Of course he didnt hear Bai Qing looked at the figure and then at the balloon in the sky the mischievous wind changed direction holding

Chapter 1 Bai Qing heard that strange sound from the opposite door again.
It has been three months since he moved to this old building Vibrant things, flowers, grass and trees, especially this big tree that grows toward the sky, the book cover is full of vicissitudes of life, and the lush branches and leaves are like a proud crown, trying to flaunt it to the sky. Birds from the north perch in it.
Every morning, there will be crisp birdsong, which makes people feel like being in the pastoral seclusion.
At dusk, the huge tree crown casts a gentle shadow.
Under the light of the setting sun, it looks like A somewhat lonely and dissipated poet made Bai Qingdu fall in love at first sight.
He also had no prejudice against the old building, but felt that he had a kind of secular intimacy. Everything was perfect except for the occasional disharmonious noise from the opposite house.
I know that later I overheard two old ladies chatting downstairs, one said that they did it again yesterday, did you hear that? He warmly greeted you back, you’re still used to the new mover, right? Bai Qing smiled and answered everything, thank you, until he went upstairs, the old ladies still looked at each other reluctantly and discussed with each other, young man.
Dezhenjun, I don’t know what he is doing.
Do you have a girlfriend? You don’t know. The other one is very familiar with Mrs.
Tan, who rents a house to Bai Qingdu. The second daughter of Mrs. Wang’s family is good. I will introduce it to the young man another day. The second girl is a little familiar. Bai Qingdu’s face is a trump card for opening up diplomatic situations. Prince Charming is so likable. Bai Qing first tactfully expressed that he has no intention of finding a girlfriend at the moment, and then asked the question that has puzzled him for several days.
Aunt Zhang, what happened to the building opposite me? What’s the matter? Aunt Zhang’s mouth flicked first. The meaning of this expression is obvious. Aunt Zhang saw that there was no one around. The family adopted a girl when they couldn’t give birth to a child. Then they got pregnant last year and just gave birth to a boy.
So it’s divided. He was born or raised by his stepmother, that man has a bad temper, and he often strikes at Bai Qingdu, which is unheard of for him to do so with that woman. How could he be against Xiao Mingming? Aunt Zhang was full of resentment. Just as he was about to say something, his expression suddenly changed and he looked behind Bai Qingdu, Mingming.
You came back from school, quickly put on a smile on your face, turned around and saw the little girl living next door, who is about eleven or twelve years old, her face is dirty, gray and black, and her clothes are very old With a tattered blue schoolbag on his back, he was staring at the two of them, obviously unhappy to be stared at by two adults, Mingming blinked his eyes, pulled the strap of the schoolbag with both hands, walked forward with his head down, and suddenly passed between the two of them.
She stopped and muttered that my father was very nice to me.
After saying this, she ran forward quickly upstairs, as if she was afraid that someone would chase her. Aunt Zhang sighed faintly and said to Bai Qing that she saw it. Is there such a child? He is sensible, but his life is not good and he did not have a good family. Bai Qing didn’t know what to say. He saw Xiao Mingming a few times when he went in and out. Once he saw her hiding in a corner holding a piece of something that he didn’t know what it was. While eating, he looked around vigilantly, as if he was afraid of being discovered. At that time, Bai Qing thought it was a little vagrant. At that time, he felt pity, turned over the backpack, found a piece of bread from inside, and leaned forward and handed it to the little boy. Obviously the child was stunned, but jumped up as if frightened, knocked off the bread in his hand and fled.
Later, seeing her coming in and out of the opposite door, Bai Qingdu realized that it was the little girl from the opposite house.
She was a little embarrassed, but In this day and age, who doesn’t dress up their children beautifully, and doesn’t look like a poor household to the family? I haven’t heard Xiao Mingming’s cry, not even once, so when Aunt Zhang said that the opposite door was violent, he naively thought it was a domestic violence.
The hostess is also a normal person.
Even though he had inquired about the information from Aunt Zhang, Bai Qing was still dubious. First, he didn’t think that human nature could be corrupted to this point. Second, even if it was really corrupted to this point, the chances of him encountering it would be very small.
Furthermore, if Xiao Mingming Wouldn’t such a young child cry and beg for mercy after being beaten by hands? Hearing is deception, seeing is believing.
As a graduate student of aesthetics, Bai Qing hopes that his eyes can see more beauty in life instead of dilapidation and ugliness, although this is just an example.
The beautiful ideal of Bai Qingdu was quickly shattered.
That night when he came back from school, he was taking out the key to open the door, and then he heard the sound of fury coming from the opposite door.
He held the key and looked back at the closed door. The roar of the man I heard the hostess scolding twice, is that enough? Are you really going to kill her? Bai Qingdu was originally a non-troublesome person. Hearing this, suddenly there was a chill rising from the bottom of his feet.
I’m afraid everyone downstairs heard it, but no one showed up, probably the neighbors are used to it.
According to Aunt Zhang, there were times when she tried to dissuade them before, but they ignored them and scolded them for being nosy, and Bai Qing knocked on the door. Someone yelled, who is doing what? Bai Qing remained silent.
He knocked on the door after a while before someone opened the door, revealing a menacing face.