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It took a long time to finally calm down the churning qi and blood.
There was a gleam of golden light on his chest. A golden bead floated in front of him. The golden bead was only the size of a quail egg, exuding mist.
Look carefully, there are strips flowing on the golden bead.
Striped lines These lines are composed of mysterious characters the size of corn, but the golden beads are covered with tiny cracks, making these mysterious or simple beautiful lines not flow smoothly.
The whole golden beads are floating in the air.
This golden bead is very beautiful.
Li Ruhai named it Jin Dan. The reason why he chose this name is because of Jin Dan. He didn’t describe anything similar, so he didn’t know what to call it, so he named it according to its appearance, but it was very appropriate.
It really looked like a pill with a golden halo.
Li Ruhai got this golden pill. It’s quite a setback, and it’s a bitter tear. Li Ruhai was born in another world. He is not a native of this world, or his consciousness is not local consciousness. In his original world, most people use martial arts as a promotion. Learning martial arts is the most convenient way to be superior to others.
The level of martial arts determines a person’s future and destiny to a large extent. Li Ruhai is very lucky. I didn’t live up to my master’s expectations, and my martial arts were developed extremely quickly.
It only took more than ten years for a young hero. This is considered to be a successful study. It’s time to go to the rivers and lakes and become famous. There are not too many stinky rules in Wendaoshan. You love Why, why, just don’t break the iron law of three deaths and three wastes, but Li Ruhai refuses to fight and kill, how can it be interesting to practice martial arts? He left the mountain gate and went to the rivers and lakes for more than half a month. He came back when he was four years old and asked the mountain. It’s not as comfortable as home if you don’t come back. Li Ruhai’s master chased him away a few times, but every time he was like this, and later found that this apprentice was too upright. Rushing into the rivers and lakes might not be a good thing. Why don’t you just stay on the mountain and guard the mountain gate? So Li Ruhai just lingered on Wendao Mountain and practiced endlessly. He has excellent aptitude, born with a bit of spirituality, and is very suitable for practicing martial arts. However, it will take less than ten years to reach the end of martial arts. Martial arts masters are not uncommon at all, but Li Ruhai doesn’t have much desire for power, wealth and fame. His strength can completely go out to make waves. Ordinary masters are hanged and beaten by him, but he really doesn’t have high requirements for material conditions.
He doesn’t look at those common things. He still lives in seclusion in Wenwen Mountain, wanting to see if he can take a closer look at the scenery that no one has ever seen before.
Of course, it also has something to do with his addiction.
He likes the feeling of constantly surpassing himself, but he has already walked the road that his predecessors have walked.
If he wants to go further, he can only explore by himself. After his skills can no longer be improved, he naturally embarked on the path of simply increasing his skill, hoping to change quantity into quality, so he spent ten years searching all over the world.
Xia Yibao enhanced Qi, blood, essence, Qi, and practiced internal strength like an ascetic monk, and finally one day he reached the point where his Qi was like a pillar of smoke, and his blood was like lead and mercury, his skin was like iron. It has almost reached the point where he can’t control himself. Raising his hand, breaking stones, stomping his feet, cutting off the flow, and punching him, it feels like the world is about to be torn apart. He feels as if he is about to explode and die. He practiced himself to death, and he would probably be laughed at for fifty years.
He regretted it a little, but it was too late, but at the moment when he was about to explode and die, his inner dantian collapsed into an unknown place, as if there was something inside his body. A black hole produced an incomparably powerful force of rotation, bit by bit tore up his blood and sucked in his internal energy. After experiencing what seemed like a thousand cuts to pieces, he almost lost consciousness and only a little bit of his true spirit entered a room. In a mystical place, he saw the birth of the universe, saw the demise of the universe, saw the explosion of the planet, saw the sympathy of all things, saw the joy of life, saw the past, saw the future, saw the greatness, saw the tinyness, saw countless wailings of himself, and watched.
It may take a long time, maybe even a moment, his consciousness recovers. Before he can savor everything he saw, he suddenly finds that there is something more in his body, a golden elixir, and this elixir of gold is between reality and illusion.
Seeing his mind leaving the body or traveling through the meridians of his flesh and blood, this is an unprecedented achievement.
Thirty years of hard training in incognito, and finally the sky pays off. He is ecstatic and thinks he has found the right path. At that time, he found that the world he was in was full of malicious dark clouds, which quietly rolled over layer after layer like madness, and produced lightning bolts one after another, striking him unceremoniously, he couldn’t escape, couldn’t resist Soon his body collapsed, and he hid his consciousness in the golden core with only a little instinct, but the lightning kept chopping at the golden core thicker and thicker.
After a few breaths, it was split into a duck egg.
After a few breaths, it became an egg.
After it was split into a quail egg, cracks began to appear. Is it about to end? I gave so much and only got this.
With resentment and anger, he manipulated the golden core to face the thunder and go straight to the center of the dark clouds.
As soon as you hit him, he went up against the thunder and hit the middle of the dark cloud, and then he found that the dark cloud in the sky suddenly disappeared, and the terrifying thunder and lightning disappeared.
He arrived in a quiet room.