No matter what he did he would never admit he was a boy a boy in womens clothes but he didnt do those nasty things

Did you lose three games in a row in the qualifying match, or were you blown up in five minutes for three games in a row? Crystal didn’t even have a chance to surrender. The two of you who are in awe are messy together, oh my god, my god, what are they doing? As the starting jungler and starting lineup of a professional league championship team, they have abused this girl for so many rounds.
She is such a little girl. I went to Wang Qin, messed up, shocked, collapsed girl or something, although he never took points, but he couldn’t torture him to death like this.
Even if their original intention was to test the opponent’s ability to resist pressure, they planned to dig them over, so they couldn’t test one like this.
Little girl, look at the operation, the girl must have come from solo queue, and the ranks are full of pitfalls. It’s not easy to get to gold in one round and one round.
It’s not easy to get the result. The two of you continue to mess up your Guolu Killing God first, if you hadn’t always come here to catch her, she would have died so badly, your Guo Guo server’s number one assassin immediately counterattacked, I caught it ruthlessly. You, you also crossed the tower, I didn’t take the kill, you played the main damage, I didn’t take the kill, then you also have the assists, I didn’t take the kill, how did he kill the god, he owed him so much, he had to take the kill Seeing that the whole line collapsed and the enemy line on the opposite side had piled up to the high ground, suddenly the system showed that the enemy had surrendered, please search to see the most complete and updated fastest, such a bully, you have no tutor, no, she is a little girl, she is not easy, I am easy, I am not a little girl anymore Why do I have no tutor, did I hit her or scold her? Sleepy, that guy sent you a message in the early morning, and you can still see Han Yuqi scrolling down one by one, her eyes that were originally astringent due to sleepiness quickly blurred her vision, well, this is a good deal for her, this is what she trusts her to defend.
This is a sentence that I think mages are more suitable for girls.
Let her give up assassins and play mages. She has saved amulets for more than a year because he has melted all the words. It is obvious that she is playing output because his record panel looks good. Three kills and four kills Five kills, she let her be an output position but give tanks people’s heads because he is her result? Is it useful in the end? She might as well raise a dog and know how to wag her tail at her? He sprays his words and writes in less than two minutes, but freezes his hand when he presses the send button, and then deletes them all one by one, even if the knife has been inserted Let her put the knife back in the heart against the teammates who fought side by side, she can’t do it without double deleting or blacking out, close the chat box, she’s really tired Stamping in an automatic pop-up window from Chapter 2 The hero is like a shadow, when did the box pop up? Han Yuqi was taken aback.
The Kung Fu interface has popped up a dialog box showing the progress of the download.
Please search for the most complete and updated fastest one.
Control the opponent to death, but Daji turned around and ran and led the opponent to me. When we were in a group, she didn’t let go of her skills. She knew how to run and lure the opposite person to me, which killed me several times. I couldn’t tell when my rank was low.
Later, Master accompanied me to watch the replay and I found out.
I asked him why he played me. He also said that I cheated and let me go solo. It was very fierce.
I felt very wronged. What happened to the girls? Didn’t the king section diamond section also have many girls? Let me tell you how many girls cheated you before, so when I saw a girl playing you, you said you made me fall apart, what good did you do? Everyone said that girls cheated, so the psychological pressure on girls playing this game is still quite high.
You don’t want to target us like this Let’s play? Who stipulates that girls can’t play games? Sisters, you must remember my lesson. When you touch him, don’t let him know that you are a girl. Especially the last two paragraphs are completely aroused The people are angry that the majority of men come out to protect the flowers and the scum touches him.
I will help you torture him to death. Girls, rest assured that most of our male compatriots still take care of you. The majority of girls come out to fight. Why do you look down on the girl Han Yuqi saw? The temples are jumping straight. The mage is Daji who relies on skills to make a living.
The kind of explosive mage has high damage and long cooling time. After finishing a set of skills, you can’t leave and wait for the head to be given away. It was obviously Daji who was beaten by the opponent.
The opposite jungler with residual blood was beaten to half blood by her.
Di Renjie squatted in the grass with full blood. All the skills on the opposite side were used on her. She lured the opposite jungler over. How did it become another version of the post? One message after another was all scolding her. Han Yuqi never knew that the power of the Internet is so powerful. Everyone behind the line just typed a few words and sent it, but seeing it made her feel blocked.
Out of breath, clearly knowing that she is not wrong, but still so angry that she wants to flip the table, clearly knowing that a snowstorm and a stranger are spreading rumors, but she doesn’t know how to expose her Han Yuqi never knew that an entertainment game can play such a palace The feeling of a big fight is that there is no chat record at all. No matter how the opposite party takes it out of context, she will have to bear it, and the other party is obviously prepared. Not only does it have a good chat record, but it also left a real picture of the record. Kneeling three times in a row No matter how you look at the record chart, it seems real, but at this time she received another post from Aite who knelt down and called