Obviously the two are now There is no other good way to get rid of this Brother Qi will not give up the two cheap

When Chu Meng has a dream world auxiliary system, what kind of stories will she encounter in the dream world, and what impact will it have on her real life? Pseudo-infinite flow, micro-thriller, not scary, believe me, there is a saying about dreams. Every dream.
It’s all a real world.
If you don’t notice it after waking up from the dream, it will have no effect on your life.
And when you start to slowly wake up in the dream, it will also wake up in reality.
Right at dusk and sunset, Chu Meng stood alone in front of a dessert shop, thinking about what I was doing out for a long time, to no avail.
Standing at the door for a long time, there was a slight breeze blowing through her from time to time, she vaguely felt a little cold, and looked around.
I didn’t find anything more attractive than this dessert shop, so I walked into this dessert shop called Hope you can come again It was left behind. Compared with the strange store name, the decoration inside the store is still very warm. Warm yellow lights shroud this small space.
On the right hand side of the entrance is the bar. A young lady in red clothes bowed to her happily.
Welcome to Ms. Chu Meng, I hope you have a pleasant evening here.
After hearing the recommendation from the clerk, Chu Meng was struggling with the desserts on the menu, and suddenly felt the wind behind her, and turned her head. The other party obviously didn’t expect that she would turn around at this moment and put down the hand that was hanging in the air, about to pat her shoulder, and smiled at Chu Meng.
Long time no see. Mengmeng saw you in my arms Just wanted to say hello, Chu Meng obviously had a good relationship with this classmate before, and finally no longer entangled in any problems, she closed her eyes and pointed to a table where she was going to sit down and chat with her classmate. The two sat at a table not far from the bar. Bian Chumeng first asked, Yuanyuan, when did you come here? I just entered the store and didn’t see anyone there.
The girl called Yuanyuan came back to me for a while, but she was upstairs and was just about to come down and ask me. When will the order be ready? It’s not just a coincidence that I ran into you. Let’s go upstairs and wait. The upstairs is much quieter than the one below. Chu Meng took a look in the direction Yuanyuan looked at, only to find that it was in the corner of the shop. There is also a staircase leading to the second floor because it is in the same direction as the bar.
She didn’t see it when she came in. Okay, it’s been a long time. I just chatted and said what have I been doing recently? The two stood up and told each other. The clerk in the red dress asked for help to deliver the desserts for the two of them upstairs and walked upstairs side by side. The stairs are not spacious, even for two thin girls, and the stairs are a little narrow. It’s a bit steep to go through a turn to get to the second floor, and the stairwell is a bit dilapidated compared to the warmth below. The wallpaper on the side has turned yellow and the edges are slightly rolled up. I don’t know who used red in the gap between the wallpaper and the wall.
The handwriting painted with a watercolor pen has no practical significance, but it looks a bit like the lines Chu Meng was inexplicably concerned, perhaps because she was thinking about something, and walked a little slowly. Yuanyuan, who was ahead, had already started to urge Chu Meng, so she didn’t go any further.
She shook her head and followed quickly.
Going up to the second floor, Chu Meng found that the layout was different from the downstairs and most dessert shops. Instead, it looked like a chain hotel. There was a dark red thick carpet under the feet, and there was a small one meter above the head. Next to the chandelier is a room, most of the doors are closed, but the first room on the left hand side of the stairs is open, and Yuanyuan has already walked towards that door, presumably she was upstairs before. Staying in this room, Chu Meng followed Yuanyuan into the room. After Yuanyuan entered the room, she was exhausted while talking, and threw herself on the bed. The room generally has two compartments. The entrance is a large compartment. A big bed is placed against the right wall, which looks very soft, but the right wall is actually only half of the outside, leaving a gap the size of a door.
Going to the right, there is another small cubicle with a TV and two sofa TVs. It was on, I think Yuanyuan didn’t turn it off when she went downstairs, there was only a small desk lamp turned on in the room next to the bedside table, and only the TV was on. Then I turned on the light and sat down on the sofa in front of the TV, intending to watch TV for a while, but as soon as I sat down, the TV went black for some reason and made a buzzing noise, and the room went dark instantly, only the next compartment I could see a little yellow light coming from the lamp beside the bed.
I could only hear the noise from the TV and the wind blowing from the air conditioner.
Chu Meng was startled and let out a soft cry, but felt nothing good in a flash. The only thing I was afraid of was that the TV was broken.
I stood up and wanted to find the clerk to see if it could be repaired.
I was cautiously trying to avoid tripping. Chu Meng walked to the bed in the big cubicle. By the light of the desk lamp, I could see a person curled up sideways. Lying on the bed without a sound, what happened to me, a high school classmate, so tired? Could it be that he fell asleep so soon? Thinking about it, she still planned to tell the other party before going down to find the clerk.
There is no room card or key to open it.
Yuanyuan woke up. Chu Meng gently pushed the person on the bed, but the person on the bed didn’t respond.
Did he already fall asleep? Thinking so, she increased her strength, but still nothing. Response What’s the matter? Didn’t you wake up after so much effort? It’s only when a person starts to think that he notices the details.
Chu Meng suddenly felt a sense of disharmony.
The two of them have been so close for so long, it seems that they didn’t even hear their breathing. Voice