Now that Guo Jing is being tracked by us Li Yue will definitely let Li Yue guard them If we have a chance to catch

There was not a single pedestrian on the street at midnight, only the cold wind swept the garbage on the ground, making a series of noises, the wild cat walked silently on the low house, and then rushed out to kill a mouse on the side of the road, and suddenly the wild cat stopped A blue ray of light suddenly rose in the air, from the bluestone road all the way to the dark sky, and some unknown runes were spinning around the beam of light.
After two seconds, the ray of light dissipated, leaving only one person to respond the fastest. The cat didn’t know how this person approached him. After landing, he let out a terrified cry and ran away into the distance. The smart watch I bought online a few days ago happened to arrive today and I was researching it on the way back. I didn’t expect to get lost.
This smart watch is cheap and only costs 1 yuan, but it looks very fashionable and looks good on it.
Li Yue is still researching its functions. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, I came to this unknown street from the side of the road.
It seems that it is not only as simple as getting lost. Sweet City is not a big city, but there are street lights everywhere. Unlike here, it is pitch black. The more I shuddered, the sudden and weird scene was very much like the scene in Zhang Zhen’s ghost story, what the hell did I see? Although the beam of light that sent him stayed for two seconds, time was completely stagnant at that time. For Li Yue, it only took one tenth of a second for him to come to this ghost place from the side of the road with street lights at dusk.
When the cold wind blew, Li Yue involuntarily tightened his clothes at the neckline. The long fur coat is very handsome, but Unable to withstand the sudden drop in temperature, I couldn’t wait for a long time to find a place to warm my body.
As soon as I took two steps, Li Yue suddenly stopped.
He asked a very important question. How should I go? There are no high-rise buildings and the surrounding area is pitch black. It takes a long distance to see one or two small lights in the dark. Poor, what the hell is this place? Sutong Express is only five minutes away from my home. I have been walking this road for a year.
Said who died near here? After thinking about it for a while, Li Yue still walked towards the place with lights. He is a little night blind. No lights at night means half blind.
Li Yue lives in Sweet City. He is a college student who just graduated this year.
Most people are unemployed after graduation It doesn’t matter what translation you do.
Li Yue’s translation level has not yet reached the level of being hired.
Soon Li Yue came to the lamp.
This lamp is very similar to the kerosene lamp used in the past. The windproof lampshade on the outside still looks very bright. Stepping on the threshold, Li Bang, bang, bang, bang three times.
Is there anyone? There was a faint sound coming from inside the door, but there was no sound of footsteps. Li Yue tactfully did not continue to knock on the door and stood quietly outside the door. If he waited for a minute or two no one opens the door It’s not easy to live in such a house in modern society. Li Yue has seen a lot of them in movies.
The streets here are 20 to 30 meters wide, and there are drainage ditches on both sides of the bluestone road.
There are some similarities between Gou and the ancient town that Li Yue has seen.
A voice came from the door, saying, Bing, Li Yue was startled, but he quickly replied. I am a student.
I lost my way around here.
The door opened quickly and a middle-aged man poked his head out. Li Yue knew very little Cantonese. It was too complicated to learn while listening to songs.
When he was worrying about how to communicate, the man suddenly said, “Little Gar, put it here.” Here we go, brother, you are from the Northeast, let me tell you earlier, this Northeast dialect is much simpler than Cantonese Putting it in his pocket, he shivered a little from the cold, and heard the old man’s question, “I’m a college student in Sweet City, I don’t know why I got here, old man, where is this place? I know that Tiancheng is a small town in Sichuan Province.
Of course Ding Lianshan doesn’t know, but it doesn’t matter.
He sees the young man dressed like a dog who looks like a foreign student returning from a foreign country. There is no air conditioning in the house, but it is still very warm.
The stove is burning red. Let this small room be as warm as spring. There are almost no decorations in the room. A big knife can be hung on the beam, and you can easily get the sharp blade.
I practiced all kinds of martial arts in elementary school and interest classes for a period of time. I have practiced the basics.
Later, I practiced some Bajiquan in middle and high school, but I didn’t go deep into Bajiquan.
I have also met many people like you.
I have never seen a foreign student who came back from any country. Could it be that he just returned to Foshan and couldn’t find his way? Feihong was still Ye Wen, he didn’t say a word, his eyes flickered in the firelight, he looked worried, Ding Lianshan saw that he didn’t say a word and continued to say, that’s what happened to the little boy who ran out of the house, Li Yue didn’t say a word, he was silent for a while, and suddenly said, this uncle Can you let me stay here for one night? I can pay for it. I really have nowhere to go. He is smart. If he travels through time, he has to make a living in this chaotic era.
Seeing that this uncle has no braids, it means he is not Qing Dynasty intuition Tell Li Yue this is the Republic of China