Not counting you Ye Youyou you Lin Xiqing stared at the sweat on Ye Youyous forehead with a dead gray face I dont know if

Chapter 1 You think too much of yourselfChapter 1You think too much of yourselfKang when the bottle was broken, Ye Youyou clapped her hands condescendingly, looking down at the old man with a fat stomach and a full brain, who fell on the ground, and brushed her hair with disdain Hmph dare to do anything to her and have enough time to spare.
I took out my cell phone, Ye Youyou sat on her suitcase and dialed her father, Ye Hongsheng, the day before yesterday. Who knew that just after landing in the afternoon, she received a message from her father asking her to come to the hotel room in Binjiang, but she came, but she didn’t see anyone in the family waiting here.
It was the old man who was knocked out by her and lying on the ground. You went to the wrong room. Hey, you got on the phone. Ye Youyou just wanted to ask what happened, but Ye Hongsheng interrupted you.
Youyou, I know you have had a hard time living abroad alone in the past few years, and Dad feels bad. You have to be considerate of Dad, Dad. It’s not that I don’t love you, no, I personally found out this marriage for you. Although Mr. Wang is a bit older, there are advantages to being older.
I will feel sorry for you. When you marry Mr. Wang, you will have a boy and a half girl in the future.
You don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your life. Ye Youyou stared at the unconscious man on the ground in a daze. The old man did introduce himself just now, saying that his surname is Wang, so you are not sick at all. It didn’t look like she was sick. He lied to her to return to China just to let her marry this old man who was old enough to be his grandfather. On the other end of the phone, Ye Hongsheng didn’t get angry because Ye Youyou called him by his name, but his voice slowed down, Youyou, don’t you always want to go back to Ye’s house? As long as you can make Mr.
Wang happy and let him agree to invest and cooperate with Ye’s, I will admit you I am declaring that you are my daughter, Ye Hongsheng.
Ye Hongsheng is selling a girl for glory. Ye Youyou coldly raised the corners of her lips. How else can I say that I know her? If Ye Youyou had heard such words six years ago, she might have been shaken a bit. Now, hehe, Ye Hongsheng, you think too much of yourself. The cold voice has no trace of emotion.
Ye Youyou hung up the phone without waiting for the other side to speak.
What the hell, I was kicked out of my head by a donkey and still believe the Ye family’s nonsense. I don’t know why she ran back in such a hurry to find anger.
Ye Youyou put the phone in her pocket and was full of anger burning in the bottom of her heart.
Kicked mercilessly. He kicked the old man in the stomach, snorted coldly, dragged the suitcase and left, and just walked out of the room, he heard several men shouting from behind him, something happened to the master, grab the woman just now, don’t let her run away, listen to the voice behind The sound of footsteps Ye Youyou hurriedly dragged the suitcase and ran into the elevator, pressing a number at will. Although she is not afraid of those people, Ye Youyou felt that she should keep a low profile so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. The elevator reached the top floor and opened slowly. Opening the door, Ye Youyou took a look at the empty corridor, dragged the suitcase and walked out.
The top floors of five-star hotels like Binjiang Hotel are usually reserved for big shots.
Those people probably wouldn’t dare to come up and find someone casually.
Capsizing the boat Chapter 1: The boat capsized in the gutter Ye Youyou yawned, she was sleepy, she just returned to her country, she was still jet-lagged, she was thinking about finding a room first, only to see the door of a room was ajar all night It’s good luck to close it tightly Ye Youyou didn’t even think about it, she walked over carefully and looked inside, it seemed that no one seemed to be there. Just when she was about to push the door and enter, the door suddenly opened from the inside, Ye Youyou stepped back subconsciously, but was caught An extremely hot hand grabbed your arm, and you slammed a loud door closing sound.
Ye Youyou was stunned for a moment and then realized that someone was already carrying him on his shoulder.
What happened? Let me down, her body was thrown on the ground On the big soft bed, a body full of strong male hormones was pressed down. Ye Youyou raised her leg and kicked her, but the man deftly avoided and grabbed her one foot. Holding it on the top of the head, I feel that a certain part of the man is tightly pressed against her body. Ye Youyou is angry and anxious.
What the hell, did she not read the almanac when she went out? She was molested by the old man just now, and now she is caught by this man who doesn’t know where to go The man who came out was overwhelmed and capsized in the gutter.
Don’t move. The man’s cold and hoarse voice raised her chin and kissed her down.
I forgot that Ye Youyou didn’t notice the man’s appearance just now because of the surprise and struggle. Now she looked at her and was completely stunned. The man’s facial features are perfect, with exquisite sword eyebrows, star eyes, and nose bridge, which are more perfect than any works of art in the world. The tall and sexy thin lips are kissing her lips tightly, and the fiery breath sprayed on her face seems to melt her. Ye Youyou’s eyes widened in disbelief. This face has appeared in her dreams countless times before. This person is the one she has been thinking about for so many years.
He is really him.
Gu Jinhan actually half of the reason for her return to China this time is that Ye Youyou, who came back to look for him, wanted to scream excitedly. She opened her mouth without any kissing experience.
Accidentally bit the man’s uh, the man grunted and apologized to hiss, and before he could say his apology, the sound of clothes being quilted came from his ear, don’t be like this, Ye Youyou blushed as if she was going to bleed me The voice rang in the ear, as if all the strength in Ye Youyou’s body was taken away by his words, she slowly and affectionately raised her chin and kissed the man’s lips actively, damn it