No unless you tell me that Qing Yuan shook his head and said West Wind you’re not going to shut up West Wind grabs the

A bowl can become a monster, a bird contains flowers, and there is a monster riding a carp to run around.
The world is weird and hot-blooded.
The demon catcher Xifeng Xiaomei and the powerful dragon god hand in hand to travel through the mysterious world. Don’t Panic Content TagsSpiritual Gods and MonstersLovely LoveHappy EnemyEncountersFated EncountersSearch KeywordProtagonist Xifeng QingyuanSupporting rolesA bunch of monstersPartyOthersA copper coinGold medalEditor’s commentThe coffin that was supposed to bury the girl was empty but it lived in a barren village pavilion A scarecrow bowl full of white hair can become a demon pen can become a demon There is a monster riding a carp running around, the world is strange, this is a story of a hot-blooded girl who catches monsters and a dragon god wanders in the world, this article adopts the form of a unit drama The main line of the story and the branch line are parallel and clear. Each volume has its own independent core idea.
It is warm and thought-provoking. The author’s writing style is fresh and humorous.
It is worth reading.
Firelight refracts thousands of light spots in the rain curtain. A group of people walked forward with their heads buried in their shoulders, or carrying a shovel, or holding a shovel. They walked in the muddy forest for half an hour.
Everyone’s pace was even slower, like a lonely soul walking at night. When the village chief who was walking in front suddenly opened his mouth, he broke the silence of half an hour. He stretched out his hand to detect the firelight outside the lantern.
As soon as he reached the place he was looking for, his hand shook before his eyes.
The soil accumulated on a solitary tomb has been washed away by water, and most of the stone tablet has no inscriptions. I don’t know the name and identity of the person in the tomb.
Suddenly, two men and women rushed over, ignoring the muddy water on the ground, crying, my daughter, everyone is crying.
Sighing, the village chief also sighed, digging, at least the bones must be dug back. The villager holding the shovel wondered, after only three days of burial, it really turned into a bone. In case the person inside did not turn into bones, I’m afraid to open the coffin now. The death is so miserable that Yinzi’s parents will be crying mad. The monster said that we will open the coffin to get the bones after three days, even if we don’t want to open it, otherwise the monster will come to us.
Let Yinzi’s parents hear the two lift their heads from the mud and say in pain that the village head, Yinyin, died to save the people in the village.
If Yinyin was not willing to give herself as a sacrifice to the monster, the monster would have eaten our entire village.
How can you say such a thing? The village chief also feels guilty.
He waved his hand and said, let’s not talk about it. Let’s take Yinzi home.
Yinzi’s parents can’t help it when they hear it. They are all like enemies when they meet the beasts, but they never have any ill intentions towards Yinzi, and even play with her. People in the village say that she is the reincarnation of a fairy, but one day a monster came to the village and asked Yinzi to make food.
Killing all the villagers, Yin Zi was sealed in a coffin by the villagers and buried alive in the coffin for the villagers to agree to make sacrifices, and buried in the place designated by the monster.
After three days, the day when the monster asked them to dig out the bones Since the bones were dug, the flesh inside must have been eaten.
The village chief felt scared and sad when he thought that a white skeleton would appear in the coffin in a short while.
The shovel opened a hole, ding ding dong dong ding ding dong dong The shovel collided with the stones on the ground, making a dull sound, submerged in the heavy rain, the closer to the depth of the coffin, the heavier the movements of the people, the iron was knocked on the wood, and a tooth mark was bitten on the coffin The villager who dug up the coffin was startled, immediately stopped his hands and said sorry again and again, looking at the village head in a panic, the village head frowned, digging Yin Zi’s parents cried again, and couldn’t bear to see a living person being sealed in the coffin that day How desperate and painful it is, daughter! The wooden coffin that was buried deep in the ground was soon exposed to the surface after being dug by seven or eight people.
It is even more frightening to open the coffin. Villagers pried away the rivets one by one. There are twenty-eight rivets each three inches long.
If a living person wants to crawl out of it, it is impossible to remove all the rivets. Move aside, squeak, the sound of the cover moved slightly, Yin Zi was already crying bitterly in her husband’s arms, she didn’t dare to look over there, squeak, the cover was moved away bit by bit, the village chief clenched his fists and was ready to apologize to Yinyin, squeak, the cover was complete Being pushed away, a thunderous thunder crashed down on the top of the mountain, making a loud noise like an explosion in the mountains and forests, and the hearts of the villagers were shattered. They were stunned, and under the flash of lightning at the same time, they clearly saw that there was no one in the coffin.
Yinzi didn’t have the bones that they should have. It seems that what they buried was an empty coffin from the beginning. The village chief fell to the ground in astonishment. When Yinzi’s parents saw that the coffin was empty, they were also stunned. What about my family, Yinyin, the people present didn’t answer their questions because they didn’t know where Yinzi went? Could it be that the monsters ate all the people, not even the bones were left? Falling into an empty coffin on everyone’s coir raincoats, no one knows what to do next People can’t hear it clearly, but the singing is really ugly.
Even the villagers don’t think it’s very scary.
Instead, they want to plug their ears. They didn’t start to panic until they saw a ball of red flames floating in the air and coming towards them. Clutching the iron in your hand, staring at the front, the flames go up and down in the rain, sometimes still circling like a living thing, villagers staring at their hands with wide eyes, trembling already