Not long after the courtyard she met Marquis Wen Yuan so she stopped to say hello and saluted and said is father here to see

Zhe Shaoyi, Shen Huainan, a concubine who is not valued in Wenyuanhou’s mansion, lives next door to Wenyuanhou’s mansion, the concubine of Changdong Bo’s family. Seeing that someone is worse than herself, Liangshan feeds a meat bun. When she grows up, she reaps a husband who is obedient, four-virtuous, and respects men. Shen Huainan died at the age of seventeen. After being reborn, he did not become a powerful big shot in an instant.
It was just by living a few more years.
To prevent myself from being beaten, I can start planning to find a husband for myself, to study, to draw a line with my father who dislikes him, and to send some money to Xiao Qingmei next door.
Qingmei lived a good life and bought her a golden hairpin, silk and satin, a mansion, and finally when they were thirteen years old, they had great luck, met a nobleman, Zhe Shaoyi, and got the famous Tantai old lady as a teacher, and was taught by the prince and concubine carefully. Started to follow the princess to set up an official embroidery women’s school to make plans for women to do business and study Candidate for treacherous minister Shen Huainan is a treacherous minister in everyone’s eyes. He steals power and bewitches the monarch to form a clique for personal gain.
It’s really a crime that deserves death. What’s ridiculous is that his wife has to defend him every time he goes out.
My husband is too timid to kill a chicken.
Look, I don’t know who is spreading rumors outside, it’s really hateful, she can’t be wronged, it’s hard for a good person in this world to be bullied all the time, what kind of pot is matched with what’s covered, this couple is really smelly and shameless The main character, Zhe Shaoyi, and the supporting role, Shen Huainan, are another sentence. Introduction This is a very sweet and sweet article.
Conceived effort is the most important work.
Comments on Zhe Shaoyi and Shen Huainan. But the two of them were not discouraged by the harsh treatment of life. Anyway, they faced up to the difficulties. The growth of the hero and heroine is described in detail.
It is precisely because of the experiences of these teenagers that people understand what they did later. The relationship between the hero and heroine is sweet and unmistakable. Vientiane came back to life Mrs. Chang Dongbo finally gave birth to a son-in-law in the tenth year of her marriage to Chang Dongbo As a six-year-old concubine of the Marquis of Wenyuan, Zhe Shaoyi followed her aunt to eat the flowing water mat. She was sitting at the end combing double buns and wearing a scarlet blouse, wearing a white skirt all over the body embroidered with peach blossom branches and leaves spreading to the cuffs. Holding a piece of jujube cake and eating the pastry earnestly, lowering the head and lowering the eyes, people can feel that this girl is cute at a glance. There are eight other girls sitting beside Wenyuanhou.
The nine daughters of Wenyuanhou’s family, she is the last one of the same age as her. There are Seventh Girl and Eighth Girl, and the other girls are all at the age of looking for a husband-in-law, so wherever there is a banquet in the capital, there are girls from the Wenyuan Hou family.
In one place, for example, now the elder sister doesn’t know why, as if she had eaten gunpowder, she insinuated that the poems written by the second sister at the poetry meeting were too simple, and she lost the face of her peers, that is, the eldest sister.
The fourth sister and the fourth sister pressed their hands from the bottom of the table, but the third sister and the fourth sister didn’t have good intentions, but they were afraid that the second sister would disregard them and lose their face.
After a bit of rage, everyone appeared to be in peace in a flash, except that Zhe Shaoyi did this, and the second sister of Chiyu, who was hurt, got up because she was holding her breath and wanted to go out to get some fresh air. When passing by her, her dress accidentally brought down the teacup on the table It’s good that the tea is not hot, but the skirt is dirty.
Shao Yi lowered his head and pursed his lips, but he is not angry. The second sister will definitely be punished when she goes back.
Sure enough, seeing the indifferent eyes of the aunt’s eyes, the second sister stood aside pale with fright.
They don’t dare to move, the movement on their side is too loud, people have come to look at Mrs. Chang Dongbo, she is happy today, and she doesn’t care about the little actions of these girls, she just said that as long as they don’t burn, it’s better to change clothes, girl from Wenyuanhou’s family When we go out as guests, we always prepare clothes in the carriage when we come, but today we come to Chang Dongbo’s house, because we live close to each other, we didn’t use the carriage to prepare well, so we ran out of clothes to exchange for Mrs. Wen Yuanhou, so I asked people to go back and get them without any trouble.
Chang Dongbo Madam stopped her and said with a smile that my third girl is about the same stature as your ninth girl, so let’s use hers, right? Mrs. Wen Yuanhou nodded, Mrs. Chang Dongbo asked the little maid to take Zhe Shaoyi to the guest room in the backyard to change clothes.
Just past Chaqu, Chang Dongbo’s house occupies an area that is not as large as Wenyuanhou’s house, and slowly declined.
From the banquet place to the backyard, you only need to pass through a small peach grove, and you haven’t finished walking in front of the peach grove.
The maid who led the way had a stomach ache and was sweating on her forehead, and she couldn’t walk anymore, and because all the guests at the Changdongbo Mansion’s banquet today were busy in the front yard, she looked around but saw no one who could help her, so the little maid begged Zhe Shaoyi and her accompanying maid wait here for a while, she goes to the hut first, Zhe Shaoyi nods obediently and sits on the stone swept by the maid with a handkerchief, and slightly raises his head to see the peach forest not far away.
It is now March The peach blossoms are in full bloom, and the spring light sprinkles on the treetops, and the branches and leaves of the peach blossoms linger on the ground. There are little gaps of light extending to her blouse, which perfectly complements her clothes today.
She thinks of the peach petal handkerchief that her aunt taught her to embroider, thinking about waiting. She finished embroidering the handkerchief with her ten rough fingers, and the peaches here are probably edible, and she is sitting and waiting