Now join us in this mission so So from now on Zhang Jun Zhang Instructors order you must also strictly implement the order of Baitou

Immortals dance in Fujian.
There is a city known as Huaxia Shoes. Only those who love hard work can win. It is a cultural heritage that people in the city of shoes are proud of.
The folk customs in this place are tough. Huaxia is your mother’s very good meaning, but it always sounds like a weird habit. Self-proclaimed Lin Bei literally translates into Huaxia, which means your father and me.
Damn it’s fine I haven’t seen you looking for a chicken for so long and got caught However, don’t doubt the friendship between these two people in the conversation.
They are just friends who haven’t seen each other for a long time. Lin Niangkahao, you old turtle, what good food do you eat, so outsiders who have just come to the shoe city will be extremely uncomfortable at first, but after living here for a while, the word Linniangkahao is definitely the first thing that foreign visitors learn. Although the dialect people here are rude, they are warm and hospitable, and their personality is somewhat generous. In short, this is a city worth savoring carefully. Today, Zhang Jun left this city where he has lived for more than 20 years and came here by train alone.
In Beijing, Zhang Jun carries a woven bag, an ID card, 1 yuan in cash, a mobile phone, and a few sets of clothes for a change of clothes. These are all Zhang Jun’s possessions at this time. Find a place to stay and wait until tomorrow to find a job that includes food and lodging.
Zhang Jun turned on his mobile phone to locate a hotel with a good reputation and an affordable price. Just as Zhang Jun was searching for a nearby hotel, a message popped up on the chat software that a stranger nearby called you. I said hello, Zhang Jun clicked on it and saw that the user name is Xiaolongnv. The profile photo is a beautiful woman.
The signature is not to ask.
The profile picture is Zhang Junle.
The profile picture is Fan Bingbing.
Xiaolongnv became a good friend and not long after, Xiaolongnv sent a message. Xiaolongnv said I am an aunt. This is too jumpy. You said you are Wu Zetian, so you can make do with it, or you can change your profile picture. Zhang Jun didn’t rush to reply to Xiaolongnv. Let’s take a look at her personal photo album first. Zhang Jun’s blood boils when he looks at it. The somewhat revealing photos combined with the provocative words just now make people imagine.
I’m free and have nothing to do, so let’s see what tricks she plays Zhang Jun’s chat screen name is the champion of masturbation in Minhai region, his signature is Cangshan Youjing, his name is Kong Dayi’s enlightenment teacher’s name Zhang Jun sent a message to Xiaolongnv Miss Long, I’m Yin Zhiping.
After five minutes, Little Dragon Girl hasn’t replied yet. Zhang Jun’s hand holding the phone is sore.
The son is too unprofessional, the typing speed is really slow. If he had been patient, he would have left early. How did Zhang Jun know that Xiaolongnv also held her mobile phone, and she couldn’t calm down for a long time? Being a liar in this line of business, people who meet and don’t return directly scold a lot. It’s the first time Xiaolongnu sees such a guy who doesn’t play cards according to routine Chatting with the female liar without saying a word, Zhang Jun deliberately revealed that he came to Beijing as a migrant worker for the first time, and he was alone in Beijing, and Xiaolongnu’s words were full of provocative flavors. After chatting for more than ten minutes, Xiaolongnu proposed to meet Of course, Zhang Jun pretended to evade for a while and agreed to the little dragon girl on the other end of the network. He was relieved and finally another fool took the bait. Sit down, Zhang Jun frowned, it turned out that he was playing a trick of fairy dance, as soon as he entered the hotel room, he rushed into a man and three or four thugs claimed that Xiaolongnu was her wife.
What’s even more hateful is that he didn’t dare to call the police even though he knew he was being blackmailed.
Zhang Jun responded with a good word, and immediately arrived with a short sentence, which made Xiao Longnv think that Zhang Jun was a fool with a brain and was impatient to send him money, just as Zhang Jun expected. In the same Super 8 hotel, the little dragon girl said to the men in the room that Caizi has taken the bait, you go to the next room and wait for a while, the old way. The other two girls in the room are a little jealous. It is because Long Jie is very good at catching girls, and they can be taught. Teach us that the two of us haven’t had business for a long time.
These two seem to be habitual offenders who cooperate very tacitly. After a while, there is only Xiaolongnv left in the room. Zhang Jun took a taxi and went straight to the Super 8 Hotel.
Jun Interactive posted some pornographic jokes or something, for fear that Zhang Jun would suddenly get the hang of it, ran halfway, and soon arrived at the front desk of the Super 8 Hotel, busy checking in a tourist group, did not notice that Zhang Jun, who had just entered the door, Zhang Jun was wearing a peaked cap to block himself Maung avoids the camera and walks up the fire stairs to the sixth floor to Xiaolongnu’s room. The Super 8 Hotel is not a high-end hotel.
The carpet in the aisle of the room is also a cheap thing. Zhang Jun stands outside Xiaolongnu’s room door and does not knock but observe On the cheap carpet in front of the door, there are some footprints walking towards the next room. The footprints are not obvious. If you don’t pay attention to the observation, you can’t see it at all. Zhang Jun smiled slightly.
Xiaolongnu’s husband must be hiding next door. Zhang Jun is not stupid I have to go to the police. Undocumented police uncle can’t file a case. It seems that I have been doing nothing for a long time.