Occupy the various citystate positions of Laos occupy all the land of Laos and promulgate all kinds of things that are beneficial to them to

This is an era of bright stars.
The last king of Sparta, Agesilaus, rises from Thebes. The famous general Ipaminondas establishes the hegemony of Macedon. The founding king of the country, Philip Syracuse. Camillus, the dictator who saved Rome, this is an era of contention among a hundred schools of thought, the great philosopher Plato, the founder of Cynicism, Antisthenes, who regards numbers as gods, the Pythagorean school, an encyclopedic scholar, Democritus, one of Western medicine Father Hippocrates, the great dramatist Aristophanes, the protagonist travels through rebirth and comes to this era as a lowly mercenary. What will he bring to this world? The king’s army is about to come, and a scout cavalry is coming from a distance at lightning speed, shouting repeatedly in Persian and Greek, and the soldiers who are about to stop and rest are making a commotion, Partikias, what are you talking about? Is it true that Artaxerxes has really come? Seeing the cavalry boy Cyrus who had just jumped off his horse, he couldn’t wait to ask on the horse, “Yes, Your Royal Highness, Artaxerxes is here, and Artaxerxes is also here.
” That damned Tissaphernes is here too, Partikias panted heavily and said in a hoarse voice, my friend is fine, he is finally here, and young Cyrus jumped off his horse excitedly while letting the servants dress him On the breastplate, he shouted to his adjutant, Alyreus, to inform the whole army to prepare for battle.
Yes, His Royal Highness, Alyreus hurriedly called for the orderly, and immediately informed the Greeks to quickly line up on our right flank to prepare for battle. The orderly galloped away again. Called the Persian generals, Cyrus the Younger, and asked them to lead the soldiers to spread out on his left flank, while he himself led 800 cavalry in the center.
Artapates, who was careful, asked how many enemies there were, about 60,000 or 80,000 Partikia. As he recalled what he saw, there was a trace of fear on his face.
There were so many people, and the attendants exclaimed, showing fear on their faces. Haha, are you afraid? My friend Cyrus Jr.
stepped forward and gave Partikias a strong hug.
He didn’t dislike his body covered in dust and sweat at all, then he turned around and mounted his horse and shouted to the surroundings, friends, are you afraid? The followers of Cyrus, the guards all expressed their bravery Artaxerxes, no matter how many soldiers there are.
He’s still the cowardly Artaxerxes Don’t forget a beagle can make him pee The young Cyrus of Athens, who had defeated us many times in Persia, every time his gaze swept over a person, his chest straightened up. We also had brave Greeks who fought side by side with us. Cyrus the young looked to the right and there was the Greek heavy infantry.
Started to line up slowly, seeing these, he was full of confidence, we are irresistible, we are invincible, Wansheng Altapates shouted first, and then everyone rushed to shout Wansheng, facing the high morale, little Cyrus held it high Right-hand friends, warriors, after this victory, I respect the Supreme God Mazda swears that I will do my best to repay your friendship and devotion. I don’t know who Cyrus yelled, and then he yelled like a torrent. Hey, what’s the matter with Matonis? How many times have you patted the shoulder of the soldier in front of you and asked if there is no? It’s about to be scorched by its flames, Martonis, even if your meat is cooked, I don’t want to smell the meat I ate during this time, and I want to spit it out.
Olivers you horny bastard if you want me to put your hand in your mouth so you can taste your own flesh you go on and on, Martonis waved his strong arms viciously and said oh my I’m so scared, Olivers pretended to be very scared, and the crowd burst into laughter again. Stand still, don’t make trouble, Menon is here, Helos just heard a sharp voice, you brats, what place do you think this is? Banquet at home? A well-proportioned warrior with a red tassel on his helmet stood in front of the phalanx and pointed at them, cursing, “This is a battlefield. If you don’t go all out, then Hades will be happy to visit your rotten-mouthed May.” Someone in the ranks yelled who said it, stand up for me, everyone held back their laughter and gloated and watched Meron jumping in front of him and shouting in a panic, at this moment someone yelled sharply, look at the front, and the soldiers immediately focused on the front The smile on Kuai’s face was quickly replaced by panic, smoke and dust rose all over the sky from the end of his sight, covering the hills, trees and houses in a gray haze, and after a while, a thin black line drilled out of the smoke and dust began to stretch to the sides and gradually changed.
After a while, when the soldiers could barely see the outline of the enemy, countless lights began to dazzle everyone’s eyes under the dazzling sun. The armor, guns, and contradictory cards emitted a cold light like the endless Milky Way in the night sky. The sound of footsteps and shouts. The neighing of the horses turned into a rolling sound, and even the ground trembled, not to mention the human legs.
Just when Olivers felt that he was about to fall, he heard Helos yelling, prepare to fight, prepare to fight, prepare to fight, and the Greek mercenary soldiers put on their clothes. The helmet was removed from the round shield hanging on the left shoulder, and the spear in hand began to strike the shield. The loud noise made Olivers and other fighters realize that they were also in the midst of a powerful force, and their moods gradually calmed down. The army of the King of Persia was still moving slowly.
Advance in an orderly manner, hob carriages are at the forefront, followed by unarmored archers, followed by light cavalry