Oh you follow me how can I follow you You happened to see it why don’t you sit down and play together then you go

This year’s hottest romance on the Internet and the days of cohabitation with a flight attendant have swept the Internet so much and made thousands of readers worry about the ending.
The core of the ending is a single word. Cohabitation has nothing to do with pure love, like streams of streams flowing through your heart, penetrating into your internal organs, spreading all over your nerve endings, and finally your whole body has been touched by a touch of emotion.
Only when you put down this book do you know that the refreshing experience of love that you can’t stop has become in your mind. The lingering fascination of the landscape, this penetrating and touching power is called pure love.
It can be said that the author Thirty has created an indescribable power with his witty, beautiful, euphemistic and profound unique writing style, and the charm of this book lies in its indescribable power. In speech, if the uniqueness of any kind of writing can be said, popularized and copied, it must not be the unique charm. Pure love novels have been popular in Japan for several years.
Katayama Kyoichi’s Calling Ai Ichikawa in the Center of the World I want to see now You are all the rage, representing the Japanese public opinion that the best-selling of such novels is because the society was full of violence back then.
People longed to feel peace from the heart of pure love, and South Korean writers represented by Jin Heren also set off a wind of pure love to pursue it.
Tranquil readers provide a resting place for the soul. However, if the days of living together with the stewardess represent Chinese pure love novels, it is different from Korean and Japanese novels. The former touches people with daily details, while the latter mostly touches people with life and death.
Calling Love in the Center of the World describes a very poignant love story. Sakutaro and Aki who are studying in the same high school are a pair of innocent lovers. Life boy still can’t extricate himself from the pain of losing his love forever. Years later, Sakutaro took his fiancée back to the place where he met and fell in love with Qiu. On the school playground, he opened a glass bottle and quietly sprinkled Qiu’s ashes into the air.
It can be said that this The power of details in genre novels is not strong, so we need to strengthen the life and death factors of the story to make people cry.
Even the first intimate contact with the popular ruffian Cai many years ago cannot escape the cliché story of being terminally ill and living with a flight attendant. You don’t need such a special encounter.
The savage and gentle stewardess Ran Jing was broken in love and bought drunk. She was picked up by white-collar Lu Fei and brought home because of Lu Fei’s foolishness and humor. After Ran Jing took the initiative to contact him, she accidentally got the key to Lu Fei’s house. Soon after. The beautiful woman Ran Jing is the princess and hostess of the family. Lu Fei likes Ran Jing but never puts any pressure on her, just appears beside her lightly.
The elegance and delicacy of a man and his humility towards women moved countless readers. The whole book The plot is very life-like, it can happen between you and me, and it has great resonance. It can be said that the touching power is hidden in every brush stroke. It constructs a peaceful picture scroll for readers. A sensational pure love novel.
It makes people feel a little fake after being pulled out of tears, like a dream, and the natural type of pure love is like the fragrance of flowers after reading.
Why is the flight attendant so popular and the day of living with the flight attendant? I found it on a post by accident and clicked on it. To be honest, the name was a bit tempting to me at first. You know that male college students like me have a bit of lust.
The story and the characters of the hero and heroine are attractive, and then it is out of control.
Then the whole dormitory is watching and discussing, waiting for the ending of this novel, and then we know that this novel has become extremely popular on the Internet, and we also know how air fans are formed. Just like me, now that I saw the book, the time from serialization on the Internet to publication is very short. I think it is easy to publish a book if the novel is well-written, but now I can recall why this book with a thin and unrealistic plot It attracts me so much. This is probably the book I have followed the most on the Internet in the past three years of college. The life in the book is very relaxing and fun.
It seems unreal, but I think it is the unreal that attracts me. Now the reality we see is real.
There are too many things, such as newspapers, documentary reports, and TV news. The real life in this era is full of cruel things around us, some of which we dare not face. I don’t want to think too much, but the life of living with a stewardess is more romantic than real life.
I have to dream a little.
It’s very comfortable to watch. Will I meet such a flight attendant girl after graduation? I think she will at least give me some dreams. Some are not far away. Some people on the Internet are discussing whether flight attendants should write about sex, even a little real physical contact, but the author completely avoids such topics, as if two gods are in love, very platonic. From my personal feeling, this This is one of the successes of this work, because there are too many novels written about sex these days. What kind of readers will not be interested in this, but the simple relationship of the stewardess is more attractive than the sex, and the delicate emotions are more attractive.
Avoiding sexual pollution, the artistic conception of the whole novel is as pure as a lotus flower, which is what modern people desire in their hearts. I remember not long ago there was a particularly popular movie in the United States, The Old Virgin. A 40-year-old American man is actually a virgin. It’s a myth, but all Americans are fascinated by him.
That’s why the mellow love in the stewardess will be liked by everyone. As I said before, I am also a bit lecherous college student, but after watching the stewardess