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The character design collapses, the little Huadan is tall and cold, and the short-haired boy Yan Nuan is a very thoughtful girl who does everything one step faster than others. When everyone is fighting for the position, she has already started to hype the little fairy.
In charge of blowing up the beauty of the prosperous age and the beauty of the crowd. When everyone wakes up and sells the character design, her character design collapses. If the road ahead is precarious, this time I will support you.
Yan Nuan, the protagonist of Love, Cheng Shuochuan, Chapter 1, Yan Nuan is going to audition today. The first woman said it was an audition. In fact, everyone knows that it is just a cutscene.
This movie is invested and produced by actress Su Li. It was announced earlier that I wanted to make a youth film that is not clichéd. Yan Nuan neither takes it seriously nor expects it. After all, the original book is a trilogy of love, cheating and abortion. It was hanging a banner at school scolding the scumbag boy Xiaosan and then pouring sulfuric acid Yan Nuan thought this film could be saved, but it’s a pity that the capitalists are hypocritical and no one is willing to pay for this kind of masterpiece that reflects the true face of human nature in the real society. There is only a moment left before her audition She lazily got out of the babysitter’s car and walked towards the lounge when she entered the door, someone graciously ushered her in. The assistant Tao Zi also happened to buy coffee and came back.
Yan Nuan took a sip of the coffee and took a sip. The sweetness of caramel rolled on the tip of her tongue and she wrinkled Frowning, why isn’t it American style? Taozi curled her lips, there is no American style anymore, Taozi’s voice was still there, there was another commotion at the door, Yan Nuan ignored her, just put down her coffee and said to Taozi, what I want is American style. Cursing her lips again, she reluctantly responded with a good body, but she didn’t intend to move at all, as if she was waiting for Yan Nuan to say, forget it this time, but it’s a pity that Yan Nuan didn’t speak again, so she slowly moved out Tao Zi As soon as he went out, the person who caused the commotion just now walked up to Yan Nuan on Hen Tian Gao, looking condescending to watch the show, just admonishing his assistant, Yan Nuan, who just sat on the chair without talking or getting up, just flipping through the magazines casually Zhou Qianhui, who was leisurely and completely ignored in front of the newcomers, was a little bit embarrassing, let out a soft voice, and spoke again, the new assistant. If you are not sensible, you should teach it well, so you don’t make such a big fire. Pulling respect and smearing Zhou Qianhui made her very strict and warm.
Closing the magazine and looking up, her eyes were full of confusion, as if she had just ignored it unreasonably.
Sister Qianhui, are you here to audition for Meng Yiyi? Her voice is gentle and soft, as if she is serious and concerned, but Zhou Qianhui is a bit speechless when she asks her this question. Then she bent her lips and said with a smile, Sister Qianhui, you will be fine if you try Meng Yiyi.
The image and temperament are very suitable. By the way, I will try Chang Yue.
I believe we will be able to cooperate soon. Seeing that Zhou Qianhui is here, Sister Qianhui, I went to audition first. Seeing that Yan Nuan stood up and glanced at Zhou Qianhui’s cloudy face at the end of her eyes, she smiled casually, as if contemptuous of the corner. The newcomers standing in twos and threes to try small roles, everyone watched Yan Nuan leave the lounge and sighed in their hearts, the temperament is so good, the neck, the collarbone, the face, the little fairy is really a little fairy, so beautiful The newcomers didn’t bother to make expressions, and their faces were rather ugly. After Yan Nuan completely walked out of sight, the newcomers came back to their senses and realized that they had seen things they shouldn’t have seen.
They were tacitly silent on the surface, but they couldn’t help thinking silently in their hearts. It made up a big drama where Xiaohua fights openly and secretly. Everyone here knows that the female lead Chang Yue has already booked Yan Nuan’s audition, but it’s just going through the motions.
The producer played the name of fair casting and invited several Xiaohua to audition Chang Yue.
Those with a bit of knowledge in the corner knew that the candidate had already been decided by default, but they would not face Su Li on the surface, so they declined one after another. Only Zhou Qianhui didn’t know what to do and wanted to join in the fun, but Yan Nuan knew that she was coming to try and Chang Yue insisted on talking about her. I’m here to try the bitter second girl Meng Yiyi and said that her image and temperament are very suitable. Isn’t this a satire about her being dumped by a rich second-generation male ticket some time ago? It’s only in the blink of an eye that today is different from the past.
If Yan Nuan was still a close opponent in the past two years, Zhou Qianhui has fallen behind Yan Nuan by more than one echelon.
Now, when it comes to the four little stars, who doesn’t mention Yan Nuan first? Besides, Yan Nuan’s male votes Zhou Qianhui doesn’t know how many times it is reliable.
I heard that she is about to get married. Xiao Mengxin is secretly envious and doesn’t know when she will be as good as Yan Nuan. I took the American style in my hand and squinted my eyes to see the nanny car from far to near. It stopped steadily in front of me. A Xing poked his head out. Sister Taozi, come on. Yan Nuan got into the passenger seat before moving Taozi.
I was still complaining about why it was so hot in May, A Xing turned around to see that she was about to speak, but she stopped seeing Yan Nuan still standing there, she hurriedly got out of the car to drive the door for Yan Nuan, Sister A Xing, get in the car quickly, Yan Nuan Ah Xing gave a look, and then slowly got into the car. The road conditions in the imperial capital were getting worse and worse.
Before driving far, they were blocked by a large army. Ah Xing glanced at the rearview mirror.
There is nothing wrong with Huatou’s audition just now, right? Taozi picked up the conversation quickly but there might be some problem, but that Zhou Qianhui also came to try Chang Yue. Eat less and hold back, she will know Yan Nuan better, but Zhou Qianhui did so many unscrupulous things in the past, and now I don’t give her a wicked feedback, it’s the reason why the front team moved, it seems that there is no end in sight, Tao Zi waited a little impatiently and asked again By the way, where are we going?