Nonsense my mother doesn’t like girls Shao Cheng makes a gesture pick up the phone don’t believe it you call and ask Ning Cheng frustrated

Ning Cheng snorted, thinking that that woman also has a hero in her heart, a rogue, have you found the rogue in your heart? This is what Qu Ye asked.
I don’t know, I’m just curious if you meet the destined rogue, will you give up the hero Ning Cheng who has already obtained? This gesture of curling her lips to the left means that she has begun to get impatient. She knows that Qu Ye understands her small movements. For a person who understands himself Usually it’s too lazy to hide it.
When I received a text message from Qu Ye an hour ago, Ning Cheng had just measured her body temperature at 38 and a half degrees.
She wanted to take the medicine and rest, but changed her mind because of the last three words in the text message Some people are born to like to look for things when they have nothing to do. After looking for things, they don’t know what they are looking for.
There are also people who have nothing to go to the Three Treasures Hall.
This kind of person is usually capricious, you can’t tell what he will find next.
His temper can be ups and downs from time to time, just like weather forecasters can never predict the weather but still insist on predicting it.
Even though they have known each other for more than ten years, Ning Cheng and Qu Ye have been sitting face to face in the cafe for half an hour. Her right eye has not stopped moving, and she feels that if Qu Ye does not have an accident, the cause and effect will be happy. Saying that her right eye will keep jumping, thinking about it, Ning Cheng glanced at her phone again, muttering that Shao Cheng’s flight is coming soon, can you focus on Qu Ye’s serious expression, didn’t I just say that? If you meet the kind of rogue who is destined to be, will you give up the hero around you? No, your hero is not around, he is always flying around, the hero Qu Ye said is Shao Cheng, who is Ning Cheng who travels all year round Ning Cheng, the husband of the business, said that you took the wrong medicine today.
It’s been a long time since I saw you. You asked me out just to clear up my old account.
In fact, she thinks that she is the one who took the wrong medicine. It seems that she took the wrong antipyretic before going out.
The strength of the two pills is already on her head, maybe she will be knocked down soon Qu Ye looked down at his watch and said it was not too long Eleven days and three hours forty-six minutes twenty-five seconds twenty-six twenty Qining Orange turned her face away and looked out of the window, tried her best to restrain her anger, took a deep breath, then turned her head to look at Qu Ye, and glanced at her surroundings. There was still a sip of coffee in the coffee cup next to her on the table.
Daily Afternoon Tea Featured Offers She has a bag with a small bottle of portable perfume in her hand, she thinks if Qu Ye continues to dawdle, she will definitely be able to do something when her anger reaches a critical point, for example, pour the last sip of coffee on His white shirt was then thrown at his face with a promotional card or sprayed perfume in his eyes, etc. Then she told Qu Ye that no matter whether a woman was sick or not, she should not be messed with, but in the next second Qu Ye picked it up After getting the promotional card, I seem to be very interested in researching it and cheering up. There is a plausible saying that couples come to the store with a 20% discount.
How do they tell if they are a couple? Then they looked around and leaned over and said to Ning Cheng, “If I told them that we are a couple, I wouldn’t check the marriage certificate, would Ning Cheng?” You and I have different marriage certificates, maybe you have to show your adultery certificate, curl your lips and officially declare patience bankrupt, saying what happened to you for a woman? Didn’t you and Xiaomeng have a good life? Qu Ye fell into silence like this The solemn expression appeared on him three times in total, the first two were related to Xiaomeng, and if a man’s worst expression was only related to a woman, it would probably be his mother or his wife. So Qu Ye grinned foolishly, you see, you changed the topic again, my topic for today is very clear, you just need to answer whether I choose a rogue or a hero, and I will let you go home early Ning Cheng took a deep breath and asked me this question again It’s the same no matter how many times. To me, the answer is like a dog can’t change eating shit. A man can’t change his lust. It’s deeply ingrained. For a woman who was only determined to be destined to be a legend, Shao Cheng who can break this legend is what made her fall willingly. Another kind of firmness may be that whoever falls first in love will lose the marriage. Ning Cheng doesn’t know what other people’s marriages are like, but just thinks that marriage is a very contradictory thing. Like all women, she hopes to marry someone she loves. At the same time, I hope that the other party will love me more. In fact, marriage is a toss, but even if Ning Cheng is given another chance to choose, she will still choose Shao Cheng because she would rather be tossed by Shao Cheng than to watch Shao Cheng toss others.
Women who can figure this out usually have the determination to go all out.
Since they are willing to go all out, they will naturally put their husband and family first.
She drank the last sip of coffee from the cup. Her throat was clear, dry and hot, and she was about to leave, but when she put down the cup, Qu Ye’s hand across the table firmly held her wrist. Before Ning Cheng could struggle, her arm was pulled away.
Desktop Qu Ye opened her fingers one by one and examined carefully the wedding ring on her ring finger The thumb lightly slid across the ring with a mocking smile on her mouth If I were your rascal, would you divorce Ning Chengnao for me? It was as if a mushroom bomb had been dropped in it.
The first thought was that I was burnt out, and the second thought was why she swallowed the last sip of coffee.
If it was poured on Qu Ye, wouldn’t it be of the best use? Qu Ye asked again This time, he stared at Ning Cheng unblinkingly, and added, why are your palms so hot? Xiaomeng made you angry again.