Of course he does not accept Xu Chens command but he can rest assured Give Liufeng Yeyu to him to command every entrance listen to

In ancient times, the human race and the ghost race fought against each other. The ghost race, which was just a game away, was suppressed by the human race in the Eighth Realm with the Nine Desolation Purgatory Tower. There is an irreversible problem in the tower. The eight domains ghost clan has come back.
Will the human race continue this time? Chapter Autumn Wind Festival Battle Flame Lion Vibrating Haicheng Going north over a mountain range, you can reach the coastline of Beiming Tianhai, and this ordinary person The impassable mountains are known as the Tiansha Mountains by the world. The Tiansha Mountains contain rich minerals, spiritual stones, medicines and various ferocious spirit beasts.
This spirit beast is not an ordinary beast in the mountains, but a kind of spiritual energy that eats the world. Every different ethnic group has different spiritual skills or beast races.
At this moment, groups of twelve or thirteen-year-old teenagers are walking through the Tiansha Mountains. They are composed of young men from major families in Zhenhai City. During Zhenhai City’s annual Autumn Wind Sacrifice, there were more than 20 teams.
Among the 20 teams, the four largest teams belonged to Zhao Jianeng who was sitting in Zhenhai City’s Lord’s Mansion, and Zhao Jiacheng, who was fighting against the Zhao family.
The four members of the Han family who are in charge of Zhenhai City Lvyun Commercial Firm in Jiachengnan are none other than Brother Yu. There is movement in front of the Zhao family. A young man in the team of the Zhao family suddenly reaches out his hand to signal everyone to stop.
At the same time, he reports the situation to another young man.
He is Zhao Hengyu, the young master of the Zhao family.
Zhao Chenghe, who practiced wind spiritual power, and Zhao Hengyu, had five followers.
They were rivers, seas, lakes, and lakes, corresponding to the cultivation of the five spiritual powers of water, fire, earth, wind and thunder. We want to win this hunting competition.
It’s impossible to be so cowardly. My brother said to Zhao Hengyu’s younger sister, Zhao Lian’er, cheered and said, “I’ll go and open the way.
” The spiritual power shield then walked forward and looked at Zhao Chenghu’s two-sided shield at his fingertips.
Zhao Hengyu couldn’t help feeling that Zhao Chenghu’s Futian shield was more and more proficient in using the spiritual skill Sky Nine Transformations Futian Shield, which is the most suitable for defense among the nine transformations of the sky.
The shape of the spiritual power shield can resist all virtual and real damage, but it will change according to the level of the user’s spiritual power It was Limaa who opened his posture, all kinds of weapons were in his hands, what happened? Zhao Hengyu asked calmly.
Zhao Chenghe’s spiritual power surged in his hands to form a spiritual power bow. It may be that the voice of the spirit beast fell.
Zhao Chenghe pulled the illusory bow into a full moon state, and then shot a spiritual arrow. The spiritual arrow shot fiercely towards the forest ahead with a huge howling sound. A huge lion’s roar was heard.
After coming, the grass and trees flew across. A wild lion exuding a fiery aura rushed out from the forest. Blood was still mottled on its forelegs.
A wound was bleeding profusely.
This was not the wound of the Eagle Roaring Arrow.
Zhao Hengyu stared coldly, he is The young master of the Zhao family is gifted and mentally strong far beyond his peers, and at this distance, Zhao Hengyu can tell something is wrong at a glance Cheng Hai Chengbo Tianlei Huo prepares us to retreat Considering that someone is planning to murder them, Zhao Hengyu is furious. Zhao Chenghai He and Zhao Chengbo were about to release the spirit spell, and then he led Zhao Lian’er to open the way to the rear.
The flaming lion is a second-level spirit beast without any innate spirit skills and skills, but relies on the blood instinct.
The high temperature they carry when they travel is violent. It will become very uncontrollable, and when Zhao Hengyu ordered the retreat, Zhao Chenghu, who was at the front, was already carrying the Futian Shield, and was hard-pressing the claws and bites of the Flame Lion.
He is only a follower of the ninth level of Lingyuan. After only three attacks from the second-level spirit beast, the Futian shield that attacked Zhao Chenghu had already cracked, and at the same time, a group of people suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Hengyu. As soon as they appeared, it was a wind blade and explosive slash.
Zhao Hengyu is already decapitated at this time, where are you going this time? Behind the bushes, Zheng Yangkun, dressed in navy blue, came out together with three of his followers and four servants.
Blood was still flowing on the knife, if nothing else happened, the wound on the foreleg of the Flaming Lion should be thanks to him.
Someone Zhao Hengyu sneered and waved his hand at the same time, a large cloud of dust was thrown out by him, and then his hands glowed red. With the Red Flame Palm, he held his breath and focused his attention, and shattered Zheng Yangkun’s soul-breaking knife with his palm, and then slapped Zheng Yangkun’s chest with hot spiritual power surging in the air Back several steps in succession, Zhao Hengyu’s spiritual power surged in his chest, and the dust in the air made him unable to raise his spiritual power to fight against Zhao Hengyu’s despicable and shameless thing.
The moment he came out, he surrounded Zhao Hengyu, but Zhao Hengyu unhurriedly raised his hand and released it. Following his voice, a burst of extremely cold ice fog instantly flooded the area. Sealing a small-scale extremely cold spirit that needs the host’s spiritual power as a medium to release it, the spiritual mist freeze made Yang Yi and the others’ spiritual power run slowly, and at the same time greatly restricted their actions, even though it was only a short period of two days. In three seconds, Zhao Chenghe’s spiritual power arrows had already shot at them without hesitation, one after another, the spiritual power arrows shot Yang Yi and the other three into serious injuries, and they were about to die.
The subsequent spiritual power arrow shook away, picked up the three of them, and then disappeared.
As for Zheng Yangkun, he had already got rid of that uncomfortable state when Zhao Hengyu and Zhao Lianer broke the game, and saw Yang Yi and the others fall to the ground.