Of course the most powerful one is Tang San his current strength is level ninetynine Ultimate Douluo spirit ring configuration black black black red red

Douluo Village was originally called Holy Soul Village because a hundred years ago there was a soul saint in the village, so it was called Holy Soul Village, but then about a few decades ago, it is said that there was a titled Douluo in the village, so Holy Soul Village has since The name was changed to Douluo Village, and it became the most famous village in ten miles and eight townships, but in fact, the emergence of the title Douluo did not bring any substantial improvement to the poverty of this village.
It’s still just a small village of just over 300 households.
It’s still the same as it was hundreds or even thousands of years ago.
A peerless powerhouse hasn’t brought any rewards to this village. There are two more villages than other villages, but there is no real difference to the people in these impoverished small mountain villages, because if you want to go to the Soul Master Academy, you first need to have the qualifications to become a soul master, but There are so few people with this kind of qualification among the common people that if there is one in a thousand people, it is considered a high incense, and you can’t expect how high the future achievements of this person with the qualification of a soul master can be because he can become a soul master. Soul masters are already burning incense, so how dare they expect more? As for the lucky one who is said to be a Titled Douluo, it is a special case that is unlikely to occur in hundreds of years or thousands of years, but maybe it is because there is one.
The title Douluo exhausted all the luck of the village from generation to generation.
In recent years, Douluo Village has not produced a soul master. This made the village chief, Old Jack, very distressed and even a little guilty, thinking that maybe it was because of himself.
The luck of generations in the village has been exhausted, so that there are no more children in the village who can become soul masters, right? Yes, the current village head of Douluo Village, this year old Jack is the legendary Douluo Old Jack named Li Jack He is a traveler from the water-blue planet.
He is the reincarnation of Zheng’er Bajing.
Once born, except for the memory of the previous life, there is no cheat, no golden finger, and the awakened martial soul is just a green weed that can be seen everywhere.
The innate soul power is continuous. He didn’t even reach the first grade, but he was unwilling to live in poverty since he was a child.
When he was three years old, there was a famine in the village.
His parents gave him the last food and starved to death. He had no choice but to go to the city to beg. People wear gold and silver and look full of complexion, looking at those city people who are surrounded by beauties in wine ponds and meat forests, some food is thrown away without eating, and they are squandering precious food. Digging the roots of silver grass and eating disgusting earthworms The extreme unbalance comes to mind He hates the injustice of this world and hates himself even more for his incompetence and weakness Fang Zun’s dung soil was once a prince of thousands of households, and the awakening of his martial soul to become a soul master was his last way out. Unfortunately, after awakening, Jack’s martial soul is just green weeds that can be seen everywhere.
Even the blue silver grass is not as good as the innate soul power, and it is pitiful that he does not even have a first-level soul power. It can only make the crystal ball of soul power emit a little weak light If he can reach the level and obtain a soul ring to become a soul master in his life, he will already be a high-spirited soul. He is unwilling to be extremely unwilling. Jack Li firmly believes that knowledge can change destiny. After college, he studied desperately like a sponge and absorbed knowledge, but he soon found that the knowledge in school was of little help to him, because most of this knowledge was based on Wuhun, and his emerald green weed Wuhun It’s hard to explain in words, this rubbish spirit that is not even as good as Blue Silver Grass has nailed his upper limit, if he cultivates according to the traditional method of Douluo Continent, if he can become a soul master until his death, he will be a blessing to the heavens.
If this continues, Jack knows clearly Realizing this, since the knowledge of this world can’t help him, let’s try to see if the knowledge of that world in the previous life can help him, so Jack began to sort out the knowledge of the previous life and screen out the ones that are useful to his current situation.
Finally, he found that the previous life The various martial arts fantasy theories and various Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian classics that I have seen on the Internet are unexpectedly not unrealizable in this world.
At first, he had no clue at all, he could only try randomly, and then combined with some knowledge of martial arts in the library, he worked harder to study the mysteries of martial arts. He wanted to try to see how to combine the two.
Slowly, he actually gradually sorted out a set. The effective method is only the framework in the early stage, so it is perfected bit by bit, and finally after nearly 30 years of hard work, it has explored various secret places in the Douluo Continent countless times, survived countless times, and used its own skills in the test of blood and fire. Wisdom and Perseverance At the age of thirty-six, Jack finally broke through the limitations of his talents and achieved titled Douluo. He was now out of control. At the age of forty-six, he became a limit Douluo of level ninety-nine.
At that time, he was invincible in the world Weeds can also cut through the sun, moon, stars, and stars.
People call him Sword God Douluo, and at this point, he has already reached the ceiling of a soul master. The next step is to consider becoming a god at level 100. The conventional means of becoming a god requires collecting thousands of years of belief.
It is too long and the risk is too great for him to be able to condense into a god position and even fail He has been there, but he only got the lowest level of assessment because his weed martial soul potential is too poor. Even if he has cultivated to the level of super limit Douluo with his own efforts, there is still no god who thinks highly of him and is willing to pass it on.
Jack’s mentality just collapsed when he was given the god position.
Is it so realistic? Seeing that my martial soul is not good, I don’t even give me the slightest chance