for a day. In fact, Song Zhou didn’t expect to meet Meng Jingwei here.
He saw When Meng Jingwei was there, he came with a few middle-aged men, and the girls seemed to be drinking with them. After the men left, only Meng Jingwei and those girls were left. It’s true that God is helping him. Meng Jingwei seems to be drinking too much and is not in a good mood. Those women chatted and laughed with him, but he didn’t care much.
The excessive scene is about Meng Jingwei not celebrating her birthday with her, but drinking with a group of girls, which is enough for Lin Yin to sentence him to death.
Song Zhou imagined Lin Yin’s disappointed expression, and his mood suddenly became better.
Lin Yin rushed over At that time, Song Zhou was still drinking leisurely, looking at the panting forest, the smile on Song Zhou’s face became more and more innocent. He hooked the corners of his mouth and said lightly, “Sister Guoguo, is she in a hurry? Is your face so red and your breathing so urgent? You make others think that What shameful thing did you do just now? Lin Yin’s skin has always been thin.
Normally, if Song Zhou said a word that was a little too much, she would blush and her neck would be thick.
What’s more, now that he said it so directly, Lin Yin felt that her face was already burned. Lin Yin gritted her teeth, and the topic shifted to Meng Jingwei. All she cared about now was this matter.
She didn’t want to respond to Song Zhou’s teasing.
Song Zhou raised his head and poured a glass of wine.
He poured it all down, raised his hand and wiped the corners of his mouth, then he stood up and walked in front of Lin Yin. Song Zhou was walking by, and Lin Yin was about to back subconsciously. turn her around in a circle