No degree of technological evolution is extremely low Science fiction evolution degree No number of actors The ultimate goal is to find humans with antibodies

The novel can be downloaded on the mobile phone, visit 80 e-book network, the whole book is proofread, the complete works of King of Movies, author Zi Claw, Chapter 1: The Lunchbox, the Great Xia Empire, and it has been more than a hundred years since the founding of the Great Xia Empire.
His Majesty Kant has brought the idea that the people are the most important and the country is the second, and the king is the least. The blow to corrupt officials and mediocre officials can be counted as the most in the five thousand years of China. More and more scientists from the Great Xia have begun to appear in the world. On the stage, the gross national product of Daxia once surpassed South Korea, becoming the number one existence in Asia and the second in the world. On the surface, the Daxia Empire can be said to be thriving.
The population base of the Daxia Empire is too large. There is still a gap of 20 to 30 years between the first-tier countries in Europe and the United States.
In the central hinterland of Sarangkang Province on the southwestern border of the Great Xia Empire, there is a huge city of Goose City.
Goose City is second only to Duck City, the capital of Sarangkang Province. The population of Goose City is over 10,000, but the economy of Nuo Da Goose City is not very developed.
Because there are no minerals, there is naturally no industry that can support the dough. The huge population base leads to a thriving agriculture that can barely be self-sufficient.
Due to the characteristics of the eastern hilly terrain, many farmers Food crops have been replanted into economic crops, especially sugarcane, which has created a local specialty industry, sucrose. However, after several years of market competition, sugar factories without funds and reform awareness are also in recession, and face the risk of closing down at any time.
Resources are scarce and the industry is depressed. Goose City is located at the intersection of three rivers in Sarangkang Province.
The city is surrounded by mountains and rivers.
The city is far away and rich in cultural and tourism resources.
The tourism industry has almost supported half of the economy of Goose City. Sarangkham has a very high population density since the real film industry flourished. Lankang Province can be regarded as the number one province in the Great Xia Empire that is most actively involved in the film industry, and Goose City, a city with a lot of idlers, has become the best in Sanankang Province. An industry that makes a living has appeared, and it is rare in the Great Xia.
It is rare for the whole city to become an actor, except for those professionals who are outside the entertainment industry, who have broken their homes, farmers who have been laid off, workers who have been laid off, retired soldiers, handicapped craftsmen who have been begging for food on the street.
The gang of beggars, whoever wants to change their destiny, actively becomes a glorious extra actor, and the film and television companies, large and small, are instantly filled with office buildings developed in Goose City New District, shoveling garbage in the market.
People bring batches of actors into their ranks, and they also dismiss a large number of subconscious wastes like throwing garbage.
For example, the following Lin Nianxiu is in a good mood today. Negative expectations, with super subconsciousness, killed one of the important supporting roles in the script, Chen Anhe, the popular niche of the Continental Shelf Company, Lin Feng’s attention soared by tens of thousands in two days, and he became a super dark horse among the many actors in the big rivers and lakes.
Layoffs Layoffs hahaha Lin Nianxiu held the report in his hand, danced and yelled at the administrative secretary Xiao Zhang Ups and downs for thirteen years, raised more than 3,000 extras, and maintained the business for thirteen years so-so Lin Nianxiu’s persistence was not in vain, Lin Nianxiu’s persistence was not in vain, and Lin Feng’s birth made him cry.
Unexpectedly, the bastard born to this concubine actually has a super powerful subconscious mind, plus the best seeds, he has a handsome appearance. To put it bluntly, he is popular all over the world Thousands of girls are just around the corner Lin Nianxiu feels that spring is coming Jinbaihua is saved and he is about to rise up Advertisement endorsements and launch invitations swarm like mosquitoes that smell blood Jin Baihua Lin Nianxiu felt happy every time he answered a phone call these days.
Jin Baihua endured thirteen harsh winters, instead of dying in silence, he erupted in silence.
He picked up a pen and ticked off the top ten actors who received the most attention on the report.
Out of a dozen relatives of the small leader, his relatives, his relatives’ relatives, and then threw the report to Xiao Zhang and said, “Here, inform the others to get the lunch box. You have a new message.
” I said something to my parents with my head. I was full, and I went back to the bedroom. A minute later, he came out wearing a coat.
Ah Hu, why did you go to the company to inform you to work overtime? Then come back early and be careful on the road. Voice Zhang Huen forced a smile to bid farewell to his daughter. After closing the anti-theft door, he walked down the fifth floor while leaning on the railing top-heavy. After the rivers and lakes, he has been working hard to play his own extras.
The rest of the time is spent on long-distance running and exercising except for eating and sleeping. But acting can’t be done by hard work.
The most important thing is that his subconscious is too scumbag.
Since the birth of new film technology and real film thirteen years ago, the subconscious mind has become the only criterion for determining the fate of an actor.
All actors who access the film through brainwaves will properly lose consciousness in reality.
In other words, they do not know in the film.
I am acting in a movie, but according to the initial setting of the script, I will act out another part of my life through my subconsciousness.
Because of this cheating subconsciousness, many popular stars have been depressed.
The real movie “Heroes in Blood” was scared to shit by the huge fighting scene at the beginning, even though the producer gave him countless plans and sent countless loyal actors to block the knife for him, and even the boss of the company personally went into battle to cheer for him.