Not long after I saw Lin Yoona who was blushing after taking a bath Seohyun couldn’t help being curious and said Ernie are you still

A car accident took the lives of his parents and his original lively personality. He was taken back to Korea by his grandfather, but he also couldn’t adapt to the careful care of his grandparents. He resolutely chose to study and live in Seoul alone. Thinking of his parents who have gone to heaven, Li Shengxian has been able to control the sadness in his heart very well. He knows that his parents want him to live happily and happily, but he can’t remember how long he hasn’t laughed happily.
When I was full of thoughts, the mobile phone placed on the table vibrated, looked at the number displayed on it, Lee Sung-hyun quickly answered the channel, Hello, Editor-in-Chief Park, I’m here, see you later, the simple call is over, and I look at the open notebook It is also hard for Li Shengxian to imagine that he, who used to be only interested in sports in the United States, would turn into an otaku and become an Internet writer every day at home.
In fact, Li Shengxian is also very confused. Ever since he woke up from the car accident, there will always be some memories in his mind that don’t seem to be him. When the clip appeared, he would like to stay at home and code words on the computer every day, and those memories made trouble. This coffee shop not far from his residential area was also a chance to walk in because he was hiding from the rain.
For some reason, the moment he walked into the coffee shop, he In my mind, there was an extra story segment that happened in a coffee shop.
Originally, I was just passing the time thinking about writing this story, but unexpectedly it attracted attention on the Internet.
The editor-in-chief Park, who made an appointment to meet today, was interviewing him. Although the matter of the novel’s physical publication is a bit unintentional, Li Shengxian, who came to Seoul to live alone, also hopes to support himself. After all, the remuneration given to him by the Internet in the past two months is actually quite considerable, and he also knows that online novels can be real. Actually, there are not many publications. As a newcomer, he is lucky to have such luck.
However, Li Shengxian knows that writing novels is not his strong point.
Every time he types in front of the computer, he always feels that he has become another person. He is a person who is very good at writing on the Internet. This kind of confusion makes Li Shengxian think that the sequelae of the car accident caused him to have a split personality. Maybe it is this change in personality that makes Li Shengxian feel that after the car accident, he seems to be out of touch with the world and is more willing to enjoy it. Being alone and staying at home facing the taste of the virtual world Not long after the call ended, a middle-aged man who looked quite cultured and temperament quickly walked up to where Li Shengxian was and asked, “Hello, are you Mr. Li Shengxian?” Li Shengxian, who also got up, was very aware of the suspicion in the other party’s eyes, but he rarely showed a smile and said, “Hello, I’m Li Shengxian, you are the editor-in-chief Park. I’m sorry to let you go here. After the two shook hands, Park Jin-tae was invited by Li Shengxian.” It seems very unexpected.
Li took the liberty to ask a question.
How old are you this year? You should be underage. You have only filled in simple information for a long time. Li Shengxian, who seldom contacted the website actively, wanted to write such a rich article. author year of life experience Age must be an adult, but seeing Li Shengxian’s face, he began to doubt his own judgment, even though this kind of question would be impolite, Park Zhentai asked in an apologetic manner.
After all, Li Shengxian does look too young, editor Park Good eyesight, I was born in February of this year, according to Korean age, I am 18 years old, and I am currently a freshman in high school.
Due to some special reasons, I applied to study at home and write online novels. It is more just my hobbies.
I am very clear about my age. He really can’t hide anything. After all, it’s impossible to hide his youthful appearance.
This is also the reason why he chose to keep his age secret when he uploaded the novel. Hearing Li Shengxian say these words calmly, Park Zhentai felt surprised and surprised at the same time.
Listen to Li.
Mr.’s accent, aren’t you Korean? Park Jin-tae, a foreign writer who had this idea, soon heard Lee Sung-hyun and continued, “My father is Korean and I was born in the United States, so I’m Korean-American, but something happened to my family. Now I live alone in Seoul, maybe I can see that Lee Sung-hyun is not willing to talk about these topics. Park Jin-tae shifted the topic to the novel publication at the right time. From the laptop on the table, Park Jin-tae can confirm that Lee Sung-hyun is the author he is looking for.
When it comes to the signing of the contract, because Li Shengxian is still underage, he still needs his immediate family members or guardians to sign the contract on his behalf. Li Shengxian frowned and said, “Is that so? Then wait a minute and I will call my guardian, okay?” The mobile phone made a call, and soon a caring voice came from the mobile phone, saying, Why did Shengxian think of calling his aunt today? What’s the matter? Auntie, do you have time now? I have something to do here, I hope you can come over and take a look for me Aren’t you a lawyer when it comes to some signing issues? You should be familiar with this, right? Li Minzhu, who works in a law firm, was a little startled and anxiously asked the signing sage, who are you going to sign with and what kind of contract are you signing? Where are you now? Don’t be in a hurry to sign, I’ll come over right away. I know very well that this nephew has become withdrawn since his parents passed away.
Originally, her parents in the countryside took care of her, so she was a little relieved. But I didn’t expect that Li Shengxian would propose an independent life after he recovered from his illness.
If it weren’t for the fact that Lee Sung-hyun can take care of himself completely, his parents in the countryside wouldn’t feel relieved that he came to live in Seoul alone. Of course, the main reason is that she also works here in Seoul, although her home is far away from where Lee Sung-hyun lives. The community is a little far away, but she will visit whenever she has time. What makes her happy is that Li Shengxian, who lives alone, still manages his personal life in an orderly manner. I just said that there is a coffee shop at the entrance of the community.