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Tens of thousands of meters above the sky, Wu Hao is wearing a sacred armor and fairy clothes, stepping on colorful auspicious clouds, shining with a thousand zhang rays of light, bid farewell to the Jade Emperor, and the immortals Wu Hao looked down at the present-day mortal city, repeatedly lamenting the vicissitudes of life since the beginning of the soaring up to this time, more than 800 years have passed I don’t know if there are any descendants of this immortal. If so, where are they all? Clothes and colorful auspicious clouds shattered, the rays of light shattered his whole body, and his spirituality was instantly scattered. His soul also turned into little stars and disappeared over Jiangyang Province.
After the storm in Luo City, Jiangyang Province, he was in the intensive care unit of the central hospital after the storm.
Wu Hao was lying on the hospital bed watching alone. Looking at the white ceiling, his heart is complicated.
After he was broken by the soul-breaking diamond, a trace of his soul fell into the mortal world. He happened to land on the body of a man named Wu Hao who died in a car accident. Then he was reborn.
Wu Hao stiffly raised his newborn The left hand of the body feels the injury of the new body.
The amputation operation will be performed three days after the comminuted fracture of both legs.
This is the diagnosis given by the doctor, but for Wu Hao, these injuries are very good. He still has a trace of immortal power in his remaining soul.
Originally planned to be a hundred days. Establishing the foundation and returning to the heaven, it seems that now it can only be used to recover from the injuries on the body. It only takes three days for the injuries to recover, and most of the injuries will recover.
Although Wu Hao was not angry about this incident, he still felt uncomfortable. The Jade Emperor once said that the mortal world and the heaven were killed After 800 years of isolation, there will be powerful ghosts and demons in the mortal world who will ask him to suppress them, but he didn’t say that the damn Fairy Boy is also a villain. Regarding this point, Wu Hao decided to communicate with the Jade Emperor after returning to the Heavenly Court. Complicated thoughts after the attack Wu Hao looked at every corner of the ward.
This is a hospital where Yin Qi is very heavy.
Many people have died.
Returning to heaven has to be done slowly Now I am Wu Hao, a mortal who survived a car accident Wu Hao creaked the door of the ward and was pushed open gently Gianni SLR camera Wu Hao saw that the person who came was the female man Qiao Ling. She was the original body owner’s iron buddy. Wu Hao came with some bedridden photos. Wu Hao grinned.
It seems that Qiao Ling, a city newspaper reporter, has an occupational disease. Congratulations, you have entered the ranks of doing justice.
After taking the photos, Qiao Ling said in an official tone. I just used my boyfriend’s great aura to save my girlfriend Xiao Sha. When I mentioned Xiao Sha, Qiao Ling showed an angry expression with her middle finger. Xiao Sha didn’t accept your love.
She has already agreed to Qin Ren’s marriage proposal in a month. As for the flash marriage, Wu Hao frowned. As a fairy who descended to earth, he couldn’t figure out what was going on. According to the normal plot, I was hit by a car to save her. Xiao Sha should be busy taking care of the left and right.
How could it be at this juncture? Qin Ren, the son of the president of the Los Angeles City Chamber of Commerce, remembers that Qin Ren insulted the former Wu Hao because he was interested in Xiao Sha, and the former Wu Hao had a strong self-esteem but did not dare to resist. He only knew that he was sullen all the time. How could Xiao Sha agree to Qin Ren’s marriage proposal? Wu Hao rubbed his forehead and pretended not to believe it.
In fact, he wondered in his heart whether the big truck was arranged by Qin Ren, right? After all, a big truck was turning a corner.
The bumping into people is very abnormal, it’s not because your legs are crippled, who wants to fall in love with crippled people Qiao Ling has never known what it means to be outspoken and quick to hit people without a bottom line Smiling, he wanted to ease the embarrassing atmosphere of being called useless.
In addition, as a fairy who has just descended to earth, he now has a strong curiosity, especially for all technological products. Every time he sees a technological product, he can’t help but want to take it apart and study it.
Don’t mess with my research, Qiao Ling warned, then handed the camera to Wu Hao, then said Xiao Sha, that green tea bitch, dared to send me invitations, I’m going to make a big fuss at the wedding venue and your parents’ chicken farm in a month’s time In the past two days due to chicken plague, a lot of chickens have died and the losses have been serious. The creditors have forced them to come to the door.
It’s really strange that other chicken farms in the village are fine.
It’s not bad, Qian Wu Hao is holding a camera and researching curiously. Hearing Qiao Ling’s words, he was stunned. Shouldn’t he comfort me? Dare you be a little girly? The chicken plague at home was probably tricked by someone. It seems that I am busy after being reborn in the mortal world. Chicken plague is something that all chicken farms can’t avoid, but for Wu Hao, who has just been reborn, it comes to his door.
The advantage is that he has a set of mental methods that he studied during his time in the heavenly court and the fairy world.
Fighting and refining the magic script.
The fighting and refining the magic script can transform the dirty air into spiritual power and solve the problem of the shortage of spiritual power in the mortal world. Qiao Lingcha is really lucky! Wu Hao’s mouth slightly lifted, and he smiled slightly.
Qiao Ling slapped Wu Hao on the head, making Wu Hao so happy. Ling, you can help me find out about chicken plague. As for the operation fee, I will take care of it.
Wu Hao knows that although Qiao Ling’s father is a representative of the City Chamber of Commerce, the operation fee of 200,000 yuan is not a small amount, even if Qiao Ling is willing to help her father Not necessarily willing Qiao Ling sighed with a small mouth, her legs were crippled, she was facing amputation, her family was suffering from chicken plague, she went bankrupt, she had no surgery fee, her girlfriend was ungrateful, no one could bear the triple blow of Wu Hao, oh oh