Not too slow but compared with Ling Xiao the gap is getting bigger and bigger Cough talking behind your back no matter what kind of

Martial arts game website, you listen to me saying that there are real martial arts masters in this world. I didn’t lie to you.
During the winter vacation, I saw them with my own eyes on Hanhai Lake. They didn’t make a movie. They really didn’t hang Wia flying around on the lake and beat the lake water.
They all rushed to the sky, hey, do you still have humanity? Why don’t you believe what I said? You have told this story for a semester, but you still believe it.
After the college entrance examination is over, of course there will be no classmates.
Everyone will become an old classmate.
How can there be a martial arts master who can fly around in the vast sea lake? A group of students laughed loudly, shaking their heads in twos and threes, and walked away. Duan Wenbo finally caught a person, Ling Xiao, they don’t believe me, you should believe me, right Ling Xiao looked at Duan Wenbo quietly, then shook his head. Old Duan, we just finished the college entrance examination today, can we not be so childish and stop treating our childhood fantasies as real stories? He must believe it is because there are so many boxing championships, martial arts training schools, various martial arts reality shows, and even martial arts clubs in schools, but for the martial arts master Duan Wenbo said can fly around in the vast sea lake He really has never seen the weather in the booming moon.
It changed as soon as it said it.
Just now, the sky was still clear, and suddenly there were dark clouds, lightning, lightning and thunder.
Ling Xiao hurriedly grabbed Duan Wenbo and ran towards the dormitory. Everyone was busy packing their bags and preparing to go home. Just ran to the downstairs of the dormitory, suddenly a bolt of lightning fell from the sky and struck a big tree beside the road, splitting a branch and falling off. At this moment, Ling Xiao and Duan Wenbo just ran under the tree.
Be careful, Ling Xiao quickly pushed Duan Wenbo to the side. It flashed away, but the phone in his other hand was not stable, it was hung by a tree branch and fell to the ground, a tiny arc flashed above it, but no one noticed that damn it was almost struck by lightning Duan Wenbo exclaimed and told you Say don’t think about it all day long, even God can’t see it now, but you’re fine, but I’m going to change my phone Ling Xiao said while looking at the sky, then ran back and picked up his phone, only to find that the shell was broken That’s all, but he didn’t notice that his finger was cut by a tree branch before, and the blood that flowed out stained the broken case of the phone and disappeared strangely. He just felt a little numbness in his hand and went upstairs without paying much attention to it. On the morning of the year, month, and year, the third-year students in Hanhai Middle School had just finished the college entrance examination. Two days before the end of the college entrance examination, it was the literary examination.
Today is the English oral examination.
After the end of the oral examination, everyone began to pack their things and prepare to go back to each house and find their mothers. When Ling Xiao was packing, he suddenly heard a voice coming from outside the window. There were bursts of exclamations, and Duan Wenbo and others in the same dormitory had already squeezed to the window to watch. These books and confetti were some high school seniors who threw away all their textbooks and materials, and shouted to vent their emotions. Fortunately, outside the window is the lawn of the school, and no pedestrians pass by, so after a while, all the windows of the entire boys building began to throw books.
Not long after the material, the girls’ building nearby also responded, and the whole school was in a commotion.
Ling Xiao and the room supporters also shouted and joined the ranks of throwing books and materials.
Everyone threw and shouted to commemorate the high school life that was about to pass away. But soon, life teachers came to each floor to greet everyone, threw it away for a while, vented some pent-up emotions in their hearts, and then restrained themselves and continued to pack their bags, then waved to the students or hugged each other, each pulling the box Walking out of the school gate, Zhang Mengmeng, I love you, someone in the campus is calling Liu Yukun, you bastard old lady, you will definitely make you fall in love with me, and someone is crying and yelling at the top of their lungs, everyone remember our agreement, find a time to come out for a party, and some more The classmates made an appointment to meet each other. Goodbye to Hanhai Middle School.
Goodbye to the goddess of dreams. It is the same as Ling Xiao’s home is in Hanhai City, but Hanhai Middle School is in the south of the city, and his home is at the foot of Feifeng Mountain in the north of the city.
It can be said to be the urban-rural junction or a district because there are ten middle schools from the north to the south of the city. It takes more than an hour to take the bus or the subway for many kilometers, so since he entered high school, he has been living on campus and sitting on the subway home.
Ling Xiao’s mood has become more relaxed. Now that the college entrance examination is over, he should I am heading towards a new life, and no matter how anxious I am, I can only welcome the arrival of the new life.
However, there are nearly three months of vacation, can I find something to do? Or take a vacation job to earn some tuition fees for the new semester. And living expenses. Of course, I just finished the college entrance examination. After returning home, I have to play well for at least a few days.
I have to watch movies, play games, play mobile phones and go shopping. In short, I want to do all the things I didn’t do in school in the past three years.
I didn’t check my mobile phone carefully just now.
If you know if you have broken the subway, you have to sit on the subway for about an hour.
Why don’t you download some games and play first? Ling Xiao took out his home-made machine, a silver-gray home-made machine that has been used for about a year, and the outside of the case has been severely worn. The edge of the case was touched with a small crack, and there seemed to be a little blood on it, Ling Xiao realized that his finger was injured, but it was not serious, only a little blood was not too painful, so he didn’t care, but turned on the phone. Fortunately, the phone screen It’s not broken and everything works fine when opened