Of course it is Bai Xueli baby Wei smiled charmingly then saw the exquisite food on the table and started to eat slowly but after

Go back to the equipment that killed me five years ago. In a small computer room, there are several young men in their twenties, all of them shirtless and sweaty. Their camouflage uniforms are drooping on them. There are chunks of strong muscles on their shoulders, and they are fierce and majestic. At this moment, they are staring at the screen in front of them with concentrated expressions.
They are both nervous and excited, and from time to time they utter a few foul words, and the sound of keyboard tapping echoes in the room. If Chaotian looked closely, he would be able to see that these soldiers were playing the computer game Legend of Blood, how could I have died suddenly? At this moment, an exclamation suddenly sounded, causing everyone to be stunned, and then reacted, looked at their screen, and immediately cursed. If I rub it, I’ll die, what’s the matter? I’m a damn kid, my equipment! There’s a wail of mourning in the room, squad leader, how did you lose the fire wall and burn yourself? At this moment, an angry voice rang out from a man’s mouth.
Instantly broke the unusually lively atmosphere and made the room quiet. Squad leader, what mode did you adjust? Wouldn’t it be an all-hands attack? A man asked suspiciously, it must be too bad, Master Zuma, it’s hard to grind to death.
The screen is off, it must be picked up by someone now, the more they talk, the more vigorous they are, and everyone is attacking and denouncing it, embarrassing a man in the corner.
The man is in his early twenties.
His eyes are resolute and piercing, and people will not be able to help but praise him when they see him.
A handsome young man is the squad leader of this group of soldiers from Yuzhou. Accidentally, this can cause me a headache. Squad leader, don’t quibble, it’s you, I can assure you. A man patted his chest and said that the squad leader has always been so unreliable. The man next to him nodded in deep agreement. The battalion squad leader sensed something was wrong and ran away without making a sound, causing us to be caught by the political commissar. When I recalled that experience, I wanted to cry. A certain man wiped the corners of his eyes with his hand as he spoke. I don’t know if there were any tears.
The subordinates talked more and more vigorously, and even dug up the old accounts. They couldn’t help but wiped the cold sweat that didn’t exist on their cheeks and said that there was no end to talking. He picked up the clothes on his shoulders and threw them on the table, making a loud bang. Everyone was so startled that they immediately shut up and stopped discussing. At this moment, Shen Luo raised his arm and pointed to the playground outside the window, cursing, “Fuck off, now all go outside and run 20 laps and can’t finish running. Is there any reason for not being allowed to eat?” Now it’s rest time, I don’t want to live anymore, there are whispers in the room, making Shen Luo frowned, I’m the monitor, I have the final say, or you don’t want to run, Shen Luo glanced sharply at everyone and cursed, but at this time his heart is already Laughing all over the sky and wanting to fight with me, you are still tender, let’s go, hey, I can’t pass this day, watching the dejected figures leave one after another, Shen Luo laughed a bit, then he I turned my gaze to the computer screen, and with a flick of my finger, I opened the backpack in the game. There was a ring lying on it, emitting a blue light. Hehe, don’t blame the squad leader, I’m afraid that you will steal my equipment. Shen Luo looked at the ring. There was a cunning smile on his face when he said the resurrection ring.
As long as the durability is enough, the best equipment in the legend of blood can be resurrected on the spot after death, and the resurrection is full of blood.
Thinking of the function of the resurrection ring, the expression on Shen’s face became more and more brilliant. I can’t wait to equip the ring.
At this moment, I am so excited that my eyes stay on the screen and I don’t even notice the water glass next to my arm. When he moved the mouse to the ring, he knocked over the water glass and immediately spilled the water in it. It came out and splashed to the side of the plug, and a huge current surged out of the socket in an instant and rushed into Shen Luo’s body. A shrill scream sounded, and before Shen Luo had time to react, he disappeared into the room and disappeared with him. The resurrection ring in the game backpack is here, Shen Luo said in amazement. At this time, Shen Luo’s eyes frequently looked around, and his thinking became dull, which made his brain a little bit hard to turn.
Now he is sitting on a platform, surrounded by a group of people wearing camouflage. In the distance, there is a dense crowd looking down and looking in this direction, waving their hands, shouting non-stop, and even some people shed tears, dad and younger brother Shen Luo looked at the two familiar figures, and suddenly cried out in surprise. Exclaiming, two hundred meters away from him, a bowed old man was leaning on the railing, looking eagerly at him with his mouth tightly shut and not speaking, but two long tears were seeping from the corners of his eyes, and beside the old man was a A fourteen or fifteen-year-old boy was also waving his arms and shouting something, but it was covered by the surrounding voices. Dad couldn’t help being excited when he saw his father sinking, stood up and ran to the past five years.
I saw my father’s familiar face.
It’s not that he didn’t want to go home, but that he didn’t have a face to return to. Now that I suddenly saw it, I couldn’t help it anymore. The deep missing burst out. Stop and sit for me. What does it look like? An angry shout suddenly spread Coming to Shen Luo, I felt a pair of big hands grabbing his collar, and suddenly my shoulders hurt, and I was pressed to the ground.
Fucking Shen Luo, I couldn’t help cursing. The skills I have trained for many years reacted instantly, and I saw his arm slipped. The waist is arched upwards, the knees are propped up on the ground, and a heavy elbow is placed on the chest of the visitor, and he is instantly knocked out of the way.
I’m so awesome, this kid is so awesome that any officer dares to beat him up. Countless exclamations sounded, and then Shen Luo stood up from the ground and looked at the figure who was knocked into the air by him.