Now he is more settled but his youthful behavior is definitely not Shang Gao Jie I dare say the only women safe in front of

The first chapter starts from Los Santos, Los Santos, a bar named Riot in Palomino Street, Little Seoul. Outside the crack of the door, you can faintly hear a little noise coming from inside, and the space inside the bar is not that big.
Although Sparrow is small, it has all the necessary bar entertainment facilities, such as billiard table, arcade machine, karaoke machine, and dart games. Compared with the bustle of billiard table and darts, the front of the bar is a bit deserted. There are only three bartenders in the bar. White men with unruly faces are occupying the bar while drinking beer and chatting.
If you hadn’t stopped me, I would have punched him in the stomach and let him see the consequences of offending us.
Sit while talking. The muscular man in the middle bulged the biceps of his arms to his companions on both sides.
Fuck you John.
If you hit him again, you will be in trouble. The white guy in the baseball uniform sitting on the right with his nose ringed out A slightly battered purse slapped two companions Let’s see how much money he has on him How much We just took his salary the other day Now there may only be a few steel coins left in the purse The man with the nose ring who doesn’t believe in evil opens his wallet and finds only a few crumpled one dollars in it.
What a poor man.
If I were the president, I would definitely issue a decree for all these guys who are skinny like monkeys and steal all their jobs. Get out of this country, I agree, but if you can become the president, then I’ll be a billionaire, fuck you, the three people who pointed their middle fingers to each other burst into laughter hahaha At the same time, the alley at the back door of the bar is hazy In the moonlight, one can vaguely see that the wall of the back door of the bar is a pile of black garbage bags, and many flies are still hovering above it.
A picture of an Asian man like this is pretty commonplace for anyone in Los Santos, either a drunk who passed out or a corpse who was robbed and killed in either case.
It’s better for people to stay away from it, not to mention how could anyone come to this dark alley? Lu Qi, who had just crossed over, couldn’t help taking a breath from the pain. He didn’t lower his head to check the injuries on his body, but wanted to see his surroundings clearly when he tried to open his eyes wide and borrowed a ray of moonlight. After seeing clearly a dark alley where he was, the stench that kept getting into his nose made Lu Qi frowned.
Then he looked to the side and saw black garbage bags full of garbage, one of them.
In the garbage bag that was slightly opened, you could still vaguely see stinky eggs and food remnants that looked like vomit.
Only then did he realize that his whole body was actually lying in the garbage dump, struggling to hold his breath.
Resisting the urge of stomach nausea, Lu Qi stood up tremblingly from the garbage pile with his hands on the ground, what a pity. Lu Qi stood up while propping up the wall, and left the pile of garbage that had accompanied him for an unknown amount of time. Looking around, Lu Qi immediately He noticed the back door of the bar next to him and the noise faintly coming from the crack of the door. At this moment, he couldn’t help but look down at the black apron on his lower body with a puzzled expression on his face.
Am I the bartender here? Then he touched his faintly swollen cheek.
Thinking about it, Lu Qi stretched out his hand and opened the door without any hesitation, and walked in. As soon as he entered the bar, Lu Qi saw a man and a woman leaning against the wall in the corridor, sucking each other’s lips madly.
The two who were intoxicated did not notice.
Lu Qi Of course, Lu Qi didn’t intend to disturb the hungry two, they turned directly into the men’s restroom beside the corridor. Judging from the skin color and dress of the two of them in the bar, Lu Qi immediately confirmed a message. This is not Hua Guo standing in front of the mirror. Lu Qi finally saw his appearance, black hair, yellow skin, and black eyes.
In the mirror was a handsome looking Asian man in his twenties. Fortunately, he had a familiar complexion.
However, it was himself who made Lu Qi frown.
This face is full of scars, the right cheek is bruised, the left eye socket is slightly swollen, the corner of the eyebrow is cracked, and the blood slid down the side of the face, leaving a bloodstain. At first glance, people who don’t know it thought that Lu Qi had just finished a very fierce fight.
However, from the pain coming from all over his body and the fact that he was lying on the garbage dump just now, it is obvious that he should be the one who lost the battle.
The basic information collected is almost the same.
Lu Qi turned on the faucet and washed the scars and blood on his face with water. Throwing away the crumpled toilet paper, Lu Qi stood in front of the mirror, pursed his mouth, and then it was time to find himself again, walked out of the toilet, walked through the corridor, and Lu Qi came to the lobby of the bar. At a glance, there were about a dozen people in the bar. The number of guests left and right is neither too lively nor too deserted, and most of them are concentrated around the dart game and the billiard table. One of the black men who was about to hit the ball with a billiard cue in his hand couldn’t help asking in surprise when he saw Lu Qi.
Alex, why are you being robbed like this? Uh, suddenly someone you don’t know calls you by a name you have never heard of.
Even Lu Qi, who has already experienced this kind of thing, is a little dazed, but he quickly understands.
After reacting, he answered casually, maybe, a few guests who seemed to be familiar with Lu Qi asked about his situation, and the three people sitting in front of the bar on the other side also noticed the voice, and turned around to look at him. The man with the nose ring was also a little surprised when he saw Lu Qi. Hey, it’s that Huaguo guy.