Nuo Nuoxi believes that you are familiar with this name right get in the way after all Between him and Ling Feng But there is a

You have flying wings, sorry, I have Feifei fruit, you have the modification function, so coincidentally, I also have it, and the modification is 100% successful. The privilege of super-players is what makes you jealous.
In this game world full of two-dimensional abilities, a person named Luffy The boy is firmly moving towards the goal of the ultimate winner Facing the player who possesses the power of a giant in the beast spirit world, Luffy has never surrendered. If there is only one ultimate winner, then I am sorry.
I will accept the first chapter. Even though it is midnight in the spacious Internet cafe, the light is as bright as a nebula in the daytime. There are more than 200 computers on the upper and lower floors of the Internet cafe. At this time, there are no empty seats.
There are even a few sixteen or seventeen-year-old teenagers looking around at the cashier counter of the Internet cafe. Looking forward to someone coming to get off the plane at a certain moment, and then I will replace it. At the corner of the Internet cafe on the first floor, a boy with an ordinary face is wearing earphones and staring at his computer screen intently.
What about Luffy, who is known as a thousand-year-old web game bastard in our class? Why is it such a coincidence that I can meet you every time I come? Just when Luffy was in a trance, a palm was slapped on Luffy’s shoulder, and there was a contemptuous sneer behind him? What a coincidence, the network manager of the Internet cafe heard Huang Mao’s voice and raised his head abruptly, and looked at Huang Mao contemptuously. It’s a coincidence that you didn’t come that day, and you invited that skinny baby out, if it wasn’t for the business of the Internet cafe That female webmaster wanted to stand up for Lu Fei and scold the yellow-haired Liu Liuhu why are you here again? The boy named Lu Fei looked at the yellow-haired man leaning on the back of his seat and his face instantly collapsed. He turned his head to look. Looking at the game character standing on a gray platform on his computer, he glanced at the refresh time at the corner of the page. Luffy bit his lip and asked cautiously, “Can you wait this time? Five minutes, I only want five.” It will be fine in a few minutes.
You see, this one will be refreshed soon. I’m sure this time he can pop out a red outfit. The web game that Luffy played is a swipe game. After killing him, a big treasure chest will come out.
The treasure chest can be used The things that are opened in one place are mainly scattered currency, and the rest are some equipment and props in the game. The equipment in the page game is roughly divided into four grades. They are blue, purple, orange, and red.
The red equipment that Luffy said is this one. The rarest and most powerful equipment in the game so far.
A red outfit can greatly improve the combat effectiveness of game characters, so the game officials set those up like iron roosters, and sometimes it won’t drop one in half a month. As for Luffy Guaranteed just now, it’s a wild guess. After all, dreams still have to be realized.
If you get one more red outfit, that’s another tens of thousands of fighting power.
Since the last red outfit fell, Luffy is desperately working hard for the next one.
It’s been more than ten days, and I don’t know why while waiting for this one to be refreshed, the excitement in Luffy’s heart becomes more and more intense as the time counts down. Standing behind Luffy, Liu Hu sneered disdainfully. What else can you play besides playing some useless web games? Look at the hundreds of machines in this Internet cafe. I’m afraid there is no one else playing web games except you. In a word, leave now.
Let me go, maybe I can give you a few dollars as compensation, or I won’t talk about the few dollars when I do it, I’m afraid your body will have to be attached to Luffy’s ears, and the yellow hair is hesitant at Luffy.
The lieutenant general quickly moved forward with his fingertips and tapped directly on the reset button of Luffy’s computer mainframe. In an instant, the computer fell into darkness, and then slowly brightened again, showing the restart interface. The bastard sat On the computer chair, Luffy stared straight at the computer screen, his teeth were grinding in his lips, and he dropped the earphones on his ears.
Luffy stood up, turned around, and glanced at the innocent face.
Liu Hu slowly clenched his fists together, hehe, you want to do something, but can you beat me? And don’t forget that I’m not like you, just raised my eyebrows at the angry Luffy alone Liu Hu The villain smiled triumphantly, turned around and glanced at a few boys with dyed hair who were chasing people not far away. Lu Fei’s eyes darkened, he raised his head and looked at the joking Liu Hu in front of him, and slapped him with a slap. At that time, Luffy kicked the seat behind him and ran towards the door. This is the first time he has forgotten that this kind of humiliation has made Luffy almost collapse, so I really think I have no temper. Liu Hu and the others are all gangsters in the school, and Xu Hai’s family who takes the lead is rich and powerful. He is a child from an ordinary family, except he can dominate in online games. He has no way or capital to fight against Xu Hai and the others.
I had a good fight today and tomorrow, when I think of myself being besieged by a group of people, Luffy’s heart aches, God, why didn’t Dao Lei strike me to death, and let myself travel to another world to change my fate? Even if the sky sends a few red clothes to wear It’s good to increase your combat power to be able to beat Liu Hu and others. Do you want to be a winner in life? Do you want to have a unique experience? A series of aristocratic privileges.
Wish you have fun in the game world. Countdown to 321.
A series of inexplicable voices resounded in Luffy’s head.
Just as Luffy stared around and looked around to see if someone was deliberately playing tricks on him, the scene in front of him In an instant, it changed into another picture. The original steel and concrete high-rise buildings disappeared without a trace, only the tall trees that couldn’t see their tops, and from time to time there were a few beast-like low growls in the woods.