Obviously he was overly frightened and there was an acquaintance there Bai Tingting Tingting Bai Xiaoqian never expected to meet Bai Tingting who was about

You complete a delivery task and get a super manor as a gift. You get a kiss from a beautiful woman as a thank you. It belongs to a super five-star praise reward. You get a super big lottery once. From then on, the beauties come here every day to help you change the light bulb. My daughter is marrying me Bai Xiaoqian is going farther and farther on the road of delivering food The Shiquan Dabu soup in the famous Jinxiu Hotel in heaven is really fragrant, tsk tsk, but there are so many three cups, are you afraid of overdoing it? Make up for the fitness beforehand, make up for the iron cock, make up for the iron cock afterwards, feel free and at ease, Bai Xiaoqian murmured and walked briskly into the hotel.
After the order is delivered, I have to deliver the next order. It can’t be overtime.
Hello, your food order has been delivered. Bai Xiaoqian knocked on the door of the room, and a young woman’s wet cry came from inside.
The door opened, her eyes met, both of them were startled, Meimei, why are you here, Bai Xiaoqian just froze on the spot? The woman in front of me is actually his girlfriend He Meibai, Xiaoqian, who was with him when he was in college. I just gave him a takeaway.
Why did I bump into my girlfriend and cheated on me? The most important thing is that this Shiquan Dabu soup is still a kidney tonic. What kind of thing is this young master who came to cheer them on himself? The TV series Mahler Gobi didn’t dare to act like this Enough dog blood, Bai Xiaoqian couldn’t help but echoed a line of words in his mind.
There was a piece of green grassland on his head, he was speechless, I went to this grassland, it is really green, but Bai Xiaoqian is not a dog licking without bottom line. Although he saw that he was taken away The cuckold but his focus is very strange I haven’t been green yet and exposed He Mei’s hypocrisy, but Bai Xiaoqian is still very annoyed. Treat me well so that I can afford expensive luxuries Can you be handsome Can you eat as a meal How can you let me live a good life if you are so poor So it can’t be blamed on me I’m green You can only blame you You’re too useless He Mei’s thoughts It’s more valuable to let people sleep than to sleep. Anyway, turn off the light and you can’t see whether the other party is ugly or not.
At this time, a man came out of the room wearing a bath towel and mocked Bai Xiaoqian.
A poor ghost like you deserves to go Delivered a takeaway and became a licking dog, and such a good thing as having a house with a woman must only belong to the privilege of rich second generations like us looking at this couple with chills you bastard You actually robbed me of my woman Wang Dalibai Xiaoqian, the class monitor in college, his family is considered a little rich asset, he is usually vain and arrogant Prying the corners of many people is so what can you do like that We don’t have time to talk nonsense with you, hurry up and get the hell out of here Reminder that the food delivery task has been completed, the system reward has been issued ah haha ​​Wang Dali and He Mei just laughed and sent a junk food delivery and also issued a reward. It is estimated that there are too many food delivery orders and the reward is tens of dollars. Dozens of dollars is for someone.
Said it was two or three days of living expenses, and Bai Xiaoqian was also stunned.
He has a long time to deliver food, but he has never received such a voice system prompt, let alone a reward.
The phone also treats me like this pair of sluts.
Adding insult to injury? Bai Xiaoqian clicked on the text message on his phone and was dumbfounded.
The system’s voice immediately rang in his mind with a green light.
The full value was bound to takeaway errands. The top-ranked Silva sports car is worth 100 million. The reward amount has been recharged into the bank. The truck key has been placed in the host’s pocket. The supercar is placed at the entrance of the hotel. Please use the system at any time. After the mission is released, it must be completed within the specified time.
Overtime will result in punishment. After completing the task, cash items will be randomly rewarded, etc. The next takeaway task has been released.
After the takeaway is delivered, you can get a valuable company. Ask the host to deliver it within 30 minutes. Yes, Xiaoqian, hurry up and look at the text messages on your mobile phone.
There are really one billion credits.
He touched his trouser pocket again, and his fingers came across a high-quality car key. It was really Silbert. He couldn’t help but look down the hotel through the window in the corridor, and saw that there was really a car parked near his small motorcycle. The big red Sylbert and Bai Xiaoqian took a deep breath. The most important thing is that the system will reward a company after the second task is completed, and it is worth a lot.
The system is for Bai Xiaoqian, who is often immersed in novels.
He is very familiar with it. After all, when he delivered food countless times, he would imagine that he could have a system. The longing day and night finally came true today. This made Bai Xiaoqian feel like he was hit by the lottery. Not only did he not wear a green hat, but he actually Unexpectedly harvested the system, the ancients are sincere and do not deceive me Misfortune and fortune depend on each other Bai Xiaoqian suppressed excitement and looked at He Mei He Mei You will regret your choice Ouch, I regret it now You are green, otherwise I would have used the latest iPhone and Chanel bag, and she was holding Wang Dali affectionately