Not to mention her frivolous phoenix eyes she squinted at Su Yang and asked why did you become my husband in the past two days

At this time, Wang Lei, Wang Dahu’s son, has awakened and is bringing the soul of Huang’s daughter to greet Wang Dahu and his wife. On the wedding night, Mrs.
Liu, whose eyes were gouged out, was sitting aside cautiously. Please Ann’s words, I understand the matter.
Probably during this period of time, Huang’s daughter’s body was controlled by the snake demon, and she couldn’t help doing something that harmed his family, but Huang’s daughter and her husband also developed a relationship. This ghost is also pregnant, master. Can this ghost get pregnant too? Wang Dahu was uneasy and brought his son back. After Wang Dahu called Su Yang sideways, he has become a master. Can have a child, how will this child be born when the time comes? Wang Dahu is really confused. This good-looking family has an extra half-ghost child, and the child was conceived on a corpse. How did it grow? Su Yang is also quite confused.
He has never seen such a thing.
I do know that there is a way to give birth in Liaozhai, which is to cut the left rib and cut the right rib to take the baby out from under the ribs.
This may be a caesarean section performed by a god, right? Su Yang remembers that this kind of operation is not done by humans. The lower abdomen is destined by God Su Yang said with a blurred eye that when the child is about to be born, he will have his own way.
After saying this, Su Yang asked Huang’s daughter about her grandma. I don’t know who this grandma is. Huang’s daughter frowned and said. She married Wang Lang and me, made our couple pregnant, as if she wanted to do something with the fetus in my womb, thanks to your help, master, our family and my fetus were preserved.
I asked Huang’s daughter’s date of birth, asked about Wang Lei’s date of birth, and I felt that the date of birth was very common, not something like a Yin year, a Yin moon, a Yang year, and a Yang month. The human and snake spirits of such special years have left many things in my yin house Miss Huang said, master, you rest here and let me clean it up and bring it to you.
See if you can see anything in it.
Su Yang nodded, but he was also curious about what treasures could emerge from this snake demon. Miss Huang responded. Flying away, Wang Dahu stood by the door and watched Huang’s daughter disappear before he came to Su Yang and asked in a low voice, Master, will my son’s life be shortened if we are with her? Parents are after all worried about their sons and their sons Being with a ghost and making the ghost pregnant really made them worry that if the two of them really loved each other, they would not lose their lives. Su Yang said that there is no record in the Xuanzhen Jade Book about the combination of humans and ghosts, but Su Yang knew it after reading it all over Liaozhai. Some of the scholars in it were haunted by ghosts, and some of them were alive and kicking, and even allowed ghosts to give birth to their children.
It can be seen whether this is good or bad. It doesn’t matter how the woman did it. After comforting the Wang family, Su Yang lived in the wing room.
After running around for a day, lying on the bed, he used the five-dragon sting method to fall into a deep sleep, went to the five internal organs, stimulated spiritual energy, exhaled, and the body’s endocrine also changed.
During this sleep, Su Yang not only nourished his spirit Cultivating vitality has also strengthened the muscles and bones, accumulated organs, and the whole body is undergoing transformation. Zheng Xiong violated the rules of heaven and killed his ghost.
In his sleep, Su Yang heard this sound in a trance.
This was Guan Shengdijun’s response to Su Yang’s appeal. Before he knew it, the sky was bright and Su Yang stretched his muscles and bones outside Wang Dahu’s house.
Every morning when he woke up, he felt very different. Looking at the villagers in the village, some were carrying water, some were carrying hoes to the ground, and some women were standing in front of the village. Washing clothes by the riverside, there are children running around in the village, which is lively and full of vitality.
The country people have the life of the country people and the happiness of the country people.
Although it is not as prosperous as in the town, the happiness here is simple and pure. Su Yang slowly. Dubu walked in Wangjiazhuang, listening to the barking of dogs and the crowing of cocks in Wangjiazhuang. Among them, some geese walked towards Su Yang with their heads upright. The nursing staff went and went.
Su Yang waved his hands at the geese and drove the geese away, while walking around Wangjiazhuang.
Su Yang silently counted that there are thirty-nine households in Wangjiazhuang, including the elderly and children.
The population is more than 180 people, of which there are about 80 or 90 effective labor force. This kind of labor force is enough to ensure the prosperity of the village. Without natural disasters and man-made disasters, the better the future, the better Master Wang Lei saw Su Yang walking in the village and looking at the village. He quickly came to say hello and said in a low voice.
This morning when the rooster was not crowing, my wife came back and took a bag of things and put them in my house for me to hand over to the master during the day.
He was weak and worked hard last night. When he woke up, it was this time. He rolled his eyes and said, “Then let’s go and have a look. This guy rescued him last night. He was so weak that he was so weak that he was able to consummate the house with Mrs. Liu. Now he is a married wife at home, and a ghost wife is a winner in the world of Liaozhai.
” It is conceivable that his family has ghost wives to help him.
The days will surely pass and become more prosperous.
Wang Lei may not be able to become an official, but his sons may appear noblemen Su Yang and Wang Lei.
He returned to the Wang family. Wang Lei asked Su Yang to sit inside and take out the package.
After opening it, Su Yang saw that there was an inkstone, a string of pearls the size of pigeon eggs, a small box of moonlight-like stones, a wooden doll, several porcelain bottles, which contained various pills, and the rest seemed to be buried in a cemetery.
Su Yang stretched out his hand to pinch the pearl in his hand to see that the texture was all high-grade, and there was nothing unusual about it.
The stone that shone like moonlight should be the moonlight recorded in the secret method that can absorb the power of the sun.
The stone, Yuehua stone, is worn on the body, and every move at night naturally absorbs the power of the sun and inadvertently strengthens the cultivation base