Not going up the noise downstairs was getting louder feeling a little uneasy so I ran down to check the situation and saw Gu Zhixian

Copywriting Folk songs carry their children hooligans abstinence high-cold movie star She is the folk song world when she was a rogue child he was still an 18th-line actor who relied on his face to make a living The day he became an actor she has faded out of the music circle A certain day pod literary youths I found out that the female folk singer Gu Zhixian is still alive and has released a new song, etc. The actor Ji Yan also reposted this song and commented on it. What great drama did I miss? You are my most beautiful song in so many years The content of that ballad Tags Marriage, Love, Love, Love, Showbiz, Leading Role, Gu Zhixian, Supporting Role, Season, Chapter Chapter Fucking Mom, I’m in Love with a Girl, But She’s Moaning on Someone’s Bed His brows are straight and handsome, he is carrying a guitar on his back and holding a microphone, singing affectionately Yao Shisan’s fucking, the girls below the stage are getting their hearts fluttering, Gu Zhixian, who was furious in the background, broke into the dressing room and pointed at the program director Lu Huan’s The nose just scolded Lu Huan, my god, why did your grandma temporarily replace me? Before Lu Huan could speak, she took off the guitar she was carrying on her back with a bang, and threw it at Lu Huan’s feet with a bang, pointing her finger at the front desk. And replace me with the cannon king who can’t even play the tune and only hugs the guitar and pretends to flirt with me There was a slight pause, Lu Huan saw the school girl next to him peeking over, his face was a little uneasy, Gu Zhixian frowned, it was Liang An who agreed to come here temporarily, half of the fans who came here were just to see him, if you don’t let me If he goes to the annual concert next year, no one will want to come hehe Gu Zhixian hugged his shoulders and sneered to attract people with masculinity Back then when we started the studio together Lu Huan Lu Huan pushed his glasses and his tone became more and more serious Bitter and mean, Gu Zhixian, you can’t always use your useless feelings to talk about things. Huai Neng can be a food for Fusheng. Is it you who made the big one or me? Gu Zhixian didn’t talk to him, just stood there and looked at him coldly. Squat down and pick up the guitar next to your feet, okay, don’t get mad at me, I’m not your punching bag, calm down, wait a minute, you still have her performance, it’s a show, her playing and singing that she practiced hard before is not a show Isn’t it because she was the only one in the whole school who could play it? When you think of using her, you don’t need to use her, so you make fun of her and think that Gu Zhixian is the lady sitting on the stage? I’m sorry, she is not so cheap.
What’s more, he called Liang An, that scumbag Lu Huan knew how Liang An had lied to her, and now he still calls him to step on her head for life.
She doesn’t have a friend like Lu Huan. Gu Zhixian didn’t take the guitar girl. Her hair was dyed dazzling red, and her carefully braided braids were a bit messy. She was wearing a large linen skirt. Under the light of the dressing room, her figure looked thinner and thinner. She was obviously a head shorter than Lu Huan, but she seemed to be standing on a high place and looking down. His sloppy eyes and brows revealed disgust at her Don’t you understand people’s words? I’m quitting, go to your mother’s guitarist who wants to do it? She turned around and slammed the door away.
Lu Huan’s hands froze in mid-air, a little embarrassed. Sister, fuck off Gu Zhixian heard Lu Huan behind him in a panic and said in a panic, the studio is gone without her, can’t it continue to run? Follow her Gu Zhixian’s footsteps are getting louder, the soles of his feet can breathe fire, follow her Someday he begs When she comes back, she won’t come back.
I went to the first guitarist. I don’t know how many days your Fusheng music studio can last. Just walk and see, go far away, and Gu Zhixian can still hear the deafening shouts from the gymnasium. As she pushed the cart, the anger just faded away, and she felt a little melancholy in her heart.
Fusheng Music Studio was created by her and Lu Huan when she first entered college, and took Yi to steal Fusheng’s half-day leisure. At that time, she was still a guitarist who could only play four chords.
Little Garbage and Lu Huan is a literary youth who aspires to hold small-scale performances and promote folk music.
The two hit it off. Fusheng Music Studio has grown bigger and bigger in the past few years and has become the largest original music organization in the city, but the differences between the two There are more and more people who didn’t expect that it would be a matter of time before the two of them parted ways before the end of four years.
What Lu Huan valued was commercial value, while her Gu Zhixian only cared about the music itself. I want her to get out of here long ago. After all, when he is in the studio, she is always there to point fingers and stop him in the name of music. She is just a stumbling block to Lu Huan.
She is not a friend at all. Gu Zhixian stops angrily and rubs his feet She took off her single shoes and looked down at the back of her ankle, which was bleeding. First, that scumbag Liang An pushed her out of the studio, and then she found that the bicycle tire was flat, so she walked back to the dormitory, and her feet turned into this picture. It’s such a bad day, she just wants to cry, she simply puts the shoes in her hand, pushes the car with one hand, walks back to the dormitory barefoot, the dormitory is empty, the three roommates should all be out on a date, she throws the shoes aside Sitting cross-legged on a chair and watching the movie for a while, I couldn’t calm down, so I quit the movie and opened my pod website to check if there are any new messages. Besides the founder of Fusheng Music Studio, she also has an unknown identity of pod independent music In the first half of the day, when she just learned to play the guitar, she went to and excitedly built a small website to spread some original strumming and singing. There are actually quite a few people who like her. Now her small website has many followers. In order to protect the privacy of the three-dimensional dimension, she has never disclosed any of her personal information and even opened a group on the pod.