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Because I can be counted as my destiny.
Labels Physiologian 3000-year-old girlfriend reveals the secret chapter Chapter 1. When a person reaches a mature age, his face changes suddenly It is all determined by the parents of the family, that is, the quality of the parents will be reflected in the child.
In other words, the quality of the child’s face is completely determined by the parents before adulthood, but after adulthood, especially after twenty After the age of three or four, the face will often reflect the person’s current situation, so the matter of reading the face has existed since ancient times.
Sometimes you can judge a person’s good or bad luck through the face. For example, I looked at the circle of friends at this time. The selfie photos sent by Xia Xiaoxiao, a high school classmate in Li, realized that this woman must have been in trouble recently The short skirt with black silk legs and buttocks is sexy and graceful, but the sudden appearance of a small mole on the forehead is an indication of the problem, because it occupies two words in the facial features.
Occupying eleven squares in the Heavenly Court, it is reasonable to say that this face will basically not appear after the age of eighteen, but in case there is no 100% thing in the world, it must be so when I look at it this way, I can’t help but feel surprised. Seeing the faces of some people, but basically not opening their mouths.
At this time, seeing that my high school classmate is still a beautiful girl in the class, she actually has such a face. I can’t help but ask a question in the circle of friends, big breasted sister, have you had any bad luck recently? Let me tell you. We are happy, half-joking, half-serious, big-breasted sister is Xia Xiaoxiao’s nickname when she was in school, her name has two small but not small, beautiful breasts, big buttocks, and she has always been very bold in her clothes. Shout out to her. It is said that she went to Beiyi after graduating from high school.
After graduating, she changed her career to become a model. Some of the sexy and beautiful photos in the auto show showed her legs, sunned her chest, and posted all kinds of crazy people in the circle of friends. Quickly replied, Chen Changsheng, you are mentally ill, what are you talking about, you are unlucky, your whole family is unlucky, it seems that the anger is gone, and Chen Changsheng replied, if it is not for the sake of classmates, I really want to block you Why is it so annoying to talk? I did something bad with good intentions, but I can also understand that at this time, she must be unlucky and not in a good mood, so I wanted to talk about it in detail. I was reminding her to remind her, but the result didn’t wait for what I was talking about. That cynicism, Xiaoxiao, don’t talk to him, Chen Daxian is just a remnant of feudalism and the old society, a nonsense stick full of nonsense, haha, he actually just wants to talk to our big breasted sister, big breasted sister, if you say that luck is not good recently, he will have something to say Maybe you still have to invite him to dinner? That’s right, I don’t know how many meals this kid has cheated.
You can’t believe it, haha.
He said you’ve been unlucky recently, maybe you just want to make a fortune.
Chen Daxian, come out and talk, continue to work hard, and finally cynicism in the circle of friends is not enough. A group of people started chatting in the classmate group and posted screenshots.
I, Chen Changsheng, you are talking, how do you count us? Xiaoxiao has had some bad luck recently, hahaha I told you that you have revealed Xiaoxiao recently found a rich boyfriend, I have heard that I bought her a Panamera, and the house is a panamera I still have a house and a luxury car. It is said that the car has to be retrofitted to buy it. How much does it cost to buy it? Xiaoxiao came out and said, how much is the Panamera? Xia Xiaoxiao just posted it without saying a word A photo of herself with a pure white Palamela, with her legs stretched out, she is much happier than wearing a sexy short skirt with scissor hands.
The most important thing is that she also posted a green passport photo, which is Xia Xiaoxiao’s herself. The name means that the car is her own, not a borrowed car to pretend to be imposing. The group of classmates immediately boiled over. Unexpectedly, the first person in our class to drive a luxury car is Xiaoxiao, which is really enviable. Xiaoxiao buys all cars. When did you get married? Yes, we are all waiting to drink your wedding wine.
One after another, I noticed that in the photo when she bought this Panamera, she was full of joy, but her face was like a peach blossom.
The pink face, the peach cheeks, the brows and eyes are picturesque, the forehead is empty, and I can’t help but save the two pictures in my phone. I made a detailed comparison before and after, and it really only appeared recently.
It seems that there is something tricky in it. I slowly realized something. If there is an abnormality, there must be a monster.
Most of the things have something to do with this car. Shouyao’s mole does not appear casually, especially at this age, so I kindly reminded Xiaoxiao in the classmate group that I am not joking. Look at the before and after comparison of these two photos.
You were obviously beaming when you bought the car. Recently, this picture is obviously going to be a bloodbath.
You really have to be careful not to trust inhumanity.
When the words came out, the pot exploded in the group, especially Suofei. Xia Xiaoxiao was completely ignited by this sentence, went to battle in person, directly yelled at Chen Changsheng, you are fucking crazy, if it wasn’t for the sake of my old classmates, I really want to find someone to beat you, Chen Dasangmenxing, you are really sick in the head It’s a good way to say that people have a bloody disaster, and that people entrusted them with inhumans.
Do you not see others well? I think Chen Changsheng is a hater of the rich, the party hates people, and laughs at people. Chen Changsheng, how did you become like this? You are so boring. If you are a high school classmate, you can’t see others, okay? Xiaoxiao is our high school classmate who drives a luxury car and marries a rich man. What’s the matter?