Now what I have to do is to understand the ins and outs of the matter or find the bodies of those two people to

First entry to the game Chapter 1 First entry to the game Xiahou lost his job because of his introverted personality, low ability and high ambition, picky and picky. This is not good.
Don’t look for that for a long time, but he still hasn’t found a satisfactory job. For this reason, he has suffered for a few months. One day, Xiahou I met a friend who worked in a headhunting company, they were not familiar with them, but I knew that he was looking for a job, so I asked him for an electronic resume and introduced him to a company in Haicheng.
After he left, this person sent Xiahou’s information.
I went to a secret mailbox and wrote in the remarks that at your company’s request, I found an introverted, honest, timid, and unsociable person. This is his resume.
Your company’s contact information has been given to him. Xiahou went online and found out that this company is more suitable. I just talked to the person on the phone and heard what the person said on the phone. He was quite satisfied with him, so he took the train to Haicheng. When he came to this company, he felt that the company was quite formal and bureaucratic. After the recruitment began, he did a lot of assessments and tested his personality carefully. Analyzing occupational surveys, etc.
is more troublesome than seeing a doctor in the heart.
They start from various secret angles and ask questions without trace. After many tests, the examiner who looks like a doctor in the heart regretfully said sorry to him. His personality does not match. Xia Houbai made a trip to this job. I regret that I wasted his precious time. I have done enough of the sincerity and routine of the five good companies. Just as he was a bit disappointed and was about to leave, the interview supervisor stopped him and gave him a new company to tell him. This company has a business relationship with them. It just happened to be recruiting people recently and the salary is good. He can try this company and see that after Xiahou left, this person forwarded that email to a mysterious person. Xiahou male has passed the first test. To be honest and reliable, we can do further research without talking too much.
After Xiahou walked out of the company’s door, he turned on the unlucky mode. He ate flies while eating.
He always followed the principle of not causing trouble when he was away from home. He chose to pick out the flies silently and continued to eat.
He was hit several times while walking. I chose to bow my head and apologize, said in a low voice several times that I was sorry, my pocket was scratched, and I had dozens of dollars stolen. I couldn’t take it anymore, boarded the car to Lin province overnight, and ended the unlucky one-day trip to Haicheng.
After the trial, the boy was timid and timid, and met the requirements.
After Xiahou left, this line appeared on the display screen of a certain computer.
The next day, Xiahou By car, I went to Qinghe Town, Bashi City, Lin Province.
The development of the small town is not bad. There are several hundred-meter-high buildings. Xiahou found a hotel and slept.
The next day, he went to Daheng Company for an interview.
Come out and wait for him to find the HR department.
As soon as he introduced himself, he was told that he was just fully recruited. Wait for the next opportunity. After coming out of that company, Xiahou was unspeakably frustrated. A corner of the wall covered with small advertisements left him the deepest impression.
It was a recruitment advertisement of a Qiling network technology company that impressed him deeply, but it was not because of this. This company posted a lot of small advertisements, but the small advertisements were beautifully made, no worse than movie posters, and they were particularly conspicuous. After thinking about it, he took out his mobile phone and checked the Internet. The town was beyond the scope of the town, so he looked down on this small company, so he decided not to go, found a hotel at random, and decided to go back tomorrow.
On the way to the bus station the next day, Xiahou received a few promotional and recruitment leaflets from Qiling Network Technology Company and secretly observed him.
Seeing him throwing the flyer into the trash can, Xiahou immediately sent a WeChat message. After a few minutes of walking, Xia Hou saw a recruitment site in front of him. There was a table and chairs surrounded by a huge parasol. I was handing in my resume and inquiring about the recruitment situation.
A recruiter also said loudly that the car is coming soon. You can go to the company to see the situation.
After dealing with each other, I walked past the recruiting site, and a van drove up obliquely in front of Xiahou, and stopped in front of Xiahou.
The recruiter behind shouted loudly that the car is coming. Everyone, get in the car and go to the company to have a look. After hearing this, Xiahou hurriedly stepped aside.
Let the people behind get in the car, but they only moved a step or two before being pulled by the big man who got off the co-pilot, get in the car quickly, I’m not here to apply for a job Rebel brother, let’s go and see Qiling’s technology is strong, large-scale, large-scale, high-paying, good benefits, good to see first, the opportunity is rare, the big man ignored Xiahou’s objection and pulled him to his side, then turned into a push, and used soft strength to bring Xiahou to the car door A few applicants, the recruiter, unintentionally or intentionally pushed them off and got into the car. The world is so wonderful. When I was looking for a job, I couldn’t find it. Now I don’t want to, and I’m half-forced.
When he sat down firmly, the people next to him enthusiastically put on his seat belt. Safety is the most important thing. The most important thing in a car is to fasten your seat belt. Xia Hou was stunned and kept reciting the words of driving safety.
Good people around you. Fake Xiahou felt that he was surrounded by the conspiracy of a group of extras.
Everyone’s acting skills were not good enough. It was really uncomfortable. After a while, the recruiters on the bus also started to talk, listening to the various benefits and benefits of Qiling Technology.
I feel that this company is getting better and better. Like an MLM company, after driving for a period of time, Xia Hou saw a building from a distance, which said Qiling Building, counted about thirty-three floors, and there were three or four-story houses around it. It is particularly abrupt, and there is a feeling that the houses are short at a glance.
With this building, it should not be a leather bag company. Xiahou thought silently in his heart, and felt relieved a lot.