Ohashi Qianxue who had seen it before raised her head slightly and looked at Lin Tian who was standing in front of her and then

Choose where is this place? Lin Tian opened his heavy eyes and looked at all the strange things around him with a hint of doubt.
What’s going on? Am I not in the classroom? Why did I suddenly appear in a basketball court right now? In the huge basketball court, Lin Tian was very puzzled.
Under normal circumstances, he should sleep in the classroom, but why did he appear in a strange basketball court when he woke up? Although he said that he likes basketball very much. And there was such a crazy move as joining the basketball club, but wasn’t he already ordered to quit the basketball club? Why did he appear again in such a clean and tidy basketball court? Lin Tian took a closer look. Surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings, I thought for a moment that I was in the basketball court of the basketball club in my school, but this basketball court looked clearly not the basketball court of my dilapidated school basketball club.
I stood up and looked around.
The big basketball court was empty. Lin Tian found an iron frame with dozens of basketballs in a corner not far from him.
Lin Tian walked over there and walked to the corner where the iron frame was placed, and found the iron frame.
All the basketballs in the game are brand new, as if they have never been used. Ding dong, the system is loading, ding dong, the system has been loaded. In such an empty basketball court, suddenly there is such a voice, which has no emotion at all.
The temperature is as cold as the voice of a robot, whoever is here, come out quickly, Lin Tian yelled in a panic in this basketball court, and the voice echoed in this quiet and deserted basketball court, but no one answered Lin Tian Seeing that there was no one around and no one answered me, I felt that maybe I was hallucinating.
I didn’t want to ask where the sound came from.
I really like basketball. It’s a pity that I don’t have the talent to play basketball. Lin Tian looked at the iron. The basketball in the frame murmured in a low voice.
Although he loves basketball very much in his heart, he is also extremely thin because he has no talent for playing basketball, so he was kicked out by the basketball club in his school. He lowered his waist and stretched his hands involuntarily towards the brand-new basketball in the iron frame, wanting to hold it in his hands.
Once in contact with it, he could feel the feeling of it being in his hands again, but just when Lin Tian touched the brand-new basketball That cold, emotionless, mechanical sound sounded again, and the Ding Dong system was activated.
This time, Lin Tian heard it very clearly. Although he didn’t know where the sound came from, he was very sure that the sound existed soon.
The lights in the basketball court instantly turned on at the same time, and the dim environment around them instantly became brighter. The atmosphere in the basketball court also changed as the lights turned on.
I don’t know why Lin Tian’s mood also changed instantly at this time. Fortunately, I don’t really want to know why I came here.
Ding Dong, welcome to use this system. This system is called the strongest ball god system. That cold voice The sound once again sounded in the basketball court, the strongest ball god system Lin Tian lowered his head and looked at the brand new basketball in his hand that even had some reflections. Could it be because I took this basketball that the strongest ball god was activated? The system Lin Tian feels a little confused and doesn’t understand what’s happening now. This system is the strongest ball god system.
The purpose of this system is to train the host to become the strongest ball god. Whether it’s basketball, table tennis, badminton, football, rugby, volleyball, as long as it’s All ball games are within the service scope of this system. Haha, I don’t understand Lin Tian’s puzzled face.
I’m not sleeping right now.
If I’m sleeping, maybe it’s clear to Lin Tian. Silently give all this a normal explanation, otherwise, why would there always be a cold voice ringing out, and why would you appear in this place? Ding dong, please host a type of ball game. If the ball game is determined, then no changes can be made again. Only when the host becomes the strongest player in this ball game can he make changes and enter the next field.
As soon as the cold voice disappears, the surrounding scenes happen immediately.
Change the basketball in my hand and fly into the air, besides the basketball, there is also a table tennis, a badminton, a football, a rugby, and a volleyball.
In any case, it’s just playing casually. If you want to choose, then choose the basketball you love.
Instinctively, I moved towards the basketball that was in the air, and that basketball was in Xuan Ye’s hands the next moment.
Ding Dong The host has been selected and the lottery draw is about to start. The rewards to be drawn will be randomly selected from the following types of rewards.
Once selected, they cannot be changed.
It’s just playing, and the lottery draw started. Lin Tian said, and soon the scene changed again.
The various balls floating in the air disappeared instantly, and a virtual turntable appeared.
The round turntable exudes golden light, and the words on the turntable emit The light is stronger. Lin Tian looked at the turntable and there are five things in total. The first one is a bottle of green potion.
Although he did not explain what the potion is for, Lin Tian clearly knows what the potion is for. Effect This bottle of green potion is called constitution potion, which can transform the body of the person who drinks it. It can make a weak body instantly become stronger. Physical strength, speed, stamina and other aspects will be greatly enhanced.
The second type is a king card. Its name is