Nodding again then desperately nodded how much it hurts Marson Pamela lied in a cold sweat and said that it really hurts Marson oh well

Marson was summoned by a very random god to a different world and became the strongest super magister, and was assigned the task of cultivating brave men to defeat the super powerful demon king. Marson changed from a man into a girl. I intend to complete the task assigned by the god of scum. I want to enjoy life and build a harem to spend the millennium leisurely. However, the wheel of fate is not as simple as imagined. Instructor, where is this? The girl on the bed suddenly sat up and looked around this strange room, retro double-sliding windows, dilapidated wooden walls and floors, and a dilapidated roof, buzzing, disgusting mosquitoes flying around her ears, soaked in sweat The wet clothes felt very sticky to the body, and what made the girl feel extremely bad was the extremely itchy bumps on her arms and feet, where she was bitten by mosquitoes when she was asleep, the damned mosquitoes Put aside the doubts when you just opened your eyes, take a bath and change your clothes first, ignore this strange wilderness, take off your clothes, halfway through washing in the clear river outside the house, the girl suddenly screamed and used it as a towel The pajamas fell from her hand and went away along the water. How did I become a woman? Huh, I finally noticed that I said your reflex arc is a bit long.
The voice of an uncle with an extremely bad accent sounded in the girl’s head. What’s the matter? My name is Liyuan. In a sense, I’m the god of this world.
I summoned you to save the world.
Why is there a demon king in this world, so there should be a brave man who can defeat him? After the girl carefully observed her body, she found an angle and barely saw her face. Why did I become such a soft and cute girl, and this voice is coughing? Turn me into a girl. I originally wanted to summon women. As for the original gender of the summoned people, it doesn’t matter anyway.
Does it matter? I was summoned to a different world, of course, with the ability to open a harem with the same ability as a cheat. What now? After opening, don’t interrupt others.
Listen to me honestly.
You were summoned by me at random. You want to open a harem. What’s the conflict with your current gender? Ask the devil to kill me so that you can keep your ability and fulfill a wish that I can achieve. The deadline is a thousand years. Where is the devil now? It’s been a thousand years, so obviously the power of the demon king is also extraordinary.
I knew the girl clearly saw the location of the demon king in her mind, and immediately used the skill.
The girl who was soaking in the river and talking to herself disappeared out of thin air. The devil’s breakfast is the most delicious food in the devil world, but he is uninteresting.
Serving him, the devil’s maid quietly accompanied him on both sides and carefully observed the devil’s reaction after eating the food.
Suddenly, a naked young girl appeared.
The girl appeared on the ridiculously long dining table, the crystal water drops slipped from her jade body and dripped onto the milky white tabletop, the sunlight that slanted in hit her like a goddess, and the space teleportation spell didn’t even cause it.
A trace of magic fluctuations? Could it be that the girl was stabbed by the sudden sunlight that hit her eyes? She quickly closed her eyes, narrowed her eyes, and asked, “You are the devil.” At the same time, she slowly rose out of the sun’s cover, looked down, and looked up at herself with two horns on her head. With bat-like wings on the back, the male creature is obviously the devil king.
Before the stunned male creature held the tableware in the air, the girl responded with the knowledge in her brain.
The power of my fire element responds to my call, the super fire magic, the flame demon, the blasting flame bomb, and burns the enemy in front of me, the king of the demon world, with the harshest flames into ashes.
The girl suddenly began to chant the spell. Those who came to attack him, when he heard that it was super magic, his first reaction was to stop and run away, and cast the most powerful water protection magic at a speed exceeding the limit.
The pillar of fire that engulfed the entire Demon King City rushed to the sky. The huge heat wave dispersed the clouds in the sky and swept across an area with a radius of ten kilometers. For a while, there was no cloud in the sky above the Demon King City.
The surrounding area was engulfed by the sea of ​​flames and thick smoke.
The pillar of fire disappeared and turned into ashes. The big pit demon king and the two demon maids in the center of the city explosion were in a state of distress. Even so, the moment the demon king lost consciousness and fell down, he knew that they had survived.
If he hesitated just now, they have disappeared without a trace like the castle. The demon maid embraced Facing the current tragedy, they just want to take the devil away from here quickly, with the devil who protected them. The sudden attack and the destructive super-level fire magic, the human mage who is now missing, made fear deeply imprinted in their hearts. They know super magic beyond the apex level, especially this kind of explosive magic that needs to be cast from a distance, otherwise the caster itself will be destroyed, so now it is common sense that the mage no longer exists, but they have an unknown feeling in their hearts. I had a premonition that things were not that simple. Sure enough, when they were resisting the burning and crossing the sea of ​​flames, one of the demon maids felt a strange magic power gathering behind her, surrounded by flames. She felt abnormally cold and no longer thought about it.
It is reasonable to take turns to open the ice shield, but is driven by this fear to drive desperately to the safest place in the demon world.
The weak demon king leaned on the rock wall and watched the sleeping dragon in front of him.
A huge explosion appeared from the demon king’s city and melted it for ashes so far