On her own birthday she also stopped holding a birthday party so she didn’t invite Zhang Jiajia so how did Jiajia know about my birthday

So he died and crossed over to the world of iPartment. Because of force majeure, he made a big fuss. The great writer system forgot any memory about iPartment.
In fact, he came to a strange world.
Book friends, if you think My Love Apartment is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in your group and Weibo. If you are killed by a meteor, you can still walk on the road like me, and you can also cross things. It started half an hour ago, the Jade Emperor, the Sanqing Taoist Tathagata, the Buddha, the Goddess of Mercy, God, Allah, Athena.
Please bless me to find a girlfriend. Right, Guo Jialin had just attended the graduation party before crossing, went back to the dormitory, took a shower, changed clothes, burned incense and prayed, hoping that he would find his love in the future social life and end his virginity. Unfortunately, he died and it was due to force majeure. The reason for his death was that he was hit by a meteor Dead and unbiased, he was hit on the head by a meteor with the size of a fist. Needless to say, the ending is natural. Because the soul came out of his body, he saw the scene of his own body.
Guo Jialin still can’t forget the scene. In a few hours, Guo Jialin has figured out his own identity in this world. He is still a bit different from most time-travel novels. He is an asshole after all.
It’s okay to deceive people who don’t understand, and the way of death in this world is also nonsense.
On the way to find a job, I was beaten to death by a stone The arrangements are all so nonsense, and in the end, I have my own family background. My parents are healthy and have no sisters and no house.
My parents are traveling everywhere. The character who has been on the phone since junior high school does not know if it will appear, so where have I traveled? Guo Jialin rubbed his head and looked in front of him. Hey guys, can’t get in the car? A man’s voice is coming from inside the car.
Where is it going? I’m going to do something on the way, let’s say don’t waste time, Guo Jialin just got on the car going to the wedding in a daze, so he embarked on a journey called Love Apartment, what kind of wedding car driver was arrested for drunk driving and dragged a tractor Not long after the drag racing, the driver in front received a call in shock, saying that Guo Jialin had also been shown off by this series of operations, oh my god, what kind of wedding am I going to attend? By the way, I didn’t have much money with me.
I don’t know if the gift money is enough, but I heard the driver in front continue to talk about what to do with the bride. My car has already picked up people.
It’s too late. You can ask Xiao Hei downstairs, the one on the second floor, he should have a way to hang out in the car So bored, Guo Jialin was looking at his phone, looking for a novel to read, then Guo Jialin showed a strange expression on his face, what the hell is this? Is the industry so distorted? Is it because of Jin Yong Gulong that the recommendation list is full of martial arts? Although there are Cultivation, but why are they all novels like Flying to the Sky and Escape from the Earth? Don’t you understand the mortal stream? There is no infinite stream, and there is no prehistoric stream, so you can still read the city and martial arts. The worst fantasy is to add a treasure to martial arts. It’s fantasy, so I copy Dou Po Cang Qiong or Dou Luo Continent, isn’t it to make a fortune? It’s a pity that although I have seen it, I can’t remember it. I regret it.
Guo Jialin suddenly wanted to hug my head and cry. It’s the scene. What’s wrong with you? I was so excited to see the wedding scene I was about to cry.
The driver asked if he was a little excited. Guo Jialin said that it was too embarrassing to get out of the car in a hurry. Just as Guo Jialin was about to slip away, a voice came from his mind, “The system is being activated and the host is being collected. The information collection is complete and the world information collection is successful The system said lightly, what is your name? It’s not important. By the way, what’s your use? Can you give me a Super Saiyan or Sharingan? Of course, I don’t mind some ancient holy body, innate Taoist body, the best. Give me a tailed beast or something to play with. You can try it with Devil Fruit.
Sorry, this system doesn’t have this function, you can’t even do it, so why do you want to chat with me? This system is dedicated to making the host a moral and intelligent person. A great writer who is excellent in both body and art, so you can also call me a great writer system You just wanted to say a great writer system, right? The functions are the attribute function, the task function and the system store. The attribute function is to query the host’s personal attributes. The task function is divided into random tasks and daily tasks.
Random tasks will enable daily functions according to certain special conditions. Now the system store has not been activated.
As the name implies, it is not used. I explained that you haven’t activated it yet, so what’s the use of saying these things? None of them have been activated. Guo Jialin said speechlessly that when the host activates the first random task, it will naturally open daily tasks and the system store.
Then open the query function.
Let me take a look at mine. How talented is the host? Guo Jialin, who started computer, can only use it for typing and writing. Thanks for the compulsory education. He made your composition barely passable.