Not so much keep looking for the gap to enter the Meng Mansion suddenly a black shadow flashed in front of him scared Jia Mengle

There is a mountain outside the city of Jinling that calls out to Wangjin. There are strange peaks and rocks, cliffs, high mountains and deep streams everywhere.
Clouds and mist surround the four seasons. Going up the mountain is like going up to the sky. It must be a god. Indeed, no one has ever gone up the mountain, and no one knows the way up the mountain.
But no one expected that there was a family living in the four huts less than a mile from the top of the mountain.
Looking at a couple and a young girl, it seems to be the maid of the couple.
The couple just gave birth to two children. There were bursts of laughter from time to time in the room. They were enjoying the joy of the birth of the child. Suddenly, the wind roared outside the door. He made a hand gesture and listened, and immediately put away his happy smile.
The one who should come is always coming, madam, take the child and leave, brother Wen is going to die, we will die together, madam was a little sad, but said resolutely, no madam, you and Xiaohuan, take the child quickly Get out of here, your body hasn’t recovered yet, you can’t be here, surnamed Wen said while greeting a girl named Xiaohuan, Xiaohuan, pack up quickly and leave with your wife, you must take good care of your wife and young master With a sound, the door opened, and more than a dozen men in black appeared in the snow. The black shadows were even more eye-catching. The man in black stood quietly. The man surnamed Wen asked coldly with a livid face.
I don’t know where the hero came to visit late at night. I’m far away. I don’t know what’s going on in the humble house.
Wen Anhuo, you’re good enough to hide here, let us find The man in black murmured, hey, come here if you have the ability. The man named Wen Anhuo drew out a nine-ring knife and prepared for a fierce fight. The cold wind ruthlessly Blowing the snow on the trees, the snow covered the sky and tortured Wen Anhuo’s Jiuhuan Dao, more than a dozen black shadows attacked him at the same time like lightning Straight into the sky, a dozen or so men in black would not let it go, flashed into a circle with a swipe sound, Wen Anhuo just landed on the ground, a sword light stabbed at him, he blocked it with a smooth flow, and then a cold gun shot straight at him How could he dare to neglect, staggered back more than ten steps before standing up, the woman in Wen Ge’s room suddenly opened the door and came out, which surprised Wen Anhuo and had to be distracted and went to say hello to Madam, quickly take the child away from the group of black people How can the clothes man let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Just as the surnamed Wen was talking to his wife, swords, hammers, guns, and all kinds of weapons were stabbing at him. He tried his best to block it with a knife. He stabbed at the woman who opened the door, Wen Anhuo let out a loud cry, and used a sweeping saber technique, splitting the man in black with the hook in half, but he was also severely scratched on the back. He quickly took the child away with a few swords, and he pushed the woman away, ignoring his own pain. Madam in the house, remember to avenge me.
When we meet in the next life, Wen Anhuo resorted to a trick. Nine Heavens Falling into the River.
A white light flashed across the roof. The snow mountain behind the house fell down with a splash, instantly drowning the four thatched huts, and even a single thatch was gone.
I didn’t leave you, you are so warm and ruthless, you even buried your own wife and children alive for the sake of the unicorn, do you still have humanity? Where does this come from loyalty and righteousness? If you do many unrighteous actions, you will die.
If you want a unicorn, ask me first about the nine-ring knife in my hand. Wen Anhuo plausibly said that every word is like a sword piercing through the group of men in black, but the blood on his back We know that your ability to capture dragons and swords is unparalleled in the world, but many of us will fight with you in twos and threes, and even if we are tired, we will kill you to death.
The man in black said it well. Stuck to death hahaha life and death He Huan For loyalty, I, Wen Anhuo, die, so why not do such embarrassing things for your own self-interest, you can imagine what will happen to Wen Anhuo with the nine-ring sword Headed towards the man in black who was talking, the other two men in black also participated in the fierce battle.
Swords and swords lit up the night. Three-on-one Wen Anhuo never took advantage.
There was still no victory or defeat in the round.
The other three surrounded them again. The previous three slowly retreated.
They were divided into four groups and took turns to attack Wen Anhuo, but they did not retreat at all. Fifteen people beat one, shameless.
Just as they were fighting fiercely, a loud voice came, and a white light separated the three of them alive. Brother, why are you here? Wen Anhuo seemed to have met a savior, with joy flashing in his eyes, and said excitedly, I have been looking for you for so many years. But there has been no news. Today, I heard that you live here.
I came to see you at night. I didn’t expect to encounter this. It’s okay. Brother, they can’t help it. After leaving this place, there should be nothing to do. After I clean up these boys, I will catch up with my elder brother.
Wen Anhuo’s confidence will increase greatly. It’s better to meet each other. Now that I’m here, let me exercise my muscles.
Thank you, elder brother Wen Anhuo, turn around and get ready. While the enemy was fighting, this big brother slapped him hard on the back. Your big brother, Wen Anhuo, staggered and fell into the snow. Blood gushed out of your mouth. Hey, your dragon-catching sword technique We can’t deal with it.
We can only use this method to fool you and knock you down.
Said where is the Qilin map? The big brother said proudly, bah, the insidious villain. How could the Qilin map fall into your hands?